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A word to the wise.


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Afternoon all.


I've read a great many threads on the forum about theft over the years and clearly one alone is too many. At the risk of speaking for Steve and the other mods, we understand the frustration and anger that happens as a result and we have no problem with members sharing information and experiences in the hope that future thefts can be prevented.


Unfortunately (but understandably) sometimes these discussions progress towards how to prevent thefts by setting traps capable of causing serious harm or by suggesting that people affected should take the law into their own hands. Rightly or wrongly, the law is clear on this and it is my view that we cannot be seen to be endorsing this approach by failing to moderate these comments in some way.


That said, there are many ways to moderate a discussion and the way that I think is the most appropriate in this case is to provide the following information from the government and the CPS;



Householders and the use of force against intruders

Homeowners and self defence - DPP issues further details of cases : Press Release : Crown Prosecution Service


So by all means discuss what you will within the rules of the forum but be aware that what you post here could be used as evidence of premeditation in the event of an incident.

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An experience we had years ago may put you off these ideas. We had a piece of tube and 6mm plate you put a blank cartridge into a piece of fishing wire a split pin and weight. You open the door the weight drops and result a big noise. We set it up and forgot about it. Went in the shed the thing went could not hear till lunch time but even worse the bit of 6mm plate shot out and broke Bill's little toe :lol: now this was very serious as he was in pain for weeks :lol: compensation was metioned but I explained he should not have been in the workshop without his toe tectors on. His defence was it would have bounced off and hit him in the goolies. Now in hind site we worked out that the plate shot out because we had lost some of the bits. I realised this accident could have been much worse it could have been me. We have not used our device since and it still sits on the shelf.

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Good points here.

This has never been the Hollywood movies. Many have said what they would do if they confronted a bunch of thieves. All brave words but these people go about ready to do whatever they need to evade capture/conviction.

Unfortunately they have rights as well (we may not agree with that) and you can bet your bottom dollar they know exactly what they are.


The other point about some of these 'ideas' is they could easily lead to revenge.


Only solution really is prevention rather than defence/deterrent by injury.


Theiving people should all be punished harshly but retribution (call it what you will) is just as illegal as theft.


Hide it, lock it, move it from day to day, immobilise it but you can't booby-trap it.

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Just to get my defence in writing and on the internet.

It is my intention that if I was ever burgled and discovered the chap/chapesses then I would make them all a cup of tea, maybe some cake and help them carry my stuff to their car so they didn't hurt their backs. I can't stand violence and can't believe I could ever wish harm on another human being.


Funnily, as has been said many times on here. Those who make a big deal about their intended actions often turn out to be the ones doing nothing and per se the opposite often applies. That may indeed be a defence

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Good points here.


Unfortunately they have rights as well (we may not agree with that) and you can bet your bottom dollar they know exactly what they are.




As pointed out in Tony's third link, with the middle aged woman confronting a burglar who was armed with a baseball bat. She took it off of him and beat him with it. He then attempted to get her prosecuted:lol::lol::lol:


Personally I find it funny that he'd pursue this avenue, not being abashed that this middle-aged woman had dis-armed him and beat him up. I can't imagine what that did for his street cred or what he thought he was going to say in court.

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