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  1. RDB logs

    Massive school boy screw up

  2. RDB logs

    Massive school boy screw up

    Out of interest, why would you add disposal costs to another job, if i was the customer I would be pretty cross if I were paying for someone else’s waste?
  3. RDB logs

    ECO friendly log nets

    Thank you that’s really kind I will try and get a sample👍
  4. RDB logs

    ECO friendly log nets

    Me too -I carnt supply quick enough, people want convenenience, I wouldn’t ever buy a ready meal in a plastic tray but the supermarkets stock and sell loads! I suppose log nets are the same? I will look in to potato sacks and try and get a sample- I glad I’m not the only one - just trying to cut the use of plastic👍
  5. RDB logs

    ECO friendly log nets

    It’s a carry to the car park thing- long story ☹️
  6. RDB logs

    ECO friendly log nets

    Even tried working out if a jute shopping bag would do but they just aren’t big enough?
  7. RDB logs

    ECO friendly log nets

    That’s exactly why I’m struggling with an alternative - airflow- mould- cost- stackable- being able to see the product- i like the the idea of potato sacks though👍
  8. RDB logs

    Climbing without aerial rescue?

    The biggest single thing we always do is install a rescue line- it is just a spare rope draped over a crotch and hitched out the way- I am so bad with a throw line that it would save at least an hour on any rescue!
  9. RDB logs

    ECO friendly log nets

    Has anyone seen or come across biodegradable or eco friendly log nets or bags? It has got to be one of the worst single use plastics and I would really like to find an alternative to plastic nets maybe jute or hessian ? Any help would be great thank you 👍
  10. RDB logs

    Landy reloved

    Great vertical weld👍
  11. RDB logs

    Landy reloved

    Just started mine aswell, was going to do cam belt and now am having the engine out new clutch and chassis paint! She is an eBay purchase, ex army 54k 2.5 na, enjoying a new project!
  12. RDB logs

    Damage by spurs

    There was a thread here somewhere that looked at the formation of epicormic on beech, it was thought that in some cases the tearing effect of the cambium encouraged shoots to form from using an axe or spike wounds . I m not brave enough to try it though!
  13. RDB logs

    First Aid Kits

    Bin it and invest in a silver bull one from tree kit! What is the point in carrying some wet wipes and a mouldy plaster up a tree? If you have an accident chances are it will be a big torn jagged cut from a saw chain! They aren't cheap but neither is a new arm! Just saying! It it has loops in all corners for zip ties a big belt attachment and a loop inside to help get the bandage out one handed.
  14. RDB logs

    Assessing root compaction and dysfunction

    That's really interesting work, where I work at an nt property, we have an oak avenue, the application of wood chip has significantly reduced compaction along with moving the path, and also there has been a noticeable increase in vitality of the trees. However, we have also lost several large trees due to compaction, with visitor numbers increasing I think we are on a loosing battle. As an aside I did read an article about the major oak and the over wood-chipping. Thank you for sharing,
  15. RDB logs

    Rats Are My Saw

    Same happened to my 200t😟


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