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  1. If it's the people I think it is, then they're about 1/4 mile from me as the crow. flies. Their property backs onto the field behind my house.
  2. What saw did you fit the Prazi onto? I have an old 7.1/4" Skil wormdrive which I rarely use since buying a cordless Makita, so I'm considering fitting either a Prazi beam saw or Bigfoot 10.1/4" conversion kit to it. The Bigfoot replaces the standard base and guard to accommodate a larger blade and increases the depth of cut to nearly 4". I'm leaning towards the Prazi as I already have a 10" Wolf saw and ancient 9" B&D Ripsnorter, but neither have the power of the Skil.
  3. I read about wound sealers this evening, and according to the RHS it should be used when removing branches infected with apple canker to prevent reinfection. If no disease is present they recommend not sealing the cut. Peasgood - do you mean very slightly chamfer the cut edge?
  4. It was dark by time I had finished work. Hopefully you can see the picture.
  5. I think removing the lower branch would be best. Thanks for the Amazon links. I'll see if I can take a better picture later.
  6. We have a couple of old apple trees with issues. First is this little tree which is not anchored well into the ground and can moved with the lightest touch, despite the timber props. It still produces apples, so not completely dead yet. Can anything be done, it just a case of leaving it alone or fell and replace? Second is this larger apple tree. It has been neglected for many years and the weight of the lower fork is dragging it over. Can this be cut off, or is that too drastic for an old tree? It still produces a lot of fruit every year. Cheers, Mark


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