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  1. Anyone intrested in these planking or firewood ?
  2. looking for timber for firewood processing based in Atherstone area listed on free tips site but need more timber
  3. Hakki Pilke carry 25 firewood processor for sale very little use will be a barging for somone twin splitting rams fully road legal splits up to 14 inch timber pm me for price
  4. Offfering free timber tip Atherstone Warwickshire pm with some notice off your jobs
  5. Can do 15 to 20 ton bags a day £250 day rate
  6. Processor and man hire Atherstone Warwickshire area 12 to 13 inch max timber
  7. I’m intrested any processor timber Atherstone warwickshire way
  8. Yes buddy in thier struggling to find cord wood for processor and not at silly prices
  9. Wanted ash / beach most any tree your fetching down for firewood based in Atherstone warwickshire dump your timber and give you a drink too !
  10. Looking for contacts to supply processor lengths of timber in Warwickshire
  11. Back again had a good think now thinking of going the bobcat way with appropriate grab fortimber ? Not this machine but similar
  12. Thank you all all good ideas like those pallet grabs ! any other pictures of anyone’s set up for this thing ? Or indeed most reliable older tractors ?
  13. That’s brill advice I’m leaning to a cheap telehandler as I can then double up I I get a bucket for it to use on my small holding to scape up crap and waste too I will only be able to afford £4 to 5 k max so it will be a old machine etc what i prob need to understand is what grab / forks I need to grab and move wood ? i think I’ve seen somone use a fork / grab that was intended for silage ?
  14. Ok forgive any lack of terminology or general lack of knowledge I am very slowly improving what little processing ability I have for firewood etc I need to start to be able to move snalll and larger lengths of timber round my paddocks to both improve production rates and do a better job of housekeeping the timber as at present any timber is moved by hand yes ! By hand lol and I’m not getting any younger ! 52 ! Lol i am In unfortunately position of low budgets to hand and also my lack of knowledge on what machinery suits this task so please try to understand the later two points count ! I was thinking along along the lines of possibly an old telehalndler with some type of grab to move timber ? But it will be an old bit of machinery as at the moment that’s the way it is money wise or is thier a simpler cheap way to achieve this ?


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