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  1. I know a former JLR engineer and even if money was no object he still wouldn't buy one their vehicles!
  2. Hi, logs wanted in Swansea / Gower area. I'm happy to collect from you. I've also added myself to the tip site directory. Cheers, Mark
  3. Will pay for green hardwood and softwood logs. Can accommodate vehicles up to 7.5 tonne Please contact me to make arrangements and discuss price.
  4. Hi chaps To conclude this thread, I bought a used Dolmar 7910 in excellent condition from Shavey, which came with both an 18in and 24in bar. Thanks everyone for the advice, it's much appreciated. And thank you Shavey! Mark
  5. Blake... I've run my good saws on Aspen since new, and so whatever large saw I buy will use the same fuel. Shavey... Could you quote me for a Dolmar PS7910 and Makita EA7900 please? If you have used saws in decent condition could you price up them too? Many thanks
  6. Hi, I'll contact some local dealers for a price on the Husqvarna 365 and big Makita saws. Is the member called Shavey still active? I came across the Dolmar thread while reading about the Makita 7900, but it seems he hasn't posted for a while.
  7. I am interested. Is that price including VAT? Any particular benefits of the Husky over the Makita 7300 / 7900 saws? Bear in mind I'm not a professional user, so long-term reliability and is much more of a priority than performance.
  8. Yep, my neighbour (farmer) has a few oaks which came down in a storm and he's offered me the wood if I cut and split some of the logs for him in exchange. I haven't seen these trees myself, but he says they're a decent size. Mark
  9. Hi, just joined up as I have a question regarding chainsaws. I will be needing a saw which can handle a 24" to 30" bar in the near future. For peace of mind I'd prefer a new saw with a warranty, as my experience with second hand saws (and tools generally) has been hit and miss. I can't justify the price of a new 70cc+ Stihl, Husky or Echo for domestic firewood, so I think my options are either a big Makita or the Chinese Huztl saws. I know the 7300 and 7900 saws are well regarded here for their reliability and old-fashioned carb, and would be my first choice, but then the Huztl's are a lot of machine for the money! What would you all suggest? Thanks Mark


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