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  1. dent

    Tall trousers

    There have been a few threads over the years but everything I've seen is a good few years old now So I need a new pair of chainsaw trousers I have a 36in inside leg so need as long as possible I've been wearing Engelbert Strauss and they are the perfect length but now need a hi Vis pair and they don't do them so need some recommendations preferably below 200 quid a pair
  2. Working in an emergency road closure for the council down a little country lane 2ft oak limb snapped out blocking the carriageway entirely and a hiab lorry parked behind it blocking the road no houses in the closed section bloke in painters overalls pulls up to the road closed sighns 100yards away gets out and removes the sighn the 2 barriers 3 road cones and 3 sand bags drives down the road and starts shouting and swearing that hes driven all this way to find the raod closed (he had doubled how far he would have to retrace his steps by moving the road closed sighn ) and then had to turn around in the narrowest part instead of at a junction And the sad thing is people do it all the time
  3. Why are these threads always bashing the young people Yes fair enough there are workshy out there and there may well be more like this than the last generation i think mostly as there parents support thrm when they skive off or are lazy but there plenty of enthusiastic hard working ambitios and passionate millennials about its just the enthusiastic hard working ambitious and passionate ones that want to achieve something arnt going to be happy grounding Everyone like this i know wants to start there own business and in relative terms tree surgery is quite a cheap industry to start up in a van or pickup and climbing kit and a few saws can be had for a couple of grand That leaves you with the hard working but not particularly passionate ones if they are hard working but not ambitious or overly passionate about trees then there are far more profitable jobs out there tree work pays rubbish with no real chance of advancing and you work outside with a fair chance of crippling yourself before you get anywhere near pention age not really appealing unless your passionate about the work And finally it may not be everyone but there are some terrible bosses out there who may have put good people off or you do things you don't realise that puts people off Aswell as bigger companies offering more variety better toys to play with more progression training and benefits It becomes apparent why minimum wage to drag brash for a one man band is never going to attract the type of people actually worth employing simply to much competition for good workers
  4. dont know if you are aware but if running on air there is a fair bit of stuff in between the couplings on the mog and the brake chambers need a load sensing valve airtanks and a few other valves form memory There is a company that advertises in some of the ag magazines that sell the whole kit if you cant get hold of it and i think its around £2500 for everything so might be worth seeing if you can source the parts first They can also supply an onboard stand alone abs system
  5. Another brand worthlooking at is the engelbert strauss ones they are around a hundred quid and very good
  6. Just had a post come up on Facebook and anyone interested in this thread i suggest take a lool at phils fabrications on Facebook He has just put up a pic of a custom made canopy in checker plate with side hatches and built in draw in the base dont know price but it must be up there with dogs danglies of canopy setups And the closest ive seen in this country to the aussie setups
  7. Plastic gas and water mains arnt picked up by cat scanners and older scanners dont pick up fibre optic cables If u feel the need to scan you should have stats from dial before you dig aswell that way you know what is registered in the visinity Newer cat scans can be downloaded onto a computer to prove they have been used And even they very latest cat scans can give plenty of false readings saying something is there so if you have the stats printed out it helps a lot
  8. N and j alluminiium and linings have some cracking setups allsorts of custom setups The farrier setups look brilliant Also look at aucampers on Facebook they have pages of canopy and tray setups on utes mostly as camping setups but some work or multi-purpose setups and all brilliantly setup The best ones ive seen are the interchangeable jackoff canopies a caming setup for the weekend and a work setup changed in minutes
  9. I think its niftylift but not sure but there is a company that makes tracked scissor lifts that havea gable at the base so can level the scissor mechanism without using jack legs Edit here you go http://www.rapidplatforms.co.uk/viewproduct/41/107/almac_bibi_850-bl_tracked_scissor_lift
  10. Does anybody in surrey have a supply of lower grade sawn timber I need to make a bar for my wedding and would like to make it from 4x4's with an upturned piece or couple of pieces of spab wood on the top The 4x4s dont need to be high grade and dont matter if they have some bark left on I was wondering if anyone had anything like this currently in the surrey area everything i can find locally is high grade carpentry material and i only really need fencing quality Thanks in advanced
  11. You can see a quick release just above the front of the tracks that lock it solid to the chassis so presume joley wheel can be lifted
  12. Keep a diary if im away from the lorry for hours i take the tacho out as i work for a company with several drivers so there is nothing to say another driver wont jump in the lorry which will automatically change the tacho mode Do a print out at the end of the day and write on it break times and why you removed tacho i.e others may be using vehicle or you are away If you leave it running all day without a break you will be fined regardless even if you had a break you will get a fine for incorrect use of tacho settings Vosa have told my coworker that a diary manually filled out is perfectly acceptable for recording days that you arnt driving however you can also fill out a paper tacho every day if you find that easier There is a fine for every day within the last 28days that you cannot provide some kind of record for Also the law has changed previously you could only be fined for tacho offences on that day Now you can be find for any offences within the last 28days on the spot with indefinite backdating upon further investigation
  13. dent

    Trailer weight

    Yes but each vehicle and trailer has to be registered onto the o licence When you get your o licence it will say what you are entitled to run it will all be linked in to the size of your premises and you can have trucks removed as a punishment by the traffic commissioner
  14. dent

    Trailer weight

    I believe sub 3.5 tonne have to be registered onto an o licence and f they are to be used in conjunction with a vehicle larger than 3.5 tonne dont know if they have to be tested and plated to do this
  15. No but another option would be tilt dumper forwards Get a very long chain attatch one end to bucket long gap wrapp it round log 3 times then the other end attached to the bucket again Lift log in then bring bucket close enough to reach from floor then pull the chain log will roll and chain will come out When loading you would have to think which way you wrapp chain so the log rolls in the right direction


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