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  1. https://youtu.be/YnDSDjfsHzA Ong Bak is a great film if you havent seen it. Crazy 88 scene from kill bill obviously. And to top it off the matrix final fight with the agent.
  2. Should've been 3-0 england. Kane had a better penalty call ignored. And the Danish free kick should have been disqualified as they moved their wall. Schmeichel kept them in it from the get go. I think it was probably the best I've ever seen England play in a serious tournament and I'm not really a football fan. Just get swept up in the international tournaments. Anyway it's coming home and bojo is giving us peasants a bank holiday apparently. 😂
  3. 17th 18th are now taken. Still have the 12th 24th to fill.
  4. Got some dates in May that I could do with a third pair of hands. Looking for someone with ground experience. CS30 and own ppe a minimum. Dates are the 12th, 17th, 18th, 24th Will have another 3 man date as well just waiting on confirmation of the date from the client. Contact me on 07387 323657 Thanks Josh
  5. Sorry to hear that rob. Apart from the theft hope its all going well for you and the family up north.
  6. Don't do it. It's hard to put your prices up once people think you're cheap. And think if the other businesses who can't compete. Not good for our industry these low prices. But bark is full of pikeys so guess you have to compete. Got off it a while back. Only use mybuilder now and Steve made me a nice website which I have a add word campaign on. Normally do around 6 quotes a week. Done 12-15 a week the last 3. Things are growing and as mark said people are out in the garden in the sun so they think about it more. Sundays and Mondays have the most coming through the website.
  7. Clocks were a really important invention that noone really thinks about too much. Printing press too.
  8. Just need Craig Charles narrating and you've got yourself a hit show there.
  9. Looking for a loler inspector in the Bristol north Somerset area. Anyone on here? Or know anyone? Thanks Josh
  10. Just saw gold at the side. Proper distraction today. Good one though. 👍🏻 And jump van halen
  11. Video killed the radio star Ghost town Road to nowhere I wanna say dark side of the moon but that is probably 70s?
  12. When you say started on your own what kit have you got and jobs have you done? I've known plenty people get their tickets and start out on their own pretty quickly. One thing they've always done is hire in competency rather than try something they cant do. If you're good at getting work and have the gift of the gab. It may be worth putting ads up for more qualified and experienced climbers to help you and learn from. This may also lead to getting know some other local guys who need a hand. Good luck.
  13. The trouser company that makes a waterproof arse will have my sheckles for life. No idea why noone has done it. Also 2nd for the sip canopy air. Just bought my 2nd pair of type A's My last pair is still good to be fair. The seem on me bum came apart and I havent gotten them sown up.


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