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  1. LeeGray

    Cheapest pick up on the market?

    Cheapest to own/run or cheapest to buy?
  2. LeeGray

    How long is too long for mill trailer

    Looks good Andy, are you going for a Norwood?
  3. LeeGray

    How long is too long for mill trailer

    Same as me then, definitely easy to deal with.
  4. LeeGray


    Just put some cameras up outside and inside the workshop. If you hand over proper evidence the police and cps will actually be able to do something. Insurance will pay out if you’ve got cover. Saves anyone getting hurt and gets the scum put away.
  5. LeeGray

    Arb Body

    Awesome, looks properly built. Love seeing stuff built to last!
  6. LeeGray

    Building regs and home milled timber

    You can use it definitely. I used a structural engineer to get through building regs on ungraded timber, he’ll do a visual inspection on a good sample of the timbers to sign off. He’s local so could pass his details on if you like but he may be too pricey if it’s just a few choice timbers your builder wants to use for the aesthetic value.
  7. LeeGray

    How long is too long for mill trailer

    They pointed me to the any trailer, trailed implement or otherwise attached implement or machinery used in association with my business in the policy wording.
  8. LeeGray

    How long is too long for mill trailer

    @agrimog who are you insured with if you don’t mind me asking? Did they ask to see any paperwork for the mill? Be interested to hear what all the other mobile millers are doing.
  9. LeeGray

    How long is too long for mill trailer

    Thanks again for all the info, sound like I need to email vosa, dvsa, dvla?? To try to get an answer. Rang the Nfu who already insure the mill, my farm, my vehicles and my businesses. Told them what I wanted to do and they’re happy to insure it without any type approval and can’t see why I’d need it but I’d prefer to get something in writing from government as to what I need to do about this.
  10. LeeGray

    How long is too long for mill trailer

    What’s the IVA test and c&u regs please? Any chance you could post a link up to the regs.
  11. LeeGray

    How long is too long for mill trailer

    Ok thanks for the info, but as I said I’ll be building it with brakes as it’ll be over 750kgs and as stated by Bob it would be a handful without them regardless of weight. It’s the need for testing for a trailed implement that seems to be an issue.
  12. LeeGray

    Battery saws makita vs Stihl and Husky

    I ended up buying a husky after trying it. The 9ah batteries make it an amazing piece of kit. Just did a load of oak firewood for myself with it only limbs up to 10” but knocked out a 2-3t trailer full on less than a battery. Ended up getting blower strimmer and mower for home as well. The batteries are the biggest investment for sure.
  13. LeeGray

    How long is too long for mill trailer

    To be exempt from what?
  14. LeeGray

    How long is too long for mill trailer

    No I’m building a trailed implement. Woodland mills sell these in the uk and people are running them legally as has been said on here. They have no type approval.


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