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  1. Thought better update my OP. When I took my machine for repair told fitters what had happened and it was out of warranty, so for them to check everything out, order what ever bits needed and get on with repair as I would be paying! Then spoke again to Ross who said following, not a maintenance/grease issue in his experience it is when the blades hit something heavy eg a rail spike as he has repaired many that have been abused on track clearance work. All the energy in the flywheel has to go somewhere and the bearings are more or less next in line. I was wrong to say the bearing had failed when it was the bearing casing. The other possibility is if a chunk of metal from the machine somehow became dislodged and hit the blades. I also sent an email to Redwoods telling what had happened, that I expected nothing from them as the machine was out of warranty, and that I was disappointed given the low hours. To Redwoods credit they phoned me on Wednesday jist of conversation blades looked blunt with wrong securing bolts as Redwoods had changed the type 2 years ago, lower feed roller shows signs of having "chewed gravel" they have seen bearing issues with machines 800/900hrs that have been worked hard, however they stand by their product/brand pride themselves in after sales customer service and want customers to remain loyal so are going to help me out with the repairs. I expressed my surprise and thanks as they are the only manufacturer/dealer who has offered to help when a machine of mine has been out of warranty so well done Redwoods.
  2. Missed a call from Redwoods so will speak to them tomorrow. Nice surprise have to be honest and say have been upset about this. I accept machines break particularly if being worked hard or pushed to their limit but I feed the machine and even as on this case a bloke was working with me while 2 others did the cutting I do my best to check whats about to go through. Am toying with idea of permanent grease nipples actually on bearings so no doubt grease getting there.
  3. Hi Marc Sent email to Redwoods to to let them know. Realize out of warranty
  4. As far as I know greased at start of each work day prior to starting up. At one stage wasn't sure so had new lines put in. Have even put grease nipples onto bearings to be double sure!
  5. No just feed hopper bearing but know other will get replaced to be safe/sure.
  6. Oh yes great big chunk out of one so new set needed, plus belts, flywheel sensor and thats just what I could see anvil while need checking and when repaired it will all need to be tested to make sure nothing else knocked out of balance.
  7. From remains it was cast same as one nearest flywheel. Have asked agric. engineer to price for two steel ones.
  8. So don't often post but need a rant, my chipper has done low hours and not been worked hard and still has had two major breaks 1st was the top feed roller/ hydraulic drive connector breaking then last Friday catastrophic flywheel bearing disintegration plus resulting additional damage in seconds before I could switch the machine off. I didn't think it safe to try to restart machine to load on to trailer. Hence good old JCB to the rescue to lift unit onto the trailer. And yes its paid for and yes its out of warranty time, so not a happy chap. Dreading cost to get it fixed.
  9. Hi Adam, fair comment based on your experience. I've a transit van for some jobs but still prefer my old Trooper for towing I dont think there is a perfect vehicle and some of my past purchases indicate it can be a lottery getting a good vehicle.
  10. Hi, no problem he could always blank the windows out so small 4x4 van combo
  11. <p>Hi I've read arb diggers with interest am looking to get 2.7t kubota or volvo ec25 as want to push business in new direction! Any advice greatly appreciated I am based east of Leeds as new idea want machine I can tow behind 4x4. Best regards, Dave.</p>

  12. <p>Curious where you based? Thanks Dave</p>

  13. Like many above don't commit to cut every 3wks given average summer third week will still put too much growth on either will knock hell out of machine or you will have to keep raising cut height so machine can cope or cut slower, plus wheres cuttings going? Travel time to allow for I do one site spend more time travelling to empty because thats where I'm allowed to tip, than cutting. It does add time on to the job and mines a fixed price so if takes longer ie wet grass, or more of it there is no more money.
  14. Still a Very nice set up. Being nosy what trailers are you using? I'm looking to get gx125 for pos. tracked excavator either ec25 or kx61 but it all depends on costs and specs.


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