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  1. Hey, I’m looking for a cutter climber for a job in Aylesbury. Starting Monday ideally. Long term and decent pay. Give me a call on 07586 817614 if your interested thanks
  2. I’ve been using the two rope think since national grid brought it out years before the Arb Ass stuff. It’s always been lanyard as well there as far as I’m aware. The risk being you cut your bridge you then have nothing.
  3. I’m in need of an atv operator in Aylesbury. Short notice but starting tomorrow. If anyone is available please give me a call on 07586 817614 Thanks
  4. Hi, I’m looking for 2 possibly 3 cpcs ops with tree work experience. Work is in Aylesbury but accommodation can be provided. If you are interested give me a call on 07586 817614 Thanks John
  5. I can help you with that bud, give me a call 07586817614 Thanks
  6. Hi Can anybody recommend anybody with something similar to the above either around or willing to travel and work in Derby for a few weeks. Thanks
  7. I'm in need of PTS OPS for various works in the Derby area. IRATA and climbers and groundsman for this Saturday night. Climbers on weekdays, this requires a rigging ticket and will be on going for the right lads. You can contact me on 07586817614 or email. [email protected] Thanks John
  8. Do they not have to be destruction tested first? I was advised this years ago and it’s what always put me off making my own.
  9. I’ve a stick that might just be about that, only recently felled though. I can measure it tomorrow if you like. It’s oak.
  10. It's not very glamourous and exceptionally tying, no chance of having Christmas off or getting away on holiday. It's been the family business for the last 20 years. Finally used covid as an excuse to close. It's not something I would recommend.
  11. Speak with Global Recycling based at Grantham, they will be able to sort you out no problem. Speak to Dean Embling, he's also a member on here as global recycling. www.globalrcycling.eu If you want operated you could try Kevin Russel at KWR I think you would have to be able stack and chip in one go for that though.
  12. Just been let down last minute I’ve a job in Manchester tomorrow, nothing dramatic. Could do with a climber for the day. Most of it’s on the ground though so a new climber would be fine. Drop us a pm on here if you are available. Thanks John
  13. You won’t go far wrong with ozmo polyx oil. To get everything to match exactly you would be better doing it all if it’s from a big supplier it’s probably got some sort of sprayed on varnish/polyurethane. They age a bit over time so it will probably look a bit different.
  14. You would do better taking the ivy off and getting rid of a bit of the understory, light lift of the trees maybe, wouldn’t do any harm to them though.
  15. Well now we know it wasn’t you I think we can safely say it’s horrific. It’s been done with no thought at all.


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