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  1. Ambisawrous

    Hill Farm

    Can take any type of logs, cordwood, wood chips. Contact in advance essential.
  2. I’ve been told that green oak sleepers can rot fairly quickly and that you should really use seasoned even for landscaping if you want them to last a long time. Thoughts?
  3. I have kombi twin pump pto/electric(3 phase)13t. Not much difference in speed. Electric is fantastic inside dry shed. Nice and quiet, no fumes or hours clocking up in tractor.
  4. I am taking timber out of our own woods, mainly oversize so comes out either in rings for selling, in 4ft for boiler or good stuff in stems for milling. The main issue is getting around in the pretty densely populated woods. Our telehandler is just too big, 3t digger will be useful for loading trailers but can’t tow them as we need speed. Have been using quad bike with 8’ x 4’ trailer up to now non tipping, this has been better than I thought it would be and is fast to get to and from yard and woods, tow about 500kg including trailer. The improvement I am going to do is make a tipping trailer. Still going to look at compact tractor though as really would like to run a small winch as a lot of the trees are leaners and need to get them to deck. Also would allow a 1-1.5t trailer. Skidsteers are just a loader so I do think a compact tractor with loader is the way ahead if you need to tow anything. Need to make a log arch to get stems to side of woods as well. Then the big machines can take over.
  5. I feel for your friend, however there is a lesson here, never approach some one with a gun, any gun. Never mind if it is unloaded. I had some kids setting light to some old round bales on some waste ground once, they didn’t see me but I had shotgun in my hand, unloaded and hid it before telling them to b****r off, just not worth the chance of any accusations. Also had police helicopter and armed response after me when I had a shot at s pigeon and one of my neighbours rang in hearing a shot and a scream! They weren’t really interested heli speakers told me to unload weapon and put it down then armed response turned up, asked me what I was doing and where I lived. Didn’t even ask my name, told me to pick up shotgun and see you later. Much amusement in the pub that week!
  6. If you only want 7m what is the issue you can have 7m trailer without the A frame.
  7. My point is you could have 7m trailer box and then have a legally lit projection beyond this. Yes 8 man boats are 18m long and are two piece bolted together. In USA they cart them around in one piece, the trailers are huge!
  8. If it’s going to be a tonne or under no real need for twin axles, I’ve been towing boats all round the country for nearly 15yrs on single axle trailer 10’s of 1000’s of miles never had problem. If you have to man handle it in a tight space you will be very glad of a single axle, it will turn on itself.
  9. As well as farming I also sell racing rowing boats, these are long, we tow 13.6m boats behind double cab. The boats do project over the top of the pickup and also to the rear of the main trailer box, this has an extendable lighting board so this basically extends the length of the trailer whilst remaining legal. You could see if these guys will sell you just the chassis with the main box or boat racking https://www.degraafftrailers.co.uk/rowing-boat-trailers-1
  10. I’ve a Thor 13t, two speed down, fast then slower when resistance increases and auto return to any height you set , love it. Keeps two busy on big rings.
  11. Looking at purchase of new 8tonner. Spec would be zero swing, two piece boom, steel tracks, tiltrotator, selector grab, tree shear, mulcher. So pretty much like Eddies kubota without the wide/long pads. The Kubota is top of the list, what others should I consider? It seems more manufacturers are offering two piece booms but not much on website so going to have to start talking to them. Can Kubota have city pads? Should I be looking at one firm to sort all the attachments controls etc rather than piecemeal, probably the way to go I guess. Not sure about ec oil type pipeless connection yet, depends on extra cost £££ although hopefully be a machine that would be kept a long time and it's always easier and cheaper to do if at the beginning. Thoughts everyone. TIA
  12. I have Thor upright Kombi, so tractor or electric, with two separate pumps. It's great does 1.2m billets or rings with table. Auto return, adjustable return height, two speed down stroke, safe. Nearly always use with electric, just press the button and you're off, inside shed, quiet and no fumes, would buy the same again in an instant. Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  13. It's a 600, with powered advance, debarker and planking computer. Was looking at standard 600 but bought this from adamnralph on here. So far so good, really heavily built compared to some of the budget mills which is a big plus as loading with telehandler which makes life a lot easier. Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  14. Finally got round to having a play with sawmill today and milled first bit of oak. This was standing dead, felled a couple of months ago. Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk


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