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  1. Hi Jack, IMO the best way of working out how much you will spend on Aspen over a period of time is to bulk buy 20 cans to begin with and see how long it lasts. we find that most people we talk to overestimate there usage quite dramatically and end up thinking Aspen is not going to be viable for them when in reality it makes total sense.
  2. Hi Treevolution, when a problem like this happens, ie when swapping back to pump fuel improves the running of the saw. This normally indicates that one of the non metal components in the fuel system has failed. usually this would be a diaphragm in the carburettor but on some carburettors it could be an oring etc. once swapped and the machine is running good on aspen, these parts should last much longer as Aspen fuel does not contain any aromatics which attack the rubber components in the fuel system
  3. The Autotune reset procedure will correct the mixture for running on Aspen 2. Search how to do it for your model of saw and this should fix the issue.
  4. OK. Thanks for the update. Our local MP is Mel Stride, who is/was a treasury minister. He represents a very rural community (mid Devon) so should be receptive to a letter from my good self! Great idea! the more people we contact, the higher the chances of finding someone who will help us
  5. Any news on the meeting at the Treasury? Hi Stoke wood Whilst nothing concrete came about from the meeting, the people i met with did seem much more interested than the people in the same position which i met with 3 years ago. They agree that it is odd that red diesel duty is subsidised but Aspen which has health benefits and should be encouraged does not. Until a brexit outcome is decided, we appear to be in somewhat of a deadlock however as there is a strong reluctance to make any changes in policy until we know the outcome. The fight continues and we certainly wont give up on this!
  6. Hi Deezy, thanks for the great feedback! about your strimmer, unfortunately there seems to be a huge variance in the quality of rubber used in machinery fuel systems. sometimes this can vary from batch to batch even. if they failed on Aspen, it is highly likely that they would have failed even sooner on regular fuel which is much more aggressive. If it doesn't run right after replacing these bits, i suggest you get it looked at by a dealer as it should run fine on Aspen BR Axel
  7. 4 stroke machines emit much less un-burnt fuel particles in the emission mix so 4-stroke emissions are much cleaner than 2-stroke emissions. 4-stroke emissions can still be improved by using Aspen 4 however. i'm not sure what the performance is like on those makita machines but there is a reason why 2-stroke engines are so popular in these types of uses.
  8. Hi Dan, Don't let the cost of potentially replacing a few components in fuel systems put you off switching to Aspen as the chances are most will be fine anyway and require nothing changing. If any bits need changing after switching to Aspen it is very likely that these parts were about to fail anyway so in reality all you are doing is servicing them a little bit sooner. One of the biggest Arb companies in the UK with 100's of equipment recently switched without any reports of any problems. Benzene emissions from chainsaws causing cancer is not something which Aspen has come up with, this is scientific fact and is the reason that Aspen as a company exists! There are European rules which aim to reduce workers exposure to carcinogenic substances and this includes benzene in pump fuel. Whilst there may not be people from HSE going round and checking This thread has derailed slightly by some anti-aspen members who appear to pick faults at a product which improves the working conditions and lives of so many. Aspen might not be for everyone but there are a lot of people on this forum who seem to want to do their best to stop others from trying it and seeing the benefits first hand. There was a time when Smoking was seen to be good for your health but this seems crazy now! Most people don't realise how bad the exhaust fumes from a chainsaw are as they get so used to the smell but just like the person who originally started this thread, once they have tried Aspen for some time and then go back to petrol, it is easy to see just how bad it is. If you have thought about trying Aspen fuel for any of the benefits it offers, all i can recommend is that you give it a try. By this i don't mean to go out and buy a 5L can if you consume 10L a week in your business, but try it for 3 months and then decide based on your own experiences. Worst case you don't see the benefits it brings to your business but you can always switch back and this way you have given it a go and at worst its cost you a small amount of money.
  9. Great to see so many good posts in this thread, i hope it encourages some of the people who are still sitting on the fence to go out and give Aspen a try. Regular petrol really is nasty stuff ☠️💀 and the UK Arb/forestry industry hasn't done enough to educate workers about this up to now. Luckily more and more businesses are seeing the benefits and making the switch. I have a meeting with the treasury at the end of this month with the aim of reducing/removing the road fuel duty on Aspen fuel, there are some great quotes i will likely use from posts within this thread in my presentation! fingers crossed!
  10. Sorry to keep you all waiting! What a fantastic turnout we had at the show! we had over 180 contestants take part and we ended up giving away all of the spot prizes as the arb show atendees where way stronger than we had anticipated when we set out the prize target times 😂 The overall winner was Tom Smith who managed a crazy 4 minutes and 10 seconds! Well done Tom and everyone else who came and took part or shared their Aspen stories with us. we may have to do this again.... hint hint
  11. Hope to see many fellow arbtalkers come along and take part in the competition over the next couple of days!
  12. Great to here James
  13. Not sure on USA as it is very new there but in canada it appears to cost between $37-$42 dollars for a 5L can so compared to pump fuel prices, using Aspen in canada is much more expensive than in Europe.
  14. Thank you. any other questions don't hesitate to give us a call
  15. Hi Big J, you are correct in that there is £0.58 of fuel duty on both regular petrol and alkylate fuel although hopefully in the future we can get a reduction when the UK government realise the health benefits of alkylate fuel. In regard to the cost difference, there are lots of reasons why Alkylate fuel is more expensive than regular petrol. It is however important to note that Aspen is not the only company offering this type of fuel although it is the market leader. We have competitors and we have to stay competitive to win our customers business. Producing a cleaner and superior fuel comes at a cost. Aspen only contains around 10 components vs regular petrol which contains over 100. The 90 components we choose not to use are the cheapest and also the most damaging to the human body so if you want a better fuel, it puts the price up unfortunately. I could write about this all day but to simplify things, Aspen is the fillet steak of petrol whereas what you buy at a forecourt is the whole cow put in a blender, hooves and all. Volume supplied is also a big factor which makes this type of fuel more expensive. whilst 50 million litres produced by Aspen sounds a lot. this is a drop in the ocean compared to the amount of fuel used throughout Europe and the process of putting it into packages, distribution and retail again adds to the cost. Petrol stations are happy to sell fuel with 3-4p per litre profit as they make a killing when you also buy a newspaper, coffee and chocolate which they have a huge mark up on. It is however unfair to compare the prices of the fuels without fuel duty as there is no way to get around not paying this. Therefore using aspen fuel is not 4 times the cost as you make it out to be. I do understand your question about making it easier to understand the actual cost of the fuel without fuel duty and we could list the prices without the fuel duty but this would be more confusing for most people (petrol stations don't do this). Why on earth our fuel gets subject to road fuel duty is beyond me but that is a government issue which we can only try our best to resolve in the future once a solution to brexit has been decided on. Buying Aspen in bulk which shouldn't be an issue for a business user, the cost per litre ranges from £2.45-£2.64 + vat. As for storage regulations, their are lots of different storage options to comply with regulations which we can always help advise on. using your example of oil pricing above which works out at around 22p per litre. mixing your own unleaded 2-stroke mix may cost around £1.30-£1.40 + vat (depending on local fuel cost and deal you get on the oil) this is actually slightly less than twice the cost and not 4 times the price. Then the real question is what do you get when you pay 90% more for fuel? Healthy staff who are not breathing in carcinogenic emissions all day long Free delivery to your site = no time wasted going to collect fuel ready mixed fuel = no chance of damaged machinery due to wrong or bad mixing and no time wasted doing this Cleaner emissions which are also better for the environment Longer lasting machinery which stay extremely clean on the inside leading to better performance over time long shelf life = no worries of having machines sitting around for longer periods and not starting when you need them when you take into account the benefits, it starts to even out the cost more and more. It wont work out cheaper for everyone but you cant put a price on health. Are you coming to the arbshow? if so then come and try to win yourself a free trial and see the benefits for yourself


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