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  1. Oh, and you won’t be able to cut it lower than that metal fencing going through it either
  2. You’ll want something the size of a stihl ms462 by the looks of it. It will be cheaper for you to hire a pro
  3. Wonder if I can include my vat in the turnover 😁
  4. Has there been any mention of how long these loans are going to be available for?
  5. STIHL continues to offer professional forestry and agriculture chainsaw users enhanced performance with the introduction of a newly designed guide bar and saw chains for 20% faster cutting performance, with lighter weight. Standard fitment on the MS 261 C-M forestry and MS 271 agriculture chainsaws, the Light 04 chainsaw bar features a new innovative slim contour design that means it weighs up to 200g less than the previous Rollomatic E bar, ensuring forestry and agriculture workers can benefit from easier manoeuvrability, improved balance, and less fatigue when cutting. The new guide bars weigh 10% (40cm bars) to 20% (50cm bars) less than previous versions, while the slimmer profile and bar tip allows for faster plunge cutting. As part of the new chainsaw upgrades, the MS 261 C-M will now come fitted with .325” RS PRO and the MS 271 with the RM3 PRO saw chain as standard. The 1.3mm gauge chain, which matches the 1.3mm bar groove, offers up to 20% greater cutting performance when compared to .325 RS saw chains, which are 1.6mm thickness. The faster cutting comes from the thickness of the cutter tooth that is reduced from 7.7mm to 6.8mm, meaning less wood is removed from the cut for more efficiency. The MS 261 C-M and MS 271 are available from May 2020 with the new Light 04 and new RS saw chains. For more information on STIHL’s range of petrol powered chainsaws, please visit www.stihl.co.uk.
  6. They keep talking about the second wave, this could quite possibly be the second wave already. I too was I’ll at Christmas, in fact the whole family were. The only people who escaped it were my parents who were both at mine for Christmas Day dinner. It came in waves for me, I was ill leading up to Christmas then felt ok(ish) on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, then Christmas Day evening it hit me and I was layed up on the couch for the next 2 weeks with all the Covid symptoms
  7. Key to lending to family and friends is to not lend more than you can afford not to get back
  8. Think it was probably just an online article, but thanks
  9. i believe theres a link to the wood chip directory in that article. I'm curious to see what it says
  10. Lets face it, when you are stuck at home, not spending fuel money, not stopping at the garage every morning, not eating out a couple times a week, most people are going to be better off even with the 80%. Its a recipe for disaster
  11. Missed this Richard. What postcode are you searching?
  12. Looking to update this as it has become more popular. Any suggestions please?
  13. Anyone please? Just want the contents of an article pasted here if possible Quick gardening fixes for Generation Rent WWW.THETIMES.CO.UK Britain is a nation of gardeners, and it used to be a country of homeowners. But in the age of Generation Rent, where will all the flowers go? Few flat dwellers will have access to their...
  14. Steve Bullman

    New Saw Advice

    Did you sell your 880 pretty easily? Yep, got what I was asking for it which I think I could have got more for it, specially if I had waited for the 880 to be discontinued...hindsight is a wonderful thing!
  15. Branch and twig structure is unmistakable for sycamore. The fact it’s on top of a big hill will have all sorts of impact on how it looks
  16. I would say though the stihls are pretty easy to push around, not like a heavy petrol mower
  17. Steve Bullman

    New Saw Advice

    Doubt you’ll have much trouble shifting that anyway
  18. Steve Bullman

    New Saw Advice

    I will sell my 3120 with 42" bar for £750. Shout if yer interested He's long gone sorry. Asked for his account to be removed for some reason
  19. wrong section, you need to add your site on this page https://arbtalk.co.uk/recycling
  20. https://www.woodsmithexperience.co.uk/shop/product/traditional-cant-hooks/
  21. Steve Bullman

    Freeman’s Garden

    You need to be able to accept minimum quantities of 5 cubic meters to have a listing. Please confirm if you can


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