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  1. Hi Mark sorry for the slow reply! I've been getting on really well with the alaskan, milled lots of really nice slabs and some larch for cladding. I bought a large circular saw for ripping boards and and have been surprised at how accurate Ive been able to get 2x2s 2x9s etc. Definitely got the bug anyways and am looking at purchasing a mobile bandsaw mill for a few larger projects I have in mind.
  2. Literally dripping over this thread, shame they dont come up second hand too often
  3. It seems like there would be a decent market from them in the UK I don't know why they don't make them available over here. Maybe we could start a lobbying group?
  4. I'd save my money and going for some targeted leaflet drops, get the best quality you can and spend a bit of time on it
  5. My LED Lenser works as above
  6. Let us know how you've got on, I've had a few clients ask about something similar but the logistics of being in the arse end of nowhere have always put me off the bother
  7. One last conny reduction for old times sake? Good luck on you're future endevours!
  8. Yeah I was thinking meripilus maybe, there's alot of work to do at this site so I will check back in autumn. No bleeding canker, the tree basically looks to be in perfect health apart from not coming into leaf. Looking up into the crown I cant see any deadwood or decay, all the small shoots are still there. The fact that lower down I could make out small branches which had come into leaf this year and died back as if girdled recently must be quite telling?
  9. I "hat-racked" a large ash tree (about 3.5ft dbh) on my own land about 7 years ago, it was looming over a neighbours house. Being well aware of the implications this seemed like the best management option for me. It has come back nicely albeit a little dense, you cant even tell in summer and hasn't shed any branches since. I will probably spend half a day taking off all the regrowth this winter and then not have to touch it again for another 7 or 8 years. Horses for courses
  10. I previously had problems with achy knees after long days on my kleins, bought a pair of aluminium geckos and its some of the best money Ive ever spent. So much more comfortable I can spen all week in them and not feel any grief
  11. Benny360

    Cs2511 tes

    I've just got one and I absolutely love it!
  12. Has anyone got any ideas about what might be ailing this beech? (Im just trying to upload a picture now) It hasn't come into leaf fully this year but on inspection in the spring there were no signs of deadwood or decay in the crown or anywhere on the stem. I could see some small isolated branches lower dow which have come into leaf and died off this summer which suggests they have been girdled quite recently. Whatever has happened to it has happened very quickly. Had a good look around the base and I found some fungus that I've identified as Lacrymaria lacrymabunda which are not parasitic, no signs of any other bracket fungus or old fruiting bodies. Nothing else in its habitat seems to have changed i.e. soil levels/root damage and its in a row of about 8 other very healthy beech trees. Does anyone have any ideas?


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