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  1. Climber needed for sycamore dismantle rigging required nothing massively complex in back garden no telephone lines to work about Wakefield West Yorkshire pm for further details please
  2. Went and got a new engine Today back up running will look at the engine at a later date if I have time
  3. No as I can turn the drum freely wit no issues. My question is if the drum turns does this mean that the engine is sized?
  4. Ok sorry it's a 4 stroke. Pull start engine 8hp b&s you can pull 5/6 inch of.cord out then it.wont go any further hope this helps
  5. Quick question I have bought a little bearcat 180 (3 inch) chipper has Briggs and Stratton engine possible sizure 1 best place to buy a new engine if.needed going to investigate More.tommorow 2 i can turn the drum where the blades are located does this mean the engine is sized?
  6. Cheers. Bud it's only small.print on the deeds cheeked with TO and not TPO of CA so all clear on that side of things think it's just a genetic "standard" title deed that particular company use is not specific ton species or location of tree's
  7. Thers the is 5 all together to come out one ash 3 sycamore and a popular to out all in a Very very small.garden they have all outgrown their surroundings blocking A lot.of light into.the property and garden and restricting future building works as for.the neighbours I wouldn't be able to comment at this moment in time
  8. Hi people my customer has a slight dilemma and we don't know where.to take the situation. The customer has recently bought.the property ( ex council/ housing association) house they bought it.outright so none right to buy or morgage the property belongs to them outright There is a clause in the deeds of the the house stating.thay no Tree shall be removed without prior permission from the cheif executive. My question is who is that? The house had. No TPO not in conservation so no issues there There is no morgage. The HA have signed it.over to.my customer so I assume they have no say in it as legally the house is not there's anymore do they have to seek permission from themselves to chop their tree's down ?
  9. Hi All Looking to help out anyone out the needs it on a self employed basis, I have full nptc up to and Inc cs39 I own all my own climbing gear full clean drivers licence. I have worked private commercial sites, so have good knowledge of site Risk assement etc. have experience of working on the railways as wel,l willing do do the odd day or longer if needed very punctual hard working Will work as grounds or secondary climber please feel free to get in touch to talk further. Please pm me on hear E-mail [email protected] Phone 07445043011 I hope you all had a good Christmas and new year Kind regards phil
  10. I did 2 weeks for the bat boxes they put on the motorways up north was looking forward to it but was a bit disappointed as only the ecologist was allowed to open the boxes all we had to do was climb the tree and salfey get the box down to the ecologist via rope she would then check the box and send it back up for re attachment didn't get to see any bats as I was always up in the tree hope this helps you a bit and good luck
  11. are you wanting to check pourpose built bat boxes ? or natural habbitiat ?
  12. Ye looks OK but gonna get na petzl one I think or butterfly not sure my mates got a butterfly might try his on or maybe a weaver climbed on them they seem solid
  13. unless its barand new in a sealed box that someone has bought and never used so stored it away then i think i shall buy new go through a lot of stick plus you dont know what kind of a life a second hand harness has had
  14. no worries best start shopping then thank you people
  15. yes i agree was just a thought but my birthday coming up soon so shall see
  16. donno tbh steve i was thinking that my self and why i posed the question the stongest two points either side of the harness ??
  17. so i have a petzl avao harness single point front attachment (no bridge ) my question is would it be possible and still safe to buy a bridge and shackels and attach them to my harness would like to add one to get better work positioning and more maneuverability was going to add two rings or a swivel and ring hope some one can advise and help me out on this matter kind regards phil:001_smile:
  18. lol i do hope you give a full and very detailed report back to us will be wating in anticipation lol :lol:
  19. Ha ha ha I knew that FREE postage would get you lol
  20. Lol yes but you get FREE postage FREE:thumbup:
  21. Your £12 will be well spent after using the chain to dismantel a hawthorn tree crown reduced a Chery reduce a holly tree and take down two for trees chain is well up there with the sthil chains 9/10 in my opinion and the price is unbeatable haven't needed to sharpen just yet but every thing elce is spot on so peel back the cob webs release the moths and find the £12 lol
  22. Well mine arrived this morning ordered 2 for the husky 240 and one for the 200t they sent me 2 of each so a free chain is always a good start put one one on the 200t and gave it a quick test in the back garden I see what people mean about it been graby but from what I have used so far a good chain at an excellent price will post a proper review once I have had it up a tree and used it all day dismantling fingers crossed they are good


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