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  1. LeeGray

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Identical but another £4k. And nearest dealer to me is opposite side of country in Carlisle. Molson offered a good deal on one though but in the end thought it too far away for a little machine.
  2. LeeGray

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    When I was looking the yanmar importer had lost or not renewed the contract so no new build machines available only ex stock in uk and no guarantee of who would be supporting warranty etc going forward. I’m sure it’s all sorted now but just sounded a bit dodgy for me and my hard earned! Shame as really miss my old yanmar and the new ones were cheap as chips but for the above reason I guess.
  3. LeeGray

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Wish I’d gone for the yanmar conventional, just didn’t like the idea of potential zero after sale support.
  4. LeeGray

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Yeah, salesman said they were the same machine, hydraulic and cab changes on the new bobcat and doosan made in same factory but bobcat come first then new doosan coming later. More money in white!
  5. LeeGray

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Bobcat e26 so 2. 6 ton, nice as can still tow it around Thought it looked like it. Quite fancied one when I bought my doosan last year but there was a long wait to get one. Did you get four aux lines from manufacturer? That’s what had me looking at them. Is it stable? Went to zero tail from conventional and found a big difference even though weight charts are similar.
  6. LeeGray

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    What carrier size is that? Looks great, very compact.
  7. LeeGray

    Arblease how it works

    Doesn’t that mean you’ve paid interest on five grand you never really borrowed?
  8. LeeGray

    Arblease how it works

    As previously said I was told I’d need it over 25k, first phone call just to enquire about terms/price.
  9. LeeGray

    Arblease how it works

    It’s what I was told I’d need to send in by arblease when looking at a new multione, didn’t take it any further as bought a second hand one. But over £25k plus vat they needed accounts.
  10. LeeGray

    Arblease how it works

    Couple of years accounts showing affordability too I’d imagine
  11. LeeGray

    Show us your fencing!!

    If it’s a big rise or fall it’ll be another strainer or just knock a post and staple in to run the wire if it’s not big doesn’t make a difference to line
  12. LeeGray

    Show us your fencing!!

    I do bottom wire in strained, chalk the depth on each post as you pace them out and stab in, chain hanging off the headstock as guide for plumb if I’m on my own, easier if someone else is with you doing that and double checking with a level. I use mine on digger and tractor and think digger is quicker alone or two man.
  13. LeeGray

    Show us your fencing!!

    Definitely second the zero tail being less stable, my knocker is very dubious on new zero tail compared to old conventional machine despite weight chart looking almost identical. Knockers about 300kg though so big for machine too.
  14. LeeGray

    New replacement 4x4 pickup

    At some point they’ll need doing anyway so if you’re planning on keeping it, it’s reasonable to do it. Or stick a replacement engine in but you may have the same faults or worse. Plenty of them about. I love mine so much when I get problems I’ll hopefully put a new/remanufactured engine in if I can find one under £4K. When the body/chassis goes I’ll swap the engine into the next one I buy. I’ve also got a v8 3.6 TD but when anything expensive goes on this I’ll cry, sell it for what I can get and take a massive hit! Turbos are about £3k, engines about £6k.
  15. The risk of going to prison if something goes horribly wrong puts me off towing illegally, it’s just not worth the risk especially if it’s something that looks like a regular thing.


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