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  1. jamallio96

    Waste of time jobs

    By the look of things it may well end up being both!
  2. jamallio96

    Mature beech trees leaves turning brown

    We got hit really bad in Pembrokeshire, exposed hedges and trees all dead and brown down one side - rather unsettling driving around and seeing trees in autumn colours in may!
  3. jamallio96

    Not strictly wood

    Royal Ascot horse hospital?
  4. jamallio96

    Beware the Blackthorn Winter

    I'm in Northwest Pembrokeshire, and here's what I've seen out so far this year - Hawthorn, hazel and elder coming into leaf from about a month ago Some buds on beech getting fat and starting to burst about 3 weeks ago Sycamore buds bursting from about 2 weeks ago Blackthorn flowering from about 1 week ago There also been a few other fruit trees flowering for a while now :-)
  5. jamallio96

    Need advice, want to upgrade my saw.

    Rob d of chainsawbars.com has a thread at the moment with offers on 13" sugihara bars and husky chains, though 13" may be a bit short :-)
  6. jamallio96

    13" Sugi Bar and Chain Packages on CSB

    I assume they'd fit a 445 as well? :-)
  7. jamallio96

    oil for huskvarna 562 xp

    The mix is 50:1 petrol to two stroke oil, i.e. for a standard 5l plastic petrol can full, you'd want to add 100ml of two stroke oil. :-)
  8. jamallio96

    560 oil tank leak

    I'm really glad this thread came up as my 560 has had a mysterious chain oil leak ever since I bought it! Anybody have a picture showing where the bolts are? Still learning all the names and locations of the myriad bits of chainsaws!
  9. jamallio96

    Chain vs wire winches! Which one is best and why?

    Can you maybe get a snatch block with a toothed wheel inside for the chain? Probably unnecessary but may work slightly better. And for cleaning the chain as it comes in I just envisaged a lovely DIY setup involving a nearby stream, a pressure washer and lots of duct tape :-P
  10. jamallio96

    Husky 560 chain brake problem

    Still, you were the first to chime in :-) Good to know that it shouldn't be a problem too!
  11. jamallio96

    Alternative silky scabbards?

    I remember somebody posting a link to a silky scabbard made by someone other than silky but can't find it with the search - anybody have any ideas? The hard plastic official silky one likes breaking too much :-P For a silky sugoi 360, any ideas appreciated!
  12. jamallio96

    Trouser Classification

    It's extremely unlikely that you'll cut into your trousers whilst the saw is at full load with the chain cutting wood, as the wood is between the chain and all of your soft fleshy bits. It's most likely that, in the terribly unfortunate event of cutting into your trousers, the chain will be running freely, often (though hopefully not) at or near full speed. Therefore you'd be best to wear trousers (and boots) rated for the chain speed stated by the manufacturers of whatever saw your using. And please try very hard not to cut yourself with a chainsaw! :-P
  13. jamallio96

    Husky 560 chain brake problem

    Yay, all fixed! Bit of a bastard to align the hole correctly when drilling from the outside, ended up drilling 2 as first wasn't quite on target - might put a bead of epoxy in that one but leave the correct one free in case I ever have to replace that stupid little pin again! I even managed to get the spring back in and fully compressed using only the workmate and a pair of snub nose pliers, second time I've had to do the spring and it's still a PITA! But at least I can use my saw tomorrow ^.^ Thanks again everybody!
  14. jamallio96

    Husky 560 chain brake problem

    Thanks very much Spud, a very clear and comprehensive answer! I'll probably give it a go today - as much as my little 445 punches above it's weight, I miss the power of my 560! :-P I was thinking that even if I eff it up then a new clutch cover ain't a huge cost, but it's far better to have been armed with knowledge first to make that scenario less likely. Will post the results of my attempt later! :-)
  15. jamallio96

    Husky 560 chain brake problem

    Thanks for replies guys! I was thinking about drilling it and putting a screw in but figured the exact same thing; it seems like the metal the pin is made of is very hard and I would just end up damaging the inside of the clutch cover around it, especially as I have access to neither a vice or pillar drill - I'd just be asking for trouble with a workmate and battery drill! I also don't have access to a welder and would rather not pay to have such a tiny part replaced :-P Mark and/or Spud, just to check - you're sure that drilling a hole from the outside of the clutch cover behind where the pin is in order to tap it out will have little to no effect on the overall strength of the clutch cover? Cheers again!


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