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  1. Shit! Sometimes I forget I’ve got my blade down...take a hell of an operator to get the best out that. Possible geometry is mind boggling.
  2. Got an old piece of shit 90 200 tdi that really must go but it’s probably worth than everything else I own!
  3. Court issued 3 points and £200 fine, knocked down from £300 for prompt guilty plea so not as bad as was expected really.
  4. I’d appreciate a copy of that too dicky, if possible lee@thechristmasfarm.co.uk Cheers
  5. Longframlington. I’ll have a look for it, know I stashed it somewhere as was going to put on eBay or use it at some point but I’ll never get round to it in reality. Wasn’t a top spec bit of kit probs about £1500 new Like 10 years ago but they’ll have come down in price masses since then. If memory serves it’s something like 30a charge/5 or 6 kw. Loved being off grid when it was necessary but also love having a grid connection now, makes life so much easier if not as much fun! Kids used to actually play and read and we only had masses of tv, computers etc on when it was windy! Now they just play Xbox all the time and I’ve got no excuse to turn it off.
  6. Bill if you’re off grid I’ve got an inverter charger you can have. Did us for years off wind/batteries/genny till we got grid connection, can’t remember size or spec but I’ll dig out if any good to you. It’s a bit smoke stained off being in power shed with genny but should work fine.
  7. I bought one of amazon renewed desktops about 6 month ago to replace a failed all in Lenovo and a failed jp before that both were reasonable money ad I expected more than a year or two from them. The renewed one is actually the best I’ve had, super quick, massive memory and no rubbish on it. One of the kids needed a desktop for uni as laptop was not powerful enough for some stuff he does, I showed him the one I got for £150 and he said similar new would be about £800. They come with twelve month warranty but you need to buy all the bits to go with it. I bought him one for Christmas with fancy big screen and wireless keyboard and mouse for less than £350 and all his tech friends are jealous. Think they are ex bank or government or something?
  8. A lot of the benefit seems to be tax efficiency. After running new vehicles for years and looking at the depreciation and general cost I decided to run second hand and do something else tax efficient with the money. Like buying machinery which doesn’t drop like a stone the minute you sit in it. I think it really depends what you want. Some people really like new cars and are happy to pay through the nose to drive one. If I was buying new again it still wouldn’t be leasing as it’s still the most expensive way to run a car. Anyone heard the new hi lux ad on the radio at the minute? Only £199/month? Yep after £10,500 up front you can do max 24,000 miles then a further £12,000 if you want to buy it after the 4 years. My maths make that minimum cost of approx £15,000 for the first 24,000 miles. Then you’ve still got to pay tyres, brakes, service, getting the scratches sorted before you hand it back. Paying the admin fee because you don’t want to buy at the end and the admin fee at the start to get the thing in the first place. Must work out about 80p mile before you even put fuel, insurance and a man in. tje person who buys it at the auction pays £10-14,000. Probably could do another 100,000 miles, service when they want themselves, not worry about scratches etc and still sell it four years later for £5-8. So they get four times the mileage for a third of the price. and the pleasure of not dealing with idiots at the franchised dealer!
  9. Thanks for the replies, put my mind at ease a bit. The forms and license are in the post, I’ll just have to wait to see the outcome and hold onto the ‘WANTED chauffeur’ job listing I have ready.
  10. New plates make a massive difference as does a really good scrape/clean out and tension up. A little bit of grease goes a long way too. Can’t remember if the new plate kit (about £100 if I remember correctly) comes with the plate sequence on so take note of the plate numbers when you take the old ones out. I used a seed/feed type dumpy bag to catch the feathers works better than extracting into drum type set up.
  11. It’s a Citroen nemo which I thought was car derived like the astravan it replaced but checked the log book and it’s tax class as goods vehicle so surprised I haven’t been done sooner to be honest as done 70,000 miles in it at car speed rather than van/pick up speed thinking I was alright.
  12. Haven’t had any points or driving convictions for 20 years plus but they show previous convictions that will be considered. These were drink driving and dangerous driving when I was a 20 year old idiot! I thought they were gone after 7 years not decades!
  13. Been clocked at 72 on the a68 in the little van. Limit is 50 (I thought it was 60) filled in the first letter saying it was me driving now had a court summons and no offer of fixed penalty as speed too excessive. Ive filled in the form as a guilty plea and enclosed my license then started doubting the system, had a quick look online and now worrying a ban may be on the way. Anyone out there had a similar experience? Comments appreciated.
  14. Why bother doing the self employed bit. For £7000 a year? By the time you’ve paid for a vehicle, gear and all the insurance etc there won’t be anything left. Or is it £7000 profit you’ll have after all the costs?
  15. Same mig set but just the 30 cutter. Got a job coming up replacing ag shed legs which are only six mm ub. So hoping it’ll do that clean and save a day of grinding. Never used a freehand little one before so will have to mess about with it a bit first. Any good tips for set up and using?


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