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  1. Hi Wolfie, sorry to hear about your issues The stihl Ultra oil is superior to the super Super HP so its unlikely this is the cause. if the fuel/oil mix is to blame, its far more likely to be caused by the mix ratio or the petrol part itself. Where these the same machines that ran on the old fuel/oil mix without issues? if so it could also be that they have simply worn out and they would have done the same had you continued using your previous oil. It does seem a coincidence but it doesn't have to be. Other members have mentioned that increased ethanol content in your fuel could play a role, this could be true especially if the machines have not been regularly tuned. When you increase the ethanol content in the fuel, you need to compensate by richening the carburettor settings or machines will run lean (ethanol contains around 30% oxygen). running lean for a long time will lead to premature engine failure. Unfortunately there is no way of telling the ethanol content in the fuel you buy at the pumps, all you are told is that it wont be higher than 5% until next year when the maximum level is set to increase to 10% The above issues are eliminated when using a ready mixed Alkylate fuel such as Aspen 2 as not only do you get a guaranteed mix ratio which eliminates user error (this happens to the most experienced chainsaw users not just newbies) but you also get a consistent fuel which also plays an important part in the life of a 2-stroke engine. People often complain about the cost of Aspen when in reality for most arborists the cost increase is actually very small, especially in comparison to the cost of fixing machinery which break due to fuel/oil issues as this is usually over £200 per machine these days, never mind the inconvenient it causes.
  2. Hi Stubby, Yes that's correct, petroleum alkylate which is the main ingredient in these fuels are all produced in similar ways. Sourcing the raw alkylate product is the first step but other additives are needed for your machinery to perform at their best. The quality of the 2-stroke oil and the accuracy of the mixing ratio is extremely important as not only does this effect the emissions which the machines produce but also the reliability and service life of the components. As far as I'm aware, Aspen is the only producer which keeps track of each batch it produces on top of randomly testing the fuel throughout its stages in production to insure that the customer receives the best product.
  3. Hi Stubby, Raw components are sourced externally but the all important steps of testing the materials and blending/packaging is done in house to maintain the highest quality control.
  4. 100% not the same, Aspen is the original alkylate fuel and produces all of its products in house. It is a common misconception that Aspen produces fuels for other brands but this is not true.
  5. Perhaps you are thinking about Eddie who used to work for us and was active on the account for some time?
  6. I'm Still here take a look on our website, you can find the bulk pricing here which can be offered by all dealers. Garden Machinery Fuel | Aspen Fuel Storage | Aspen Fuel ASPENFUEL.CO.UK Aspen Fuel is a leading UK distributor of Aspen Products, we offer free delivery within two working days for bulk orders and fuel storage. Any issues, give me a call and i will point you in the right direction/organise with a stockist who can help. 01929 551557 (ext2) axel@aaoil.co.uk
  7. Have you checked that you are getting enough oil onto the chain? a simple test by running the chain above a piece of paper should be enough to signal if you have any problems with the oil feeding system on your machine. Having the oil feed set to max and not getting sufficient lubrication could signal that there is a problem. We have not had any complaints from any customers in the UK running Aspen bio chain oil in the past
  8. Hi Mik, We wish it was this simple! whilst the cost of crude plays a part of the cost to produce a can of Aspen fuel there are so many more steps involved before it reaches the end consumer which all add cost. Todays crude price is exceptional but if it stays this low then perhaps we could see a decrease in the future Fuel duty is one thing which we hope to be able to eliminate in the future which will help bring down the price considerably, we are constantly working on this but right now given the current climate its not a priority to the UK government. When the time comes, we will once again be asking members of this forum to help us with petitions etc.
  9. Good stuff, in regard to pricing, these have been maintained for approximately 2 years and i'm hoping to be able to keep them as is for the foreseeable future.
  10. Hi AJStrees, we have a section on our website dedicated to providing information to business' about buying in Aspen fuel bulk Garden Machinery Fuel | Aspen Fuel Storage | Aspen Fuel ASPENFUEL.CO.UK Aspen Fuel is a leading UK distributor of Aspen Products, we offer free delivery within two working days for bulk orders and fuel storage. Here you can also find the current bulk pricelist. if you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM or give us a call on the number on our website. BR Axel
  11. Hi Nick, Sorry to hear you you have had some issues trying Aspen with your machines The compression symptoms you are describing don't add up, and i'm sure this has nothing to do with the problems you ware experiencing. if the machines run really bad on Aspen but good on pump fuel, its very likely that the carburetor diaphragms have seen better days and cant cope with the change to using a fuel that doesn't contain any aromatics. 2-stroke carburetors in garden machinery rely on the diaphragms for fuel metering so if this malfunctions, its like having a car with a failing fuel pump. Understand its an inconvenience when this happens but once fixed, you will be able to enjoy all of the benefits of Aspen fuel going forwards.
  12. As you said, its most likelyt the remains of evaporated fuel/2stroke oil. each batch of petrol from the fuel station contains different chemicals which behave differently when left for long periods of time. perhaps the fuel from your other saws were from the same can? If it looks like that inside of the tank, you are very lucky that the same thing hasn't happened inside the carburettor blocking the jets. i'm sure @GardenKit will have seen something similar either way, it might be a good idea to pick up a can of Aspen if you plan on using your machinery so infrequently. It definitely wont do that when left in the tank 😎
  13. Do you know when you purchased your Aspen chain oil which you are having trouble with? I'm assuming you are using the old formula which like other bio chain oils will go off eventually and cause sediment build up which can cause blockages in the oil pump. Our newest formula has been designed to combat this issue so you can use a bio chain oil without these issues 👍
  14. Hi Jack, IMO the best way of working out how much you will spend on Aspen over a period of time is to bulk buy 20 cans to begin with and see how long it lasts. we find that most people we talk to overestimate there usage quite dramatically and end up thinking Aspen is not going to be viable for them when in reality it makes total sense.
  15. Hi Treevolution, when a problem like this happens, ie when swapping back to pump fuel improves the running of the saw. This normally indicates that one of the non metal components in the fuel system has failed. usually this would be a diaphragm in the carburettor but on some carburettors it could be an oring etc. once swapped and the machine is running good on aspen, these parts should last much longer as Aspen fuel does not contain any aromatics which attack the rubber components in the fuel system


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