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  1. 40,000 miles, it’s not even run in yet! Hell of a motor
  2. Chinesium 😂 normally referred to as cheesium here, but I’m using that from now on!
  3. Sounds far too complicated for me. IMO ditching the lad and getting a grown up with some tickets and a licence full time would be the best way forward.
  4. Quality won’t be the same as Italian made obviously but got quoted £350 for 1.8m Chinese flail rotor from co in Penrith. Same fittings as most ag flail mowers, in fact most just look like cheap Chinese ones badged up as something else these days.
  5. £12+/hr plus another 20% paid holidays plus early shoots if the jobs done for little skill and no licence sounds like he’s onto a good thing. It would be cheaper to employ someone just starting out properly with a few tickets and a licence already and train them up, they’ll start at less than that and earn you more. As they gain experience they’ll want more but earn you more so it’s a win for both.
  6. Bugger, are you going to replace?
  7. Just get a local 3-5 ton digger and flail operator in for a couple of days to get the ground cleared then it’ll make assessing the rest of any work you want done easier. Much cheaper to pay £300/day for a machine than £150/day man and strimmer. If it’s a new place you’ll have enough hands on gardening to do once the brush is cleared, you’ll be disheartened trying to get that stage with hand tools alone.
  8. I was going to have a go, you could see the tacks where it had been so a rough idea of size at least but last time I balanced something it would have been my bmx wheels decades ago! Couldn’t be arsed to take all the hammers off first either which I assume you’d have to do to get it balanced correctly. Probably would have ended up grinding the bolts then thinking might as well get new bolts, then hammers, then belts and bearings and before you know I’d be £1000 in on a £500 bit of kit. Just got a new topper for the tractor and a flail for the digger.
  9. No idea where you’d get it balanced but I had it recently when I dragged a bit of old wire into my flail and knocked a balance weight off. Local dealer reckoned about 300-400 to get balanced again! It it was a cheap piece of tat so I didn't bother and got rid of it.
  10. It should really be all electric and a fast charging point every 5 miles. Combustion engines are old hat now man Bob!
  11. Do you not fancy moving to Germany? Got to be easier than widening 4000 miles of road or whatever?
  12. It’s always going to be two different vehicles to meet the spec. Little van even if beefed up and 4x4 never going to have the weight or footprint to tow 3500kg if that’s what you want. Anything with the ability to tow 3500kg and have plenty of torque is going to have a decent footprint or it would be a pig to tow. Still think my combo of older Range Rover and Citroen nemo Van is the best I’ve ever had and prefer two vehicles to having one do it all. Although trip to the abattoir this morning with just two lambs in Rover and trailer was the first time I’ve missed the 90 or pick ups with canopies.
  13. New jimny? Don’t know what they tow though.
  14. How many hours has it done? Must have had a lot of work to need all that surely?
  15. Diesel smoke from the old lister hand crank mixer I was using yesterday and castrol R when an immaculate gt750 went passed me the other day with the van window open both sparked masses of nostalgia. Funny what does it!


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