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  1. Great to see so many good posts in this thread, i hope it encourages some of the people who are still sitting on the fence to go out and give Aspen a try. Regular petrol really is nasty stuff ☠️💀 and the UK Arb/forestry industry hasn't done enough to educate workers about this up to now. Luckily more and more businesses are seeing the benefits and making the switch. I have a meeting with the treasury at the end of this month with the aim of reducing/removing the road fuel duty on Aspen fuel, there are some great quotes i will likely use from posts within this thread in my presentation! fingers crossed!
  2. Sorry to keep you all waiting! What a fantastic turnout we had at the show! we had over 180 contestants take part and we ended up giving away all of the spot prizes as the arb show atendees where way stronger than we had anticipated when we set out the prize target times 😂 The overall winner was Tom Smith who managed a crazy 4 minutes and 10 seconds! Well done Tom and everyone else who came and took part or shared their Aspen stories with us. we may have to do this again.... hint hint
  3. Hope to see many fellow arbtalkers come along and take part in the competition over the next couple of days!
  4. Great to here James
  5. Not sure on USA as it is very new there but in canada it appears to cost between $37-$42 dollars for a 5L can so compared to pump fuel prices, using Aspen in canada is much more expensive than in Europe.
  6. Thank you. any other questions don't hesitate to give us a call
  7. Hi Big J, you are correct in that there is £0.58 of fuel duty on both regular petrol and alkylate fuel although hopefully in the future we can get a reduction when the UK government realise the health benefits of alkylate fuel. In regard to the cost difference, there are lots of reasons why Alkylate fuel is more expensive than regular petrol. It is however important to note that Aspen is not the only company offering this type of fuel although it is the market leader. We have competitors and we have to stay competitive to win our customers business. Producing a cleaner and superior fuel comes at a cost. Aspen only contains around 10 components vs regular petrol which contains over 100. The 90 components we choose not to use are the cheapest and also the most damaging to the human body so if you want a better fuel, it puts the price up unfortunately. I could write about this all day but to simplify things, Aspen is the fillet steak of petrol whereas what you buy at a forecourt is the whole cow put in a blender, hooves and all. Volume supplied is also a big factor which makes this type of fuel more expensive. whilst 50 million litres produced by Aspen sounds a lot. this is a drop in the ocean compared to the amount of fuel used throughout Europe and the process of putting it into packages, distribution and retail again adds to the cost. Petrol stations are happy to sell fuel with 3-4p per litre profit as they make a killing when you also buy a newspaper, coffee and chocolate which they have a huge mark up on. It is however unfair to compare the prices of the fuels without fuel duty as there is no way to get around not paying this. Therefore using aspen fuel is not 4 times the cost as you make it out to be. I do understand your question about making it easier to understand the actual cost of the fuel without fuel duty and we could list the prices without the fuel duty but this would be more confusing for most people (petrol stations don't do this). Why on earth our fuel gets subject to road fuel duty is beyond me but that is a government issue which we can only try our best to resolve in the future once a solution to brexit has been decided on. Buying Aspen in bulk which shouldn't be an issue for a business user, the cost per litre ranges from £2.45-£2.64 + vat. As for storage regulations, their are lots of different storage options to comply with regulations which we can always help advise on. using your example of oil pricing above which works out at around 22p per litre. mixing your own unleaded 2-stroke mix may cost around £1.30-£1.40 + vat (depending on local fuel cost and deal you get on the oil) this is actually slightly less than twice the cost and not 4 times the price. Then the real question is what do you get when you pay 90% more for fuel? Healthy staff who are not breathing in carcinogenic emissions all day long Free delivery to your site = no time wasted going to collect fuel ready mixed fuel = no chance of damaged machinery due to wrong or bad mixing and no time wasted doing this Cleaner emissions which are also better for the environment Longer lasting machinery which stay extremely clean on the inside leading to better performance over time long shelf life = no worries of having machines sitting around for longer periods and not starting when you need them when you take into account the benefits, it starts to even out the cost more and more. It wont work out cheaper for everyone but you cant put a price on health. Are you coming to the arbshow? if so then come and try to win yourself a free trial and see the benefits for yourself
  8. Thanks for the heads up on your plans to cheat haha.
  9. Hi Big J, No doubt you use much more fuel in heavy forestry work. For this reason, using alkylate fuels is even more important as your workers will be getting the highest exposure of harmful emissions during their day to day work. As an employer you have a duty of care to look after them. The original founder of Aspen came up with the idea of creating a cleaner fuel for chainsaws after reading a report on the harsh working conditions of forestry workers in Sweden which was linked to a much higher risk of cancer due to the emissions they breathed in on a daily basis.
  10. Hi Mike, There is no requirement for any special clothing, you can take part in your underwear if it makes you feel more comfortable...
  11. No probs James, if you have any problems in the future please let us know. probably worth calling ahead just to be sure
  12. Hi James, I have just spoken to Ambleside Forest & Garden machinery who tell me they have Aspen in stock. Seems strange you were told that they do not have any. Maybe you could try again but please get in touch if you have any issues. Husqvarna XP is not Aspen 2 in a re-branded bottle unfortunately and Aspen has never produced fuel for anyone else or has any plans on doing so in the future. Any dealer can have fuel sent but the cost of shipping makes it uneconomical unless you are buying 54 cans or more. BR Axel 07738642550
  13. Aspen@AAOIL

    Aspen 2

    Hi Jack, It is highly unlikely that the blend ratio would vary enough to visually make a noticable difference on the amount of smoke produced between batches of Aspen 2. The way that the oil is blended into the fuel ensures that the mix ratio stays super consistent, much much better than you or i could achieve when mixing using traditional methods. Possible thoughts: 1) Has the machine been used on regular fuel since the last time it was run on Aspen? i ask this because Aspen can have a cleaning effect where it gets rid of the carbon build up from previous fuel/oil mixtures in the exhaust. 2) Has anything been changed on the machine since it was last used? if it runs fine apart from the smoke it is unlikely to have any issues. 3) perhaps the temperature was much colder when the machine was used this time which can make it look like it was making more smoke? consider how you can see your breath on a cold day. Axel@aaoil
  14. Hey guys, Sorry I didn't reply over the weekend, I did see that there had been some interesting replies in this thread but I did not feel that I could do these questions any justice responding from my phone. Gardenkit has done a great job as always by stepping in and answering most of the questions but I will try to cover your questions in one go to try to clear things up and apologies in advance if something is missed as i am sure you can understand it is difficult to answer 10s of questions at once. Firstly i think it is important to tackle the question regarding my bold claim which was essentially saying that Aspen 2 is the best 2-stroke mix for your chainsaws/powertools. It's important to note that when I talk about the best 2-stroke mix for your machines, I am always referring to your 2-stroke power tools which Aspen is designed for. Aspen 2 is not designed for competition 2-stroke motorcycles, just like redline racing (or any other bike oil) is not designed for chainsaws... These applications place different requirements on the oil. It is important to also note that the role of a 2-stroke oil is not only to lubricate the engine internals. It must also keep the combustion chamber clean, mix well with petrol, not lower the performance of fuels combustibility, keep smoke levels down and not clog the exhaust. The Jaso standard which have been brought up in this topic are ratings which were designed to help consumers choose the best oils for their 2-stroke scooters. typically in cramped cities where there are much more 2-stroke bikes than in the UK, these bikes have a very negative impact on the local air quality and in general an FD oil would improve this over an FA. As Gardenkit already mentioned however, these tests are not difficult to pass and there are no tests or gradings which show oils which surpass these requirements. for more information on JASO ratings i suggest you look on google and you can find the specifications. The oil in Aspen 2 changed in late 2014 as newer and better oil technology became available. Stihl 4-mix engines in particular, are very demanding on the quality of 2-stroke oils and many oils on the market will cause the valve stems to soot up and fail (as would the previous blend of aspen oil). Over 1000’s of hours of field testing of various 2-stroke blends along with tests in the lab made Aspen decide on the Oil which you will now find in Aspen 2. Its also very important to note that the 2-stroke oil portion of your fuel/oil mix is only 2% on a 50:1 mix. The rest is made up of the petrol you choose to mix it with which also makes a difference to the protection of your engine and a much greater difference to the exhaust emissions which can have a negative effect on operator health. The oil mix is only as good as the operator is at mixing and by using a ready mixed fuel such as Aspen 2, you do not have to worry about the consistency of this blend. As Garden kit mentioned. Aspen’s reputation and business model relies on supplying the best fuels for man, machine and environment and they are constantly looking to make improvements as new technologies become available. As the 2-stroke oil is a very big part of what makes our product unique, it is not sold on its own and the recipe/specs are not readily available as you must appreciate. Aspen sells over 50 million litres of fuel each year specifically for small engine machinery such as chainsaws and are regarded as the market leader in this sector. Popularity is constantly growing as happy customers experience the difference.
  15. That sounds about right! Rest assured that your machines are getting the best protection if you are using Aspen 2


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