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  1. You would do better taking the ivy off and getting rid of a bit of the understory, light lift of the trees maybe, wouldn’t do any harm to them though.
  2. Well now we know it wasn’t you I think we can safely say it’s horrific. It’s been done with no thought at all.
  3. A little harsh for me to be honest, it takes a surprising little amount of linear reduction to have a big impact on wind loading. A meter or so of the tip of each stem would have done the trick. I’d say you are diving with the potential for a lot of reactive growth there. Thanks for posting bud
  4. Price is the same everywhere as long as you are buying in bulk. Your effectively buying direct from aspen just using a dealer as a middleman. Or have a chat with Axel about it he will point you in the right direction
  5. Thanks for all your help guys, I think some sort of wash for the aphids is definitely in order a prune and then a mulch around the root plate. It’s all grass at the moment. Any recommendations for a natural wash for the aphids. Cheers
  6. Thanks bud, There’s a couple of different types of aphids on there as well which I’m pretty sure is causing the leaf curl. It’s the not having any fruit I’m stuck with, we did have a cold snap around here at that time so maybe that?
  7. Managed to get some pictures to load.
  8. I think you usually get a bit more from one of the Japanese offerings and you also don’t need a football field to turn around on.
  9. Struggling to upload them at the minute. I’ll keep trying .
  10. Just wondering if anyone could shed some light on this tree. Just been to look at it. It’s had no fruit for two years now which was when my client had it pruned. All of the new growth for this year is pretty withered and there’s a lot of a black powder type substance on the leaves. Also slot of aphids. Thanks
  11. I’ve a Bosch GEX 125-150, I really rate it, cracking sander and does a great job, never get any pigtails in the work and it’s supposed to have the least vibration of any sander. They are about £225, will work on a cheap hover if you can find an adapter to fit. Nothing a couple of jubilee Clips would fix though to be honest. There’s an appropriate Bosch vac available for about £200 I think. Good luck
  12. I’m fairly sure you give your notice and then after the fifth day has gone if the you have had no response from the LA you are good to go.
  13. I’d go butterflies I think, or maybe both for table, makes it easier to keep clean. Adds a bit of something to.
  14. I’ve found it’s miles better with a 12mm when using one.


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