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Ideal Log Diameter??

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A given weight of wood can only produce so much energy so while 1 large log split into 2  may last longer than the same log split into 4 pieces , it should only produce the same amount of heat but spread over a longer time.


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Yeah but seems to me at least (no proof) the less dense softwood naturally burns faster than the more dense hardwood so to get more similar burn rates (power output) I use larger logs of lighter woods (less surface area) and smaller logs for the more dense wood.

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you do need turbulance in the firebox to ensure a nice looking fire,   to get that load two or three logs at a time,   size of these logs will depend on your firebox size.


If I am processing logs on a 4 way split then I want a length on the outer (bark) edge of the triangle to be no more than 150mm.,  so about 600mm max circumstance cord split 4 ways. 


Length wise cut the width of your firebox less 50mm,   if cutting to resell 250mm will suit most stoves.


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I remember seeing something online around 12 years ago where the University of Bristol had worked out 4" is around the optimum diameter for a log.

I don't remember what the rest of the parameters were though. Slow burn, fast burn...

I tend to like a slightly smaller log. Maybe around 3" diameter. I often split existing logs again to build the fire up again if it's a bit slow or just chuck a bit of kindling in.

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I do find picking up logs abt 4" is abt right. Anything bigger is an effort.......... K

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@Danny Boy probly balance between sapwood and heartwood...

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