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  1. Hi folks Yanmar BV25 2004 The ignition warning buzzer has started to stay on, so turn the key to the left pre warm buzzer goes off, turn right engine starts, but now the buzzer is staying on, no other warning lights, it only started today after we washed the machine, no problems before hand Any ideas gent Thanks in advance
  2. Was it stolen form your yard or off site
  3. What type of water and type of work, ie fast flowing, shallow silt. Is it chainsaw work or in channel cutting ie hedge cutter we do a bit so I might have somthing
  4. I have a st8 very capable machine, we hand feed and machine feed the chipper, if you have a bigger chipper can you hand feed it to capacity, at the moment if we are hand feeding it it can chip what ever we can carry to it, Normally we can’t carry it before the chipper won’t chip it just my thoughts
  5. It’s a good revenue earner for them, some of the fines they are dishing out now are massive.
  6. Hi folks Has anyone raptor painted there chipper any photos ? cheers
  7. Give col a ring at southwest chipper hire he has some safe tracks and standard tracked chipper
  8. Here is my first arb digger, it’s not the newest machine but beats handballing any day
  9. I got a lwb movano, very good van , 5 seats and sleeps four, we looked at T5s but they were to small you defo want a high roof van
  10. steve30


    Hi folks I’m removing 6 large Lombardy pops near Bristol next week, I’m looking for someone/ somewhere to take the timber will be the large butts as client is keeping everything up to 24inches
  11. I have one with a mewp mounted in it, fantastic truck, simple engineering, goes everywhere I want it to, if I had more local one I’d get another as a chip truck
  12. Glendale are looking for staff that’s non utility work, if your looking for work start ringing local companies, it’s the best way to find work
  13. steve30

    7.5 ton iveco

    How much u looking for
  14. I made some up for my tree motion harness, I use them all the time, have whistle and knife on one shoulder and first aid kit on other


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