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My accident

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Wahey, I'm alive.

I'd like to thank you all for your love and support over the last couple of weeks, it has meant so much


As some of you may know I had a serious accident at work a couple of weeks ago resulting in some horrific life changing injuries. I broke my neck, 5 ribs and my back resulting in a severely damaged spinal chord. As it stands at the moment I am paralysed from the waist down.



The accident itself was a result of an incident which involved the dismantling and rigging of a large beech. I have no recollection as to what happened at the time but there was no system failure. I need to talk with people about the events of the day and will fill you in in due course.


I am lucky to be alive and lucky to not be fully paralysed or even dead. I am also blessed to have such great family and support ( including Arb talk members) around me and the nurses and surgeons have been nothing short of amazing.


Today i am being transferred to the specialist spinal unit in Salisbury where I will begin my rehab and intensive physio. Whether I walk again remains to be seen but there is always hope. It hasn't been ruled out per se but they have to keep me grounded


Below is a selection of my thoughts whilst in hospital, a poignant song or quote etc. it's a bit of a scrap book and I will continue to update it.


Woke this morning with a realisation of what a long road lay ahead of me. I hurt, I can't move my lower body at all and my upper barely. Sleep is minimal with plenty of time for dark negative thoughts to seep through the layer of light I have chosen to surround myself with. The kids, Susi and you lot help me through. The thought of playing football with little Jasper again Spurs me on (Even if it means him parking my chair in the goal whilst he whacks shots at me,) I feel hopeful and positive and am still thankful I am here, able to write this. Having talked the accident over with those who were there I realise what a close call it was.


Saturday 21st March





So bloody frustrating laying helpless, relying on the incompetence of the NHS nurses. If I ask for the window to be opened a 'little bit' that means between 6 and 10 cm's, not 8 and 12! Jeez what do they teach these people in college?


19th March



My family and friends, and friends of friends, and friends of friends family, and my families friends families friends and my friends of friends of friends families friends have all bee truly incredible. The love and support I have felt from each and every one of them has been mind blowing and inspirational. I cannot for one minute imagine what it must like to through something like this alone. For that I am blessed, lucky I have so much amazing energy around me. Many thanks to all of you. Right get to bloody work you lot. Xxx


19th March


'Ever since my house burnt down I see the moon more clearly'

Cheers Mig x


18th March


Johnny Osbourne with the Full Watts Band performing "We Need Love" - YouTube. 18th March



Being woken or waking every 1hr and a half to 'be turned'. Laying helpless, unable to move in incessant pain, until somebody comes to help me. The nights are long, the air it seems is sucked from my body.,... But we laugh, we keep on laughing. X


18th March



Just been sitting by the Phoenix tree thinking of you Seany ....... And it came to me.....

If this big old tree can fall down right over the river, and then re-root it's self into the ground, and transform it's self into something new and truly more fantastic than it was before, rather than just a boring old tree, it's a bridge too now!!!

So.... Why can't you ( not that you were a boring old tree before!!)

But... You too can be like the Phoenx tree xxx


Sophie 18th March




So how shall I share my news and updates? Pretty hardcore some of it and I'm aware that some of the info is not something some would want to read on the bus home! Things haven't changed anyway. Outlook is still paralysis from waist down. Am being transferred to a special spine unit In Salisbury where I will undergo rehab etc. . That's it for now. Took me an hour to write this.

Thank you all for your love, energy , thoughts, vibes, healing. AMAZING. The nurses and doctors have also been out of this world. Peace and Love xx


17th March


A great oak stands strong through wind rain and turmoil .

A branch or two may fall in time but that great oak still stays rooted and strong .

Be that great Oak Sean .

My thoughts are with You .

If you need a chat I have been though similar injures . X


Luke Wallbank to me



Giving thanks for my Beautiful, strong wife. Feeling blessed xx


17th March




I see no trees from my hospital bed, just what I see within my head

Alder, Bristol Harbourside


16th March



So now I am at my most irritable so far they have just done a shift swap. I now have Llittle Miss Spacehead looking after me.... Should be an interesting night. I'll keep it together though..... Promise


14th March


Thanks for all the messages. Just a quickie. Broken back. Broken neck, collapsed lung and broken ribs. Not goods


13th March



Brothers, sisters and family around the world. Loving, positive and healing energies are needed now. Sean has had a nasty accident at work.

It"s not life threatening, but possibly is life changing.... He is having surgery on his spine right now, so please sending positive vibes...

Family are gathered now, and we will update tomorrow with news. Keep strong, please. And send your love.


Matt Rogers. 13th March

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Stay positive and keep your goals in life strong the mind is stronger than we all think with the love and support of your friends and family and all of us on hear you will achieve your goals you are one lucky fella I don't believe in god but someone was watching over you on that day keep strong and stay focused I wish you a speedy recovery and never give up no matter how hard it seems there is always light at the end of the tunnel

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I am paraplegic T7 following an accident in a landrover 11 years ago. I have continued to work outdoors in one way or another since and also work for a charity giving advice in 2 of the spinal injury centres. If you ever want to chat please let me know. I feel much the same way as you. Still alive and getting on with it!

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Sorry to find this post, although a stranger, I can still wish you a speedy and full recovery. Difficult times ahead but you WILL get through it. Best Regards Dave.

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Keep positive mate Salisbury is a very good unit - Keep your mind active and as mentioned when the going gets tough the tough get going.

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