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  1. As title. Looking for a back load of firewood. Pm me
  2. Importing firewood SCAM from spain

    And he told me i could trust him.........
  3. wooden slices

    I have pm'd you
  4. Ifor williams tipper

    Ive a 10 x 5 ifor tipper. I get three bulk bags on as standard sides and with the mesh sides i can get 4 potato boxes worth tipped in which is 6.8 cubic metres
  5. Modified Transaw 8/4/2 splitting knife

    I must admit, iam jealous. I seen this post this morning and i have spent all day dreaming about it. Lets us know how you get on with it.
  6. Modified Transaw 8/4/2 splitting knife

    Nice work
  7. Dehumidifier

    Put them in the microwave. Someone on here was doing that, forgetting who
  8. log storage

    Which shop do you buy your spuds from??
  9. Tip Of The Day

    All that glitters is not gold
  10. Log sales

    Thats assuming your scales are accurate. How often do you calibrate them? Its also my understanding solid fuel in unsealed bags, with a declared weight, have to be sold in 25kgs, 50kgs or multiples of 50kgs.
  11. Tip Of The Day

    Always protect your shaft
  12. Tip Of The Day

  13. Shredder/tub grinder needed in Failsworth.

    Supermarios mate might come and collect it. He was advertising on here afew weeks back. I forget the company name, someone else may remember......
  14. log storage

    The issue is, when it rains some of your logs will get wet. If its windy and raining alot of your logs will get wet
  15. Kiln dried firewood

    Where in the world are you? Are you looking for British firewood or that imported stuff?


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