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  1. briquette_seller

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    I bought a t234 active reverse drive a couple of years back. The lag between switching boxes is a bad design, in my opinion, Iam sure they could of come up with something better. It takes a bit of getting used to. Brilliant tractor though
  2. briquette_seller

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    What model of Valtra are you running and do you like it?
  3. briquette_seller

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    12 waying beech
  4. briquette_seller

    Processor replacement conveyor belt

    Try your local agricultural bearing and transmission type supplier
  5. If you find the right buyer, you'll soon see the advantages of having large quantities of sawdust.
  6. briquette_seller

    Garmin sat nav/reverse camera

    Does anyone have the above? Any good? Saves having two monitors
  7. What processor did you run before this? It's always good to see someone who has put a bit of thought into their production, most don't seem to then bitch about how tough it is to make a pound.
  8. briquette_seller

    Fings wot broke

    What kindof crusher is it?
  9. briquette_seller

    Tajfun 480 plus video

    Hakki pilke offer a higher rated ram than the 480
  10. briquette_seller

    Woodchip oven/boiler

    One fed from an external hopper would be more appealing than tipping in bags of pellets every few days, in my opinion.
  11. briquette_seller

    How much wood do I have??

    It may be lost firewood but the sawdust and processor debris/screenings still have a value. One man's waste is anothers treasure.
  12. briquette_seller

    How much wood do I have??

    Well 100 cubic metres turned into 94 cubic metres. It might be a coincidence, but a weight loss of 6000kgs, is a moisture loss of 6000 litres, or 6 cubic metres. This wasn't fresh cut hardwoods, everything had sat for a good 12 months before processing. A significant loss, in my opinion.
  13. briquette_seller

    How much wood do I have??

    So your 1.7 cubic metres (that volume is a guess) of wet logs turned into 1.6 cubic metres of dry logs?


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