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  1. You really should get a ground man, I think your really risking an accident here. It just sounds more iffy with every post.
  2. Can I come work for you.[emoji109]
  3. I’ve got one that we’re planning at the moment. £4700. Nasty tree though to be fair.
  4. Old school that my step dad does it. Normally a drink back out of the price.
  5. What’s the pay on this, I could possibly jump on it if it right. Got all my tickets and did the site superviser training through fountains last year. Cheers John
  6. That’s terrible man, there need to be such a crack down on this shit. How low do you have to be to steal a guys tools. I’ve not much stuff but if you need anything I’m only over the hill in Todmorden. Just hit me up.
  7. I tie my own and usually find around 70 is about right. I’m using the same rope to and it works pretty good.
  8. Got something sorted now, thanks guys
  9. As it say in the title really, looking for a climbing saw, just left work in a bit of a hurry and going on my own and contracting. Looked on eBay but you never really know what your buying. Preferably a husky but beggars can’t be choosers and all that. I’m in West Yorkshire. Thanks guys
  10. I did the tendons in my finger a couple of years and went back in the next day after my op, I think it’s the best thing aswell. You just have to be carful.
  11. It will be in the new best practice, it’s been a thing for a while and few of the bigger company’s like it.
  12. Good stuff, if you pm me your details I’ll get in touch to have a chat if that’s ok? Thanks man
  13. Hey Paddy, How’s it going. Take it this is open to Uk residents? Have you any more details? What’s the work like out there? Cheers dude John


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