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  1. @Mike Hill not just round the corner then 🤣
  2. Not sure where you are based but I'm just about to put my 2007 110 utility up for sale?
  3. I'm aware of that hence my original post.
  4. If nobody is taking on then haven't got much choice!
  5. I admit that I'm inexperienced and am happy to take structured criticism but if you are going to do so then make sure you do it correctly. Your 1st paragraph said about climbing srt on a ZZ without a rope wrench and then you said that I decided to not climb any higher, decided to remove the RW and couldn't decend! How can I remove a RW when according to you I didn't climb with one in the 1st place? My actions were partly down to inexperience but also 1st day nerves and being thrown straight into srt. What exactly as you quoted was '"dangerous"? With regards to the big shot I didn't use it once and only offered it for others to use. Surely there's nothing wrong with that? I've come on here to seek advice and possible work and you coming on here stating I was dangerous isn't helping and is in fact demoralising. I thanked you both for the advice that you gave on that day!
  6. Dangerous? What exactly did I do that was Dangerous?
  7. Hi Jonny, I had to leave due to finances. I didn't have to money for fuel and accommodation and travelling daily to Munich for the beetle hunting. On top of bills, paying for kids etc. Then having to wait 30 days for payment. Yeah Ben is still out there. Hope your well?
  8. Thanks for the great advice and words of wisdom. I will stick with it and work my socks off to make it succeed. Thanks again
  9. Horrabridge Mark, just outside Plymouth
  10. I feel that my hand was forced into this. I never had any grand ambitions to set up myself and £94 a day would've been fine if I was doing sensible hours. I've been speaking to numerous arb setups about employment but get nothing back. I can't see where I'm going wrong?
  11. I understand what you are saying but I'm certainly not expecting work just to fall into my lap. I've paid out for a website, I've paid to keep my gumtree ad to the top of the search, have a Facebook page so am trying to get my name out there. If I'm honest my initial post was clearly out of frustration. I need to work out other ways to bring in money until the work picks up
  12. I was starting at the at 07:30 and was leaving the sites between 18:30 and 19:30 before having to drive home. I understand the whole top groundie worth his/her weight in gold for running the drop zone, tidy up etc but when the groundie is just a brash dragger, has no idea about tending to ropes etc then there's something wrong. I asked why he finished earlier and was told that was the way it is. Like I said in an earlier comment I was doing just as much if not more then him
  13. I've gone away from freelancing and have set up by myself. I'm getting work in but it doesn't cover bills. My worry is were I live there are a few companies already set up so am I flogging a dead horse? Before getting into this industry I spoke to a few people and was told there's plenty of work around. I'm not expecting to make millions but I need to earn so I can pay bills and support my family. Surely that's not too much to ask of any job?
  14. I'm not trying to say that a good groundie shouldn't be l. But when you are doing the same workload, expected to be the rescue climber and provide your own fuel, equipment and ppe then how is that right? Surely should at least be on the same money for the same hours at least? £90 for an 8hr groundie and £94 for a newly qualified climber for 12hrs
  15. My level is ok. I can srt for access and then switch to ddrt once up moving around I'm ok also. Enough to get the job done anyway


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