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On 31/10/2022 at 22:04, Bolt said:

I read this as ‘to come to terms with’ (as in you ‘get over’ being made redundant, or you ‘get over’ being cheated on by a so called lover), rather than to make the problem magically not exist any more.


Generally, you ‘get over’ something once it just doesn’t seem like as big a deal as your other problems.


I can’t think of the last time I lay awake at night,  trying to come to terms with all the money I have spent on Aspen.

Thank you @Bolt you have hit the nail on the head with all of your replies to @pleasant  I couldn’t have put it better myself 🙏👏


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1 hour ago, pleasant said:

I think that last part of your comment sums that all up quite well., as quite clearly you couldn't


@pleasant  We have come up with a great offer for businesses to try our products but we aren't forcing anyone to use them.


If me or my company has done something to upset you in the past please let me know via DM so we can try to make amends :) 



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On 02/11/2022 at 20:58, Sam Davison said:

Another thing that may be helpful to bear in mind is that it can be more complicated than simply trying Aspen for a few months then switching back, especially if your saws have been running pump petrol for a while. We have always used super unleaded and Stihl Ulta oil, don’t know if it’s related or not but we don’t have many engine related issues so we stick with it. A while back we leant a saw out to a friend who put a tank of Aspen through it, the saw wouldn’t run properly after that which resulted in a strip down of the engine by Spud. Apparently something to do with the seals? Anyway, not to say there’s anything wrong with Aspen, just that switching between the two can cause some issues. 


Whilst we generally recommend that people should stick to one type of fuel and not swap between the 2, there should never be any issues swapping back to regular fuel after using Aspen as alkylate fuel will not harm the seals or rubber parts in the same way as regular unleaded will.


if a machine runs badly on alkylate after running pump fuel, its generally a sign that a rubber component or a gasket has failed within the carburettor. Switching back to pump fuel will cause these parts to swell again and the machines will continue to run but it should be seen as a sign that those parts are close to failing anyway.


This is part of the reason why we recommend that a business should trial Aspen for 3 months as it will give them time to have any machines sorted that do play up.


It should be noted that whilst problems can arise when switching to alkylate fuels, it is pretty uncommon and shouldn't be considered a worry when starting a trial. You only here of the bad stories and none of the good ones and we know from experience that it is rare that issues should arise.


This would all be covered during the discussion stage when a business signs up to take part in the trial :) 



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1 hour ago, Aspen@AAOIL said:


@pleasant  We have come up with a great offer for businesses to try our products but we aren't forcing anyone to use them.


If me or my company has done something to upset you in the past please let me know via DM so we can try to make amends :) 



If you re-read my earlier post you will see I state I already retail Aspen alongside Stihl Motomix and Moto+4. I know the virtues of using those products and I take great lengths and time explaining that to potential new users who in the first instance see the price and need an explanation as to why the cost, and then the benefits. When I asked you to explain your statement about 'overcoming the cost issues' (sic) by having a free trial, I was asking you to elaborate as to what the features and benefits are to the consumer and benefit to the machinery it is being used in....you know, the kind if stuff people would need to look out for. I am looking at this from a domestic/semi pro gardener man in a van user point of view, who is not privvy to the general chat between pro arb users, who may well know the advantages of your product already. There are an awful lot of casual users and semi pro gardeners who read this forum and reference it, and they would no doubt appreciate reading of the benefits and features of your product more than a pro user who is already aware of the product and the ONLY obstacle to them purchasing is price. I think you have made an assumption it is only pro user customers on here who are well versed as to your products benefits, and it is your understanding therefore, that price is your only obstacle on here. That may well be true for Arb pro's, but like I say, it isn't just those that view or search this forum for information. I wasn't being argumentative, and I know your trial offer is only open to pro arb guys, but I was effectively asking you explain to others, maybe less well informed potential new users- but you didn't

Edited by pleasant
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On 01/11/2022 at 06:10, Mick Dempsey said:

It’s an odd one.


Whats stopping the unscrupulous from using hundreds of pounds worth of Aspen for three months, then saying it’s not for them, getting a good deal of their money back having 

A. Never intended to change over.

B. Used it for years anyway.


I suppose there are some filtering processes in place.


We have considered this and have put filtering processes in place to try to minimise people trying to take advantage. It is unlikely that any business who is currently using Aspen fuel is also going to be the type of business to want to take advantage of our offer.


At the end of the day, if it does become a problem, the promotion will have to stop which will be a shame.


only time will tell but I do think there are more good people in this industry then bad and scamming the trial isn't exactly a means to get rich quick...

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