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  1. Thanks. I know they're all made in China but at least Welsh Shearing have taken the trouble to improve the design when no one else did. Looks like they're the best of the cordless bunch anyway.
  2. The clip was modified for the mk2 version, possibly yours was the previous model?
  3. Power is about 180w from memory, corded are typical 300-350. How do they cope with dirty daggy bums, given that that's what we'll be using them for mostly? I'm quizzing you because some on the farming forum say they're the best thing they've spent money on, and then some say they've bined them in less than two years as they were so hopeless. You then wonder is that variable quality as they're made in China, or just how people use/abuse them? Doesn't make it easy deciding.
  4. How long have you had them for? Long term durability would be a concern for me.
  5. I know there's a few sheep keepers on here as I've seen them mentioned occasionally on other threads as I've been trawling through. So can anyone give me any recommendations for clippers as an upgrade to my faithful Jakotis? Opinions on the cordless set-ups vary hugely on the farming forums and I'm stuck between giving them a go or just a decent quality corded pair. It'll just be for tidying up or primarily anything struck, the shearers will still be coming in for the big shear in early June so hanging motor and hand piece would be overkill. I'm struggling to come to a decision so any further feedback from anyone on here would be very welcome.
  6. Anything with Michael McIntyre. In fact, just Michael McIntyre.
  7. On a saw horse they're ok. Start de-limbing or climbing with it and you'll soon realise why people spend the money on decent hand saws.
  8. Here you go, Silky Natanoko 60 Pruning Saw - Honey Brothers HONEYBROS.COM Silky Natanoko 60 Pruning Saw from Honey Brothers. The largest equipment specialist in the tree care industry. Other Silky retailers are available. Seriously, this is all you need apart from possibly a decent brush hook as well. Oh, probably should add that as a few others have said, dealing with the sheer volume of stuff on the ground will probably be the biggest part of the job.
  9. Dare I ask, has it been choked by ivy?
  10. Good thought process and (it would appear) a good outcome. Hope it works out OK for you, and given the Echo reputation for reliability one would trust that it will.
  11. @Treemover Any chance of another update?
  12. Anyone else particularly impressed to see both fighters and their camps behaving with a degree of decorum and respect for the other side for once. Just goes to prove that (a) it can be done, and (b) it doesn't detract one iota from the anticipation of the event. More of the same in future please.
  13. Also bear in mind that although the 18in may be more useful sometimes, quite often it'll be a pain the ass compared to the 15in.* Ergo, you need another saw! * - All joking aside, there's a serious point here.


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