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  1. Potato boxes.

    Posch Packfix or similar, multiple manufacturers do similar now. After the initial cost of the machine, you've pallets and net too buy. Maximises air flow.
  2. what logs have you been chopping today!

    50 cubic metres of hardwood. Sat in the yard for 11 months before processing and sold to a chap as semi seasoned.
  3. Your own biomass plant

    Domestic rhi has a thermal limit of 45kw
  4. what logs have you been chopping today!

  5. Real World Processor Output

    I did 17 cube in 4 hours on my 1x42 today. Just me, 9 inch logs into boxes, l average timber and floor swept. That's stopping every two sticks too throw the frisby for the dog as well.
  6. Sitka thinnings for logs

    I think all imported firewood is now inspected by the plant health department of the forestry commission. Any softwood found with bark on, is then incinerated.
  7. Sitka thinnings for logs

    You can't import softwood with bark on. The cost of peeling a few thousand tonnes too fill a cargo ship is going too be very expensive so I can't see this happening anytime soon
  8. Hows the log sales going now

    Been averaging 70 cubic metres a week for the last six months now and it's not slowing up at all, if anything getting busier. The bottom of the log pile is still a long way off, so happy days.
  9. CS100 blade sharpening Scotland

    Leitz tooling bellshill
  10. Firewood suppliers required

    Where are you based?
  11. Jappa 700

    Thanks for your reply. Iam put off by the fact that it is the wrong way round. Which Palax machine do you have now?
  12. Jappa 700

    Looking to purchase a second processor, circular saw type. Does anyone have any experience of this machine? Pros and cons. Any other recommendations?
  13. The science behind forced log drying

    Are you a one man band, or do you have guys working for you doing the firewood, if so how many?
  14. The science behind forced log drying

    Aka tray drier
  15. GoodYear AT3?

    AT3s are terrible on all surfaces in my opinion. Changed them for BFGs


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