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  1. EGO battery mowers are getting good reviews, worth a look. Powerful 56V battery + motors and the batteries can be used in all of their machines e.g. blowers, strimmers, hedge cutters etc. They also do a multi tool. The latest motors are brushless so no brushes to wear out and apparently more efficient than motors with brushes. Fast charging as well. YouTube has plenty of reviews.
  2. Probably too small for your needs. but I have been using a Scheppach RS350 for various garden projects and it has done a very good job, there are videos on YouTube of various Scheppach models in action. Powered by a 230V induction motor.
  3. Isn't that part of the Governments new smog control system, when the smog in London is reaching high levels, then your stove will just shut itself down remotely controlled from smog control HQ Control centre talks to phone, phone talks to stove....
  4. Logit


    A wireless keyboard added to a tablet could be an interim step, makes entering data a lot easier since it is a real keyboard and you don't have a virtual keyboard clogging up half the screen. You get to see more of the web page and less scrolling around. I am am typing this on just such a setup Office type apps also available for tablets including Word and Excel (but with less functionality than their PC counterparts).
  5. Wow, I didn't realise that you could run an X27 on Aspen, clever stuff
  6. One thought, if you need more than 1,600kg pull from time time, then a pulley can be used. The big tirfor is a lot heavier than the 1,600g tirfor and the big tirfor cable is much heavier as well. I picked up both sizes at an auction for £20 each, I sure was lucky that day. I bought an extension cable for the 1,600kg one so that I can either double the length of pull or double the pull with a pulley, quite a flexible solution. Make sure that the strops and shackles are strong enough...
  7. Another vote for Nilfisk, a real quality product. I bought the 150 bar one a few years ago after my Karcher packed up. The 150 bar shifts a lot more from patios compared to the 110 or 130 bar machines. Yes, it is quite a lot more than £200 but worth every penny in my view.
  8. Another thumbs up for L&S, I have had great service from them.
  9. Hi Bob, I haven't read the whole thread, so not sure if a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) has been mentioned. This is a small box of tricks which you keep on you and activate it if you need help. It has GPS, so it knows where it is and when activated, it sends a distress call with your location and pre-registered details to the emergency services via satellite and they will then come and find you. There are fancier models available with messaging. McMurdo marine + other companies like ACR make these, here is a link http://www.mcmurdomarine.com/personal-locator-beacons. They work on land and sea and typically are used by mountaineers, sea kayakers etc. ACR have a survivors web page (which appears to be down at the moment) which makes interesting reading.... Since the system works on satellite, it should work anywhere and it does not use the mobile phone network, so no probs if you don't have a mobile phone signal. One of these saved the life of a friend of a friend who was diving and became separated from his diving buddy. He was picked up 9 miles from the dive spot after drifting into a tide race. I would be interested to hear what you finally go for.
  10. One thing to watch out for on an older vehicle is the radiator. If you plan to put the intercooler in front of the radiator, the intercooler will heat up the air going into the radiator. I added an intercooler and then had to put in a new radiator since the old radiator was clogged up and couldn't cool the engine down enough when heavy towing. The fuel pump was adjusted as part of the installation (more fuel). The biggest difference was a significant boost in low down torque and it made towing a lot easier. It didn't appear to use any more fuel when driving sensibly. This was on a 300TDI engine with approx 100K miles on the clock.
  11. Another big thumps up for Steve (spud). My trusty 046 would no longer idle even with various carb tweaks and so I went over with it to to Steve's workshop to get it fixed. The oil seal had gone on the clutch side and so was replaced and the carb had some kind of internal blockage which would not clear even with loads of carb cleaner + multiple ultrasonic cleans. Steve managed to source a 2nd hand OEM carb which resulted in a cost effective repair. The saw was thoroughly tested i.e. vacuum/pressure/compression/bearings/oil seals etc and so it should last another 10 years of intermittent use. 2 tanks of fuel through it since the repair. The saw was posted back with very good packaging. So thanks again Steve for a great job.
  12. Oops, sorry to have spoiled the fun so quickly but bikewoo was very close behind, an interesting thread
  13. Great news, I am glad to be able to have helped, the power of Arbtalk


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If you would like to contribute to making this industry more effective and safe then welcome.
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