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  1. RDB logs

    Reed cutting

    How did you get on with the cutting? I have been asked to price some and was wondering what happened to the arrisings? We’re they burned? how was the bcs? cheers
  2. Oh Jesus not you as well! ? ? hope your well?
  3. Frugal? Is that Hampshire speak for tightass? i am doing the same- not had a day off since i left kl! hope you and Mrs s are well? Rich
  4. The most worrying part to me about this situation is the date on the paper is the 10th December!!! It has taken 3 months for this to be published, how many uses of a zig zag have occurred in the World in those 3 months? could another potential accident have been prevented if this info had been available?
  5. Brilliant tool- I tie to the tail of my climbing line and use a prussic- or on to my lanyard - it will be cheaper and less clumbersome if you just buy the hook, not the kit so may get more use? I use mine for snapping off remote dead wood, going between 2 big stems of a big tree or throw out to the end of a long limb for a bit more stability, I did start a thread a few years ago about them, a micro pulley is useful as it means you can use your foot ascender for more turbo power!
  6. Looks like it see here ? Rope and friction cord It must be ensured that: A) rope used for work positioning and/or rope access has a diameter of 10mm or greater; B) rope length allows for at least one of the systems in use by the operator to be capable of providing an uninterrupted descent to the ground; C) when it is new, rope with a termination has an MBS of 15kN and rope without a termination has an MBS of 22kN; D) splices in rope are only formed by the manufacturer or with their consent against a validated performance criterion and subject to independent verification.
  7. What ever happened to john tomac? one of the martins is in a wheel chair now ?
  8. It says “should” touch the ground not “must” touch the ground, ??‍♂️
  9. Does it self lock if you fall? Or does it only lock with the leaver manually?
  10. That’s not cheap! I doubt it’s very quiet either! I have made an air cannon from a ball valve and scaffold tube, pump up with a track pump and it will cope with most uk trees and is really accurate
  11. Is there any guidance on a pole situation?
  12. I think you are right ! At the moment I’m leaning towards the husq as I haven’t heard of any problems with the motors spinning in the case .


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