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  1. woodacre

    Round timber

    Hi. How many years do you reckon round lengths of timber (ash, beech and oak) stacked outside in lengths will last before it starts to spoil?[emoji848] Cheers in advance [emoji106]
  2. woodacre


    Most wood molds before dry? Its an open front shed as mentioned! Different types of wood vary as I've only ever had problems with beech mold which is quite common but havent processed much oak until now so just thought id ask the question right from wrong [emoji12]
  3. woodacre


    Hi. Whats the chances that oak logs will go mouldy when processed green (fresh) straight into an open fronted shed with little ventilation back and sides and left for 10 months.? Cheers
  4. woodacre

    ibcs vs vented bags

    Ah yeah, good shout. How come you dont stack them on top of each other?
  5. woodacre

    ibcs vs vented bags

    What do you use as a lid(hat) on the top of your ibc? Cheers
  6. woodacre

    Potato boxes.

    Hi. I have thought about it but i spend to much time on logs as it is. Just trying to reduce the work load but still not sure if potato boxes are the best solution. If you have any better ideas im keen to here it minus the ibc container. Cheers
  7. woodacre

    Potato boxes.

    Cheers. So how long would you leave them outside to dry before putting them in the shed? Do you off load them straight into you truck,trailer etc when ready to deliver? My idea is to keep them out for 6 months or so and then tip in shed when semi seasoned or is this just added unnecessary added work? The problem ive got is wood that molds when left in shed for 12months. Thanks
  8. woodacre

    Potato boxes.

    Hi. Just wondered what peoples thoughts are with using potato boxes for drying out logs? Keep debating it as they're around £70.00+new. Your feedback would be much appreciated. Cheers [emoji848]


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