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  1. They specify that being secured to a vehicle with a chain is NOT acceptable & it MUST be a wheel clamp. I did ask "what is the definition of a wheel clamp?" to which he replied: "Something that stops the wheel turning". So I said if I came up with something that fits to the chipper & stops the wheel turning would that be OK? The reply was to take a photo & send it to them so they can show the underwriter. I was thinking along the lines of the bike locks that are fixed to the frame & go thru the spokes. Or some form of axle lock....
  2. The chipper is chained to the truck & the truck has an immobiliser with the chip in the key.
  3. I give away most my logs I don't need on gumtree in exchange for booze. You could do the same. [emoji56]
  4. My renewal stayed the same with Arbirisk but with some rediculous terms added. Their underwriter (Aviva) now insist with no negotiation if you're parked out front with the chipper hitched on & working in the back garden you must have a Wheel Clamp on the chipper for it to be covered. Same goes for anything on wheels which affects work in my opinion. Their argument was if you want your gear insured & covered then you won't mind. My counter argument was if I make it that un-nickable then I don't need your insurance... They said the theft of chippers is going down with their new policy. I said great so that means it'll be getting cheaper then? They said Nooooooo.... [emoji1]
  5. I always light a loose sheet 1st as well to punch cold air out the flue. Do you use one of those swirly cowls?
  6. Must be the photo mate but that doesn't look very usable to me... A better photo may help?
  7. Good lord.... All hail the IQ king.
  8. What could you teach an Afghan or Somali? The art of "how to cimplain"?
  9. No part in making? How is it you think Britain became Great? You think all the resources & wealth was found under a rainbow or taken from Colonies? Naturally those abroad in poorer less developed countries are attracted to here & in the grand scheme of things its a sort of payback. If you were a such person in another lifetime, what would you do?
  10. Nice setup [emoji106] I would say its misleading. Yes, they may have been dried in a kiln at some stage but then it defeats the whole purpose if they've then been left out in the rain... To me the whole point of kiln dried is the speed at which they're dried & killing off some beasties & minimising mould.
  11. I like the axe head! You got any videos of it running?
  12. I use waste slats from a local pallet firm for my kindling & chop it all by hand. It's only for my own use though & a days work normally sees me through a winters worth of kindling.
  13. Try a search for pdf versions as well. You may get lucky.


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