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  1. I started using aspen after I had carb issues. Had it cleaned and rebuilt. Since then it's only had aspen. I only cut for myself and 5l of fuel can last me up to 9 months. Before aspen I had issues with my saw which I now know was bad fuel. Arbtalk first introduced me to aspen and I've been singing it's praises ever since. Are we going to see the combi set up that the aspen can fits into with an oil can attached?
  2. I've been using aspen for over 2 years and love the stuff. Not had any issues due to bad fuel, no headaches and not a drop of wasted fuel. And my local husky dealer (skyland equipment) stocks it.
  3. They are good quality rods. I've seen some places recommend sweeping a flue 4 times a year if constantly burning. I guess I'll sweep 3 times a year. I have notice a slight smell from the fire when the flue/chimney is congested. I have been quoted £65 to sweep a flexi flue . And that's not power sweeping. I'd say they will pay for themselves in no time. And I do like good kit.
  4. £238 including the bag. I always prefer to buy once.
  5. Very close. 3.5mm . But good shout on the line.
  6. They went over my initial budget but really easy to use and very well made. The large button is a positive click but easy to release when required.
  7. I finally bought some rods. Big button power sweep 12mm. Fantastic bit of kit would highly recommend. If you send them a message you might get a small discount. Very helpfully chaps. https://www.chimneyrodsdirect.co.uk/Big-Button-Lock-12mm-Liner-Kit-Flu-Flex-Rods-257857.htm
  8. I had a play with a dry ash branch. Feels much better. And I removed the axe side due to nearly hitting myself in the face when it dislodged as I was picking up logs. Scorched it with a blow lamp just for fun.
  9. Hi. I've not got any rods yet. I've seen some for about £100 which look like they will do the job. Flexible with a brass screw joint. When I get them I'll update this tread.
  10. Thanks for your imput all. I am quite competent at most manual jobs and have swept my chimney for the last 10 years (bailey blue rods) . I was just looking at different types of systems for a flexible flue.
  11. Thanks neiln. That's the best response ever.
  12. Thanks Neiln . That was my worry. What set did you go for? How long have you had it? Would you buy the same again ?
  13. Thanks for your imput . Is your flue in a stack or external. I've read that standard rods can damage the liner. I've got 1.5m Bailey rods but didn't want to damage the new liner. Just seeing what others are doing.
  14. We have just had our chimney lined for our wood burning stove. What are people using to clean their stove flue? Traditional flexi rods and brush or power sweep system? There seems to be a lot of very cheep power sweep kits but I worry they will come apart in the flue and cause problems.
  15. It's balanced quite well. I just wanted a wooden handle. I don't like plastic handles especially in the wet.


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