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  1. LeeGray

    What's the going rate for block paving

    We’re not all mental 😀I feel like I’m giving it away at £25/hr + vat, there’s not masses of cash up here but plenty of work. There’s no way anyones making a living hiring diggers out at £50/day.
  2. LeeGray

    What's the going rate for block paving

    £150 for you and labourer isn’t even minimum wage!
  3. LeeGray

    Whats your multione loader doing today ?

    Have you had problems with the loader or is it parts are to get?
  4. LeeGray

    Whats your multione loader doing today ?

    Been impressed with my Schaffer 3036, lifts a ton, goes on trailer, no plastic.
  5. LeeGray

    Knife and gun crime London

    TBH I find it refreshing these kids are playing outside and doing some physical activity. I can’t get my two off the Xbox where they seem to spend most of the time virtually stabbing or beheading people. (I feel compelled to add this is a joke in bad taste and stabbing people is never big or funny and knife crime is obviously a huge problem which like all other huge social problems will require all parties to come together and work for a long term term solution where all are well fed, educated, respected and cared for youths and don’t feel the need to join gangs/stab people/fear for there lives etc)
  6. LeeGray

    Knife and gun crime London

    Don’t worry, It’ll all stop once we’re out of Europe.
  7. LeeGray

    Electric Vehicles or EVs

    Bang on, it’s going to be great and I can see a time when peoples car/house battery becomes used as part of the nations energy infrastructure. 2 cars on the drive on a sunny, windy day take energy in, on a dark calm day give it back to grid. Tech will be able to do the maths, know when you use the cars etc and make it all user friendly and balance with nuclear as the back up as and when.
  8. LeeGray

    Whats your exit strategy?

    A vegans nightmare..bacon that was fattened on a bacon fattened fatty!
  9. LeeGray

    Whats your exit strategy?

    Sounds like you’ve been good to them and planned well. Hats off to you.
  10. LeeGray

    Whats your exit strategy?

    No mess, I’ll do it in the pig shed 🐖😀
  11. LeeGray

    Whats your exit strategy?

    I think as much as we’ll all be grafting for a long time trying to give the kids a leg up it’ll probably all end up getting sold to pay for the last 20 years of care we’ll be needing. Think if we all knew what was coming we’d live well, give the kids as much as we could along the way to get them started not worry about what we were leaving behind, have 5-10 years dicking about with the lifelong list of projects once retirement age, equity release spend the cash then take the shotgun out to the shed. Sounds grim but seeing father in law have a major stroke at 83 and potentially keep going for another ten years with all the care he needs has scared the shit out of me! Old age isn’t for pussies that’s for sure.
  12. LeeGray

    Fence posts hard ground

    If you put a big funnel in each hole you’ll catch more water
  13. LeeGray

    Fence posts hard ground

    String your lines, drop a pinch hole in all your post sites, give this weather a day or too, go back to it. Amazing what a bit of water sitting in a hole does in 24hrs.
  14. LeeGray

    Any tips on making Swedish candles?

    I use a 3 cuts and a bit of fire lighter gel down the centre. Good idea about wrapping in cling, will nick that one.
  15. LeeGray

    Electric Vehicles or EVs

    Bicycle? It could be the future..


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