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  1. Brilliant, thanks Woody Paul. I don't suppose there is any chance of a copy of your manual please? Happy to cover costs..?
  2. Hi Paul, Just after all the fluid levels, oil types etc. I would need to know for a full service. Does your manual have this?
  3. Hi Guys, Thanks for the responses. Yes, my main concern was around the 3/8 chain being up to the task and not overstressing any working parts due to the lo-pro not being rated for the 880. I'll just stick with the 404 then! Thanks again
  4. Hi guys, Does anybody have a manual for this series of Kubota engines please!? Looking to give old girl and good service!
  5. Hi Guys, Looking to get a new setup on the 880 for milling. Was considering changing from .404 ripping chain to 3/8 lo pro chain, gb bar and sprocket to match. I realise this is not rated for the 880, any opinions? Many thanks
  6. Hi guys, I'm replanting 2.05 ha on a local estate in the next couple of weeks. 30% Sitka, 20% Lodegpole then 50% mixed broadleaves. There will likely be lots more planting on the estate in the next few years, I am curious as to opinions on what planting equipment you would recommend? We were just going to go in with spades/spits and make shift sacks to hold the trees! Worth investment in other gear? All the best James
  7. Thanks for all the helpful replies guys, much appreciated.
  8. Hi Guys, I'm after some advice on what banks people use for their business use. I am currently just using a current personal account but need to change this so all business use just stays in the one account rather than mixing it with my non-business personal spends! Is it worth staying with a current/personal account, but just a new separate one from my personal spends? Or a specific business account? My turnover is only low <£15k per annum. Any ideas on good banks/account ideas out there? Cheers James
  9. Just gave them a ring, its not the top handled version on sale I'm afraid. Still a decent price for rear handle though...
  10. Hi Guys, Been struggling to find an 880 of Ebay and such at a decent price for a while now. My local dealer has offered me a new 880 with 48 inch bar and chain at £1260 inc vat. This seems like a fair price, what do you guys think? Needed for milling. Cheers
  11. As per the title, I'm looking at possibly buying a 2-3 year old Botex 8 tonne trailer with crane. Has barely been used and is spot on, only a couple of jobs. Seller bought it for about £12-£13000 + VAT. He is looking for about £10k... Seems a bit steep to me considering depreciation maybe...what do you guys think? I would be looking more in the region of £8k maybe? Cheers
  12. Hi everyone, Just looking for some opinions/experience on choice of and mounting an electric winch to a pick-up. Looking at options below £400 from ebay sellers such as this on: Superwinch Tiger Shark 9500 12v Electric Winch | eBay Are mounting winches like this to the front of a pick up quite simple? Also do these 'entry level' winches look good value for money? All the specs seem good! Thanks very much
  13. Thanks Chris, Yes unfortunately it seems England has benefited a lot more in terms of grant aid this year so far unfortunately! I completely agree re: local woods, I'm starting to make waves here on Anglesey which is great, just need a bit of a boost equipment wise! Cheers
  14. Hello all, Looking for any info regarding any grants etc. which are available for small forestry businesses in Wales. I am looking to purchase some essential kit for timber extraction. I'm waiting to here from my local Business Wales advisor in Bangor but would be keen on other peoples experience/ funding pools which might be overlooked by my local office. Thanks!
  15. Thanks for all the insightful replies guys, very helpful and confirming a lot of suspicions I already had about the economics of it. A lot of the trees are of good 'millable' quality on the main stems, however I wouldn't say there would be enough to form an artic load for the local sawmill. So I'm thinking I would be better getting the Alaskan out on site, selling the planks to local woodturners etc. and as another user has suggested, having the remaining firewood as a bonus. After I have hopefully struck a deal with the landowner that is!


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