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  1. Best way to light a woodburner with down draft?

    I always light a loose sheet 1st as well to punch cold air out the flue. Do you use one of those swirly cowls?
  2. Free turf

    Must be the photo mate but that doesn't look very usable to me... A better photo may help?
  3. Media Brainwashing

    Good lord.... All hail the IQ king.
  4. Media Brainwashing

    What could you teach an Afghan or Somali? The art of "how to cimplain"?
  5. Media Brainwashing

    Can you name a few?
  6. Media Brainwashing

    No part in making? How is it you think Britain became Great? You think all the resources & wealth was found under a rainbow or taken from Colonies? Naturally those abroad in poorer less developed countries are attracted to here & in the grand scheme of things its a sort of payback. If you were a such person in another lifetime, what would you do?
  7. False advertising?

    Nice setup [emoji106] I would say its misleading. Yes, they may have been dried in a kiln at some stage but then it defeats the whole purpose if they've then been left out in the rain... To me the whole point of kiln dried is the speed at which they're dried & killing off some beasties & minimising mould.
  8. Small Home built fire wood processor

    I like the axe head! You got any videos of it running?
  9. Kindling knife for existing splitters

    I use waste slats from a local pallet firm for my kindling & chop it all by hand. It's only for my own use though & a days work normally sees me through a winters worth of kindling.
  10. Books so expensive!

    Try a search for pdf versions as well. You may get lucky.
  11. nver seen this done before - worth a look

    That's a cracking bit of work!
  12. Getting chilly

    We've had ours on a couple of nights in a row then I ended up opening the window.... Sent from my TA-1033 using Arbtalk mobile app
  13. Wheelie bin log deliveries

    Imagine if you went into a pub ffs & asked for a pint. "What size pint glass would you like? 0.56 pint? 0.72 pint? I'm sure we got a few more sizes knocking about...." Sent from my TA-1033 using Arbtalk mobile app
  14. Hire firm locking roller speed on chipper

    If they find out then probably yes. Sent from my TA-1033 using Arbtalk mobile app
  15. Acceptable or Underhand?

    Good solution & nicely worded & clear too. 🤛 Sent from my TA-1033 using Arbtalk mobile app


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