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3/8 Lo pro on MS880?


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Surprised nobody got back on this. I was hoping they might. I run the lo-pro set up on a 661 with a 36"bar and it is much better than running on the regular chain but feel that much longer would benefit from a few more cc. particularly in hardwood but the 880 doesn't seem to be compatible with the lo-pro GB bars? Was you concern more around the chain being manly enough if the bar and sprocket were compatible?

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Apologies late reply - other posters bear in mind 3/8 is not the same as 3/8 lo pro. 3/8 standard chain seems to give little advantage over .404 chain.


3/8 lo pro chain does have advantages over .404 and 3/8 standard.


Here is the rub - you can run 3/8 lo pro on the MS880 and we have a 48" bar that does it. Can be used in conjunction with a GB lo pro drive rim.


BUT 3/8 lo pro chain is weaker than .404 chain - and we have folk calling up scratching their heads saying their .404 chain on their MS880 has snapped...


You need to be fully up together on your chainsaw maintenace and bar maintenace and chain maintenance. And have a good knowledge of the wood you are milling plus your chain sharpening needs to be spot on.


I've been using the 48" lo pro bar on my MS880 for around 12 months now with no issues - however if you are rough with your gear (I know no one on here is of course ;)  this comment for any guests reading!) then there is a greater risk of chain snapping.


You also have to be careful with the wood you mill - super hard ash and yew would also increase risk. Poor chain sharpening with too big a gullet in the tooth would make it too aggressive and put more strain on the chain.


.404 chain can cope with the above type issues - 3/8 lo pro might not.


Plus there is more chain stretch and also I'm not sure it oils quite as well as a .404 chain.


Pros are - gives a lovely clean cut, keeps the speed up and board is smoother.





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2 hours ago, wisewood said:

Rob, have you noticed any worthwhile gain in the reduction of kerf, ie getting an extra slab out of the log

Hmmm... not really and have to say not milled many if any logs that have been that valuable getting the extra slab is worth losing sleep over. There always seems to be loads of wood out of a big tree and it's always a relief to get the last slab out!


More important I'd say is you want the job to be as easy on you and your gear as possible given how hard chainsaw milling is so the switch to lo pro is more about that.


But on the larger saws the 27RX makes milling so much user friendly although overall speed is slightly slower and finished boards are slightly rougher. The 3/8 lo pro set up is not for everyone as there is less margin for error I'd say.

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