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  1. Logging eats the batteries fast. I dismantled a decent size ash ( stem was 24 to 28" ).one set of batteries lasted until i got 357 sent up, nearly all rigged so plenty of cutting. I was pretty surprised it lasted that long
  2. Many houses have solid fuel rayburns etc which are pretty similar. Dont know what the regs are but they will be out there
  3. I recently had an exciting fire in my exhaust. Chip and been falling back down the chute into the silencer. I thought someone must of been having a fire nearby until i realised the smoke was coming the chipper.
  4. I think 201 tc-m is m tronic and tc isnt. Might be wrong though. If it had a carb h and l jet adjust itll be non electronic carb. It check they are on factory settings and try running it. Obvs check the fuel filter isnt totally clogged as well
  5. Tbh if you just whack monstar bar and huge dawgs on it does the same job
  6. Check your power to starter motor and starter earth. I would run a 24v jump cable from yer batteries to it for pos and clip to good clean earth on chassis for neg. Do it one at a time, so you can identify which if any is faulty. Has something drained your new batteries? Or are they fully charged?
  7. Cant tell if your joking or not matty, but if you buy the lot id happily buy a few off you if they are up here
  8. Just crack on at anything you fancy really. Youd do well to get a carving bar for the 180 but sure you will get something made if not an option for you. You wont manage deep curving cuts or much detail without a carving bar. Try face in a log first?
  9. Is that with two 5.0Ah batteries very impressive... Think you mentioned before you had the knock off ones also? Makita cordless stuff seems to have shot up abit in price recently £100 more than they were last year for bare unit saw. Yes 5ah battery and yes have a pair of waitley 6ah batteries. They seen as good if not better power wise but have cracked both the casings, not critically but still probably the start of the end for them. Suspect they will hold up for a good bit yet with plenty gaffa
  10. Cutting metre billets of 4 to 6inch seasoned beech into 3 or 4 logs per billet the duc 355 can fill the back of my double cab pickup off a single charge. with chip sides so its a good heaped load. But over 6 inch seems to deplete the battery faster
  11. Makita duc 353 if you have makita batteries anyways. Ace little saw. Make sure you dont accidentally buy the tooless tensioning one
  12. billpierce

    New Saw Advice

    Shameless 3120xp for salw plug: https://arbtalk.co.uk/classifieds/item/1125-husqvarna-3120xp-with-42-bar/
  13. Hone the cylinder, Whack the piston in, do a vac check and give it a go!is what i would do if also else seems good
  14. billpierce

    New Saw Advice

    Did you sell your 880 pretty easily?
  15. billpierce

    Husqvarna 385

    Usually its the flat of the carb body. But i may be wrong if its an unusual one. Is the pimple on the diaphram massive or normal? Im sure many gauzes will fit but id use a carb gauze. Will be the correct microns etc. Prolly one from a cheap chinese carb kit will do. Or just clean and check ( holding up to light) the one you have, assuming it hasnt wazzed across you workshop when using the compressor as mine usually do
  16. billpierce

    New Saw Advice

    Thanks steve, i'll not hold my breath then
  17. billpierce

    New Saw Advice

    I will sell my 3120 with 42" bar for £750. Shout if yer interested
  18. Preacher is class. Really like series of fargo, twin peaks season 3
  19. Ebay 2 X 800M Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Intercom BT Motorbike Interphone Headset FM WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Up to 300 hours standby. Phone up to 10 hours Intercom up to 7 hours. -800m bluetooth intercom range between riders. 2 x Bluetooth headset receiver. -Built-in FM radio. Bluetooth Version: 3.0+EDR. Power Adaptor:DC 5V 500mA.
  20. Sorry, just read this. I have 4x 5ah makita and 2x 6ah waitleys, been using them equally for more than 6 months. They hold their charge and work well, probably as well as makita ones. Both the cases of the waitleys are now cracked and taped up. They seem fine though and i have never dropped them, so must assume its just from flopping around on a top handle whilst climbing.
  21. Nah no display. Think those ones are dearer, but they seen to pair up ok just then two. I have little doubt they will become troublesome, but at 60 quid for a pair couldnt resist
  22. Well got a set of the freedconns. They seem very well. Kids have been hitting them hard all afternoon and not broken yet. Thanks for the help everyone. Will update as soon as they break!
  23. With the plug out? Have had saws so over fuelled the crank becomes full of fuel and they become hard or impossible to pull over. If your using a known good carb and you have a spark and you know compression is good, i would though blow out the cylinder, carb boot, air filter and exhaust with a compressor, refit spark if its not firing or soaking plug is soaked then its either over fuelling or you didnt clear enough fuel out.
  24. Have you tried pulling the plug turning upside down and pulling over. Pull the air filter off and blow everything out with an airline. Could be just massively flooded? Does it feel likenits hydro locked?


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