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  1. Hi all, Just recently bought an ex western power 110 td5 with most of the 110v Electrolux travel power fitted but was missing the generator which I’ve just picked up, however I’m not sure how it fits in the engine bay. I’ve got a bracket but it makes no sense. If anyone has one fitted to there td5 would you mind posting a picture or two of how it’s mounted please and also, does anyone have a wiring diagram for the VDO pedal interface box to the ECU please? Cheers, Ben
  2. Hi .. noticed you had a thread about tw150 rads. mines just gone too. what did you do in the end? ta warren 

  3. Probably using a husky [emoji23] (a blunt one too)
  4. It’s potentially got shitstorm written all over the job. Not the best one to learn from
  5. Could you use a few trees as anchors (multiple strops) down to the winch to share the load between them? Other than that you’re options are very limited.
  6. If there’s no decent tree to winch from get hold of a ground anchor and winch from that. You’re asking for trouble climbing the oak.
  7. That’s another thing, Spectrum Plant, great folk. Got a machine in for repair as we speak. Really decent, straight forward people to deal with. I too get sweeties (however I’m hoping for shares in Cadburys* with the work needed this time), a little gesture but appreciated. *other confectioners available
  8. Ooooh, that brings a tear to my eye at the mere thought of it
  9. And fond memories? [emoji848]
  10. I’m not sure whether this has been mentioned before so apologies if it is old news but here goes. There’s always plenty of times when we have a go about suppliers/company’s/dealers for one thing or another but once in a while it’s nice to take the time to say something positive. Year after year (since owning a Timberwolf machine) I have always received a Christmas card from them. Whether that is just because I am in the owners club or not I don’t know. Nevertheless they never fail to send me one. What is even more surprising is it is hand signed by the staff and considering there must be hundreds of people in the owners club receiving a hand written card it is very impressive especially for a relatively large company taking the time to do it. Personally, I have never had anything with such a personal touch from any other dealer/supplier etc and as small of a gesture this card may be, it is greatly appreciated and it is one of the reasons why I choose Timberwolf. All the best Ben
  11. Yep, should be two bullet connectors, put them together and it bypasses the anti stress unit. Not sure whether it’s only relevant on later models though
  12. As far as I can remember the only thing that will stop both forward and reverse is the emergency stop button. I had the stop bar micro switch freeze closed the other day, took me ages to figure out what was going on and I’m sure reverse still worked then...
  13. Thought that was the forward latch relay (only affecting the forward rollers) I had the relay fail but only affected in feed not reverse. Unless there is another relay I’ve missed...


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