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  1. I’m on £100/day plus vat, delivery and fuel for my little Schaffer loader if there operating, however I charge it at £80/day if I’m using it on a job myself provided I’m not on it all the time and the customer is paying day rate rather than on price. Tbh any less than that and it’s not worth it, makes more on priced jobs or left at home.
  2. Good old fashioned British service! Don’t know why we’re so shit at it, do people lie because they don’t know there arse from there elbow and shouldn’t be in the job or just that no one really cares or takes pride anymore. The service sector is pretty much all we’ve got so you’d think we’d have it nailed by now.
  3. Was it the silver u1000? I’m looking at buying it off the guy who bought it. Is it a good machine?
  4. Might be a bit of a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question but would a 3 ton digger go on a u1000 unimog tipper body ok? Size wise I think it would but would it get up ramps and turn through 90 degrees if a muckspreader or something else was on the the linkage or tow hitch. 20” wheels so not massively heigh but ramps would have to be short to stow in bed. Weight wise would 3 ton on the back and 6t muckspreader (empty) be alright? cheers for any input
  5. If the track width the same as mine I think it’ll be about 1.8m
  6. Would a bobcat and mulcher head not be quick and pain free to mulch those out. Obviously not yielding any product but no one gets hurt and wouldn’t take 90 days
  7. No offence Kevin but that video makes the multione look like it turns simple, quick jobs into loud and painfully slow ones. Didn’t look like it did any of them well enough for me to part with big bucks for.
  8. Sorry thought you meant the planning was different for kit and bespoke timber frame. Understand difference in build time.
  9. What’s the difference in the planning regs/time of a kit house compared to timber frame?
  10. LeeGray

    New Defender

    Been on the list for one for nearly two years now! The exchange rate is going to kill the dream if it doesn’t change before it comes out.
  11. I think £200 for two loads was money well spent!
  12. LeeGray

    New Defender

    I must be a tight arse but I’d much rather have a 2012 4.4 Range Rover and late transit tipper and a unimog and a few good nights out for the £40,000+. £20,000 of which will disappear off the value very quickly. I dont mind the tech, but if it’s going to be super modern to me they should have gone all electric and made something groundbreaking that people would fall over themselves to put the money down. Can’t really see what market this hits. All LR these days seem to be so close market wise, model just depends how big you want one and how much you can afford.
  13. LeeGray

    New Defender

    Oh dear, it’s like a bad Skoda yeti! Love to see a shit covered collie chewing the steering wheel of one of those. Thanks for posting, hadn’t seen it anywhere else.
  14. Just sold my 16’ flat last week as want a big flat trailer and miss it already. Plant trailers are the best for towing diggers etc but not much use for other bits.


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