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  1. the fact you say it’s melting air filters says it’s running to hot. Are the cooling fins clear and not coated in sap? First thing I would be doing is removing the exhaust and having a look at the cylinder and piston.
  2. The 59* has a similar but not the same bottom end
  3. Sveriges

    Husky vs Stihl

    565? I wouldn't be buying a 365 now.
  4. Remove the starter and flywheel and you will see most of them. Hidden one behind the ignition coil. Only two bolts holding it on. However when resetting the coil gap it should be .2mm. Most standard saws you just use a business card or similar but these need a closer gap. The crankcases are only magnesium it doesn’t take much to strip the threads. If the gasket is blown it is a strip down job or price up a short motor. Crank and cases complete. You would benefit from a short motor as you get the new type crank, crank bearings and updated cases that a 2018/19 saw has. Just a thought.
  5. It has most likely been bought on eBay from America or similar. The 562 has been out as long as the 560 right back to 2011. It had all the same updates as the 560 did and a lot of the same issues. It has only been available in UK for a couple of years but many people just bought them online. However 2014 model, lots of changes between that and a 17 and onwards model but still a good saw. Just use it. Note there are differences in some parts between 560 and 562 so be careful if you need spares
  6. There is no time limit for the dealer it’s about manufacture.
  7. A new saw is already well in development. Won’t be long
  8. As said the dealer shouldn’t have sold you this. The CD was for the first version of auto tune. Well out of date now. If a dealer even offered to somehow give you the firmware you wouldn’t be able to use it as you don’t have a log in. No dealer is going to give you there individual login so you can access there account are they. The functions are very limited it offers you no real advantages it’s far from car diagnostics. The main use is for uploading firmware to new units. Other than that you can see some stats and clear fault codes but if your saws broke it’s broke. This won’t tell you what the fault is exactly.
  9. You might be able to pick up scrap saw that is newer than yours. When they go bang it’s very rare the carb is an issue. Have you made sure yours is mechanically sound? Wouldn’t be to big a gamble if the scrap one was cheap. Or it’s just time for a fresh one!
  10. If you have an EL44 you will need more than just the carb. If you fit an EL48 you will need a newer coil and loom section. You can still use second hand parts but just be aware of what else you might need. Then you will need to match them both together on the laptop. If you are a dealer or know a dealer they can do it for you. If you are using an old version of the programme which I know some people have you won’t have any of the new coil numbers and hence the firmware. Best get a dealer to do it to make sure it’s right.
  11. Sveriges

    550xp wont start

    Yes unfortunately all a load of rubbish what the dealer has told you. Firmware does alter the saw in how it runs and performs to some extent. There are often updates for various reasons and if the dealer has there end up to date you will get the updates when your saw is next plugged in. As said tho it doesn’t need the latest firmware to run. It needs firmware but it wouldn’t of ran on the production line if it didn’t have any. As said above they are still a chainsaw and nothing has changed in how you go about repairing them. When I work on one which has either seized or is running bad I can tell whats caused it without even needing to plug it in. The auto tune is actually very very reliable despite what people may think.
  12. You need a tacho if your outfit weights over 3500kgs gross and you are towing for commercial use so for your work. There is an exemption if you don’t travel more than 100kms from your base however I’m not an expert so you would have to read up. The daft thing is if its your chipper to use for personal use you don’t need one. It’s nothing to do with vehicles it’s all about you earning money when it comes to us light veichles. Obviously you need the correct drivers license unless your of a certain age. The whole thing is a Farse but they won’t change it. The rules are clear as day if you drive a HGV but not for us. If they do start picking vans and pickups I have no dought the check points will be full of prohibited veichles. I pass Carlisle and the Dumfries check points regular and have been totally ignored but I’m sure that will change. I believe I’m doing everything I can to be fully legal and comply but until Your stopped and they pick your records apart you don’t know for sure! My my best advise, a clean truck and trailer with tidy straps looks far more professional than a shit covered one with loose straps trailing all over the place. I know which one id pull over.
  13. It’s all about hire or reward. If it were your own forest and not selling the timber you wouldn’t need a tacho at all. Get this, if a horse box owner is competing with there horse in a competition with The potential to win a substantial amount they fall under tacho regs. Even if they were competing with a donky and didn’t stand a chance it makes no difference. If there is no reward then you don’t need one. The law doesn’t mention a threshold tho it just says substantial. Well what does that mean £500 or £50,000 The system is set of HGVs and it should be left at that. There should be a more user friendly system for us part time tacho users.
  14. Indeed DVSA will be targeting pick ups and vans with trailers as they have just launched a new programme to remotely monitor HGV companies on a voluntary basis meaning they have the time to focus on other things. Any respecting haulage company will sign up as they are far less likely to be stoped. I run run a transporter and trailer and cover a huge area of the country. For you to be legal you will need, previous 28 working days records in cab spare tacho roll defect book for van defeft book for trailer ( all up to date of course because you wouldn’t be driving anything with a defect) tacho card must be downloaded every 28 days tacho unit downloaded every 54 if I remember correct. It’s a real pain in the arse having to monitor all your hours. I use an app on my phone linked with my vehicle tracker so I always know how long I’ve driven for with or without the trailer.


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