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  1. I'm not sure about previous years, but this year the very cold wind we had in spring just as the the buds were opening (was it storm Hannah maybe?) hit the sycamores (and beech) really bad, lots of them haven't really recovered and have a thinner canopy with smaller, brown edged leaves.
  2. I'm slightly confused at how 1kg of wood can produce 1.65kg of carbon dioxide, didn't realise burning things created mass!
  3. But the "best bitter" favoured by Yorkshire men is worthless enough to use for washing? ;-)
  4. I have a slightly mystifying problem - my 445 will start but not run. To elaborate, no matter what starting method I try, be it choke on, high idle, no choke, holding throttle etc, the saw will audibly fire after a couple of pulls like normal then die instantly. I can see exhaust coming out of the muffler and the plug definitely gives a spark, I don't think it would be fuel line or carb related as the saw still fires perfectly normally, but only when I'm pulling the cord! The issue began on friday when I picked it up (after it having worked fine just minutes before) and it just refused to run! Anybody got any ideas before I start needlessly replacing random parts?
  5. I've found that the primer bulb is actually the only thing that solves my 560's hot starting problems - a pump or two before starting when I pick it up warm makes it start fine 99% of the time; if it gets really sulky then I've found pumping the bulb as many times as I can be arsed (like at least 30 times) then doing cold start procedure sorts it :-)
  6. Has nobody picked up on the beautiful "pouring penetrating oil down the hole then beating it with a rod" yet? I thought all you guys were quicker than that! :-P
  7. Might as well go the whole hog and stop subjecting them to the fluff and chemicals maccy D's call food as well :-P
  8. Looks suspiciously like a shameless regift to me
  9. By the look of things it may well end up being both!
  10. We got hit really bad in Pembrokeshire, exposed hedges and trees all dead and brown down one side - rather unsettling driving around and seeing trees in autumn colours in may!
  11. Royal Ascot horse hospital?
  12. I'm in Northwest Pembrokeshire, and here's what I've seen out so far this year - Hawthorn, hazel and elder coming into leaf from about a month ago Some buds on beech getting fat and starting to burst about 3 weeks ago Sycamore buds bursting from about 2 weeks ago Blackthorn flowering from about 1 week ago There also been a few other fruit trees flowering for a while now :-)
  13. Rob d of chainsawbars.com has a thread at the moment with offers on 13" sugihara bars and husky chains, though 13" may be a bit short :-)
  14. I assume they'd fit a 445 as well? :-)
  15. The mix is 50:1 petrol to two stroke oil, i.e. for a standard 5l plastic petrol can full, you'd want to add 100ml of two stroke oil. :-)


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