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  1. Hi Sam, If you have a fleet of well maintained machines, you should have no issues in switching to Aspen fuel for the trial and switching back to pump fuel at the end should you so wish. As part of the trial, we will discuss any possible issues with the company involved beforehand and also be available to discuss any issues that might occur during the trial in conjunction with their local stockist/repair shop. Fully understand your concern but the chances of a machine not running correctly after switching to alkylate fuel from pump fuel is so low that it shouldn't be a concern for any business looking to take part in the trial.
  2. We have considered this and have put filtering processes in place to try to minimise people trying to take advantage. It is unlikely that any business who is currently using Aspen fuel is also going to be the type of business to want to take advantage of our offer. At the end of the day, if it does become a problem, the promotion will have to stop which will be a shame. only time will tell but I do think there are more good people in this industry then bad and scamming the trial isn't exactly a means to get rich quick...
  3. Whilst we generally recommend that people should stick to one type of fuel and not swap between the 2, there should never be any issues swapping back to regular fuel after using Aspen as alkylate fuel will not harm the seals or rubber parts in the same way as regular unleaded will. if a machine runs badly on alkylate after running pump fuel, its generally a sign that a rubber component or a gasket has failed within the carburettor. Switching back to pump fuel will cause these parts to swell again and the machines will continue to run but it should be seen as a sign that those parts are close to failing anyway. This is part of the reason why we recommend that a business should trial Aspen for 3 months as it will give them time to have any machines sorted that do play up. It should be noted that whilst problems can arise when switching to alkylate fuels, it is pretty uncommon and shouldn't be considered a worry when starting a trial. You only here of the bad stories and none of the good ones and we know from experience that it is rare that issues should arise. This would all be covered during the discussion stage when a business signs up to take part in the trial
  4. @pleasant We have come up with a great offer for businesses to try our products but we aren't forcing anyone to use them. If me or my company has done something to upset you in the past please let me know via DM so we can try to make amends
  5. Thank you @Bolt you have hit the nail on the head with all of your replies to @pleasant I couldn’t have put it better myself 🙏👏
  6. Hello retired climber sorry about the slow reply, it’s been a busy couple of weeks of shows for us and we are only a small team. I have also realised that my notifications weren’t turned on so I did not realise how many replies we had got on this post since the start. My bad. anyway, my name is Axel and I guess I am the one to blame for the infrequent posts on this forum for the last 6 years (Others have posted in the past). I tend not to post much on here anymore as I find that our customers are pretty quick to answer any questions that people post up about our Products. I’m not the best at writing but I find that writing something is always better than doing nothing and it isn’t easy getting the balance right when it comes to writing on forums especially when anonymous users can be so quick to criticise. Regardless of my writing style, this is a fantastic offer which we have received a really good response too from the recent shows we have attended. If anyone wants to talk about this offer or anything else aspen related. I can be contacted on either of the following: [email protected] 01929 551557 (ext 2, then ask for me)
  7. From years of experience in talking to professional users about the benefits of Aspen fuel, it is very clear that most businesses do not understand the actual cost impact of switching to using our fuel. They like the idea of using Aspen but cant understand how the benefits will outweigh the cost increase and end up never trying it. Business users who have made the switch however, see it as an essential part of their business which is justifiable for many reasons. Whilst this trial doesn't aim to make the fuel any cheaper than it already is, it is designed to offer newcomers to the product, a chance to try it and see for themselves without any worry of any additional cost to their business should they decide it is not for them. in other words, we don't believe that there is a cost barrier and this trial is meant to prove this. Does that help answer your question?
  8. Hello Arbtalkers! It has been a while since we posted anything on here but we have just launched an incredible promotion for businesses in the Arb sector which I wanted to share. Do you operate or work for a business that still uses regular pump fuel in your chainsaws? Perhaps you have considered using Aspen alkylate petrol but been put off from trying due to the increase in cost? Well this promotion is aimed at YOU! We want to help companies get over the cost barrier and to see how Aspen fuel can benefit their business which is why we have come up with a promotion which lets you try Aspen fuel with a money back guarantee if after the trial, you wish to switch back to pump fuel. Sounds too good to be true? you might be right but this is how confident we are that by trying Aspen fuel for 3 months in your business, you will never want to go back to pump fuel! for more information and for a link to sign up to more information about the promotion please use the below link. Any questions, please ask away Trial Aspen Fuel in your work place, Risk Free! ASPENFUEL.CO.UK Trial Aspen fuel and see the benefits for your business with our risk-free money-back guarantee.
  9. For more information or to register your interest. please visit https://aspenfuel.co.uk/trial/
  10. Something doesn't add up here. The fuel and oil in Aspen 2 will not separate even when left for many years and nor would it attract moisture like regular fuel. I suggest your brother in law stops using the fuel which may have become contaminated. BR Axel
  11. All Aspen dealers should have these and if they are out of stock they can order them in for you. If its less than a year old however, PM me your address and i will post you out a replacement FOC
  12. Hey guys, just thought it would be worth mentioning that we have bulk buying options and larger containers available which do bring down the cost of Aspen fuel for commercial users substantially. you can find latest pricing and more information on Garden Machinery Fuel | Aspen Fuel Storage | Aspen Fuel | Buying in Bulk ASPENFUEL.CO.UK Aspen Fuel is a leading UK distributor of Aspen Products, we offer free delivery within two working days for bulk orders...
  13. Great to see so many people switching over to alkylate! I'm sure all the aspen users are particularly smug this week not having to wait in line at the petrol stations 😎 just a note to people thinking about buying aspen commercially. its worth checking out our page regarding buying in bulk. this will get you the best price and means you can have the fuel delivered directly to your site making it even less hassle Garden Machinery Fuel | Aspen Fuel Storage | Aspen Fuel | Buying in Bulk ASPENFUEL.CO.UK Aspen Fuel is a leading UK distributor of Aspen Products, we offer free delivery within two working days for bulk orders and fuel storage. Any questions feel free to give us a call on 01929 551557 (ext 2) for any advice on switching your business to Aspen
  14. Blaming Aspen for the running problems whilst replacing the machine as faulty seems strange to me. Aspens performance characteristics really aren't so different to normal fuel in regards to how the fuel performs inside the machine (especially if its never been used on normal pump fuel). Would be great to hear how the new saw runs if you get a chance to try it on Aspen.
  15. Apart from the storage issues most people are already aware off, the biggest difference in regards to performance will be that non auto adjusting (fuel mixture) machinery will run lean on E10 unless they are adjusted to suit E10 fuel which has a higher oxygen level than E5. Running lean will decrease machinery life especially on 2-stroke equipment. With the above in mind, once E10 is introduced at the forecourts I would recommend using super unleaded if you cant justify switching to Alkylate fuel for your business.


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