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  1. Mono

    the 'todays job' thread

    I wasn’t being a dick. From the pictures I can’t see why you couldn’t just fell the tree. Granted it has a lean, but you’ve got a lot of open space around it. I’m curious why you had to take it down in sections.
  2. Mono

    the 'todays job' thread

    Surely you didn’t need to climb that to bring it down, acres of space around that tree to drop it straight.
  3. Mono

    experienced climber / groundsman or trainee

    Where Is this based?
  4. Mono

    Milling western red cedar

    That’s some lovely wood you’ve got there mate.
  5. Mono

    How much wood do I have??

    As we all know, if it’s sat in lengths even over 12 months there is very little moisture loss in a stack.
  6. Mono

    Milling waste

    Our local sawmill processes the offcuts into kindling, or sell it by the tractor bucket load for £100.
  7. If it worked, it worked. Fair play to the guy. May not work out the next time, though.
  8. Mono

    camping in a non campsite

    Any place that looks sensible to park up for the night is usually fine. Providing your not making a nuisance of yourself and take away your rubbish. Probably a good idea to have someone sober to drive just incase you do get moved on.
  9. Mono

    Selling poplar as firewood

    Poplar is a hardwood. When properly seasoned is a good firewood. No reason you couldn’t mix it in with your other hardwoods for sale.
  10. Mono

    Price of processed logs per m3

    £120 for a builders bag of wet hardwood is the going rate around here. Dry, seasoned wood is very difficult to come by.
  11. Mono

    Did your job for you...

    Hope you got all the roots or the house may begin to move...
  12. Mono

    Re Water proofing firewood

    I've found just stacking it off the ground in neat rows does the trick, the natural wet and dry of spring / summer does a much better job of seasoning the wood, rather than just drying it. Just get it inside before the snow gets it.
  13. Mono

    which double cab pickup

    Landy and trailer
  14. I Know, New Member... I'm looking for 200 cube of hardwood at roadside price if anyone knows where to go. Will pay roadside rate for delivery to Kinloch Rannoch, 35% less to collect.
  15. Mono

    Has anyone else still got the fire lit

    Stove on here all year round. Ain't paying for oil or to heat the water


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