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  1. iv got the latest model only a month old and it has been faultless so far and iv muffler modded it had to do nothing adjust the high crew a tad to get it to rev out a little but she idles fine and no issues so far
  2. good choice u will love it run a fair few tanks through it and she really opens up there very tight from factory u will need to give it a tune after its run in but its an awesome saw built to last
  3. the 7310 echo is man awesome saw mate u will not be disappointed i review and test them as well as husky i would have purchased the 7310 but i had the 572 so there was no need for me to buy another 70cc but if i hadn't had the 572 i would have purchased the 7310 without a shadow of dought
  4. i run a 572 in forestry everyday reliable and great power love it highly recommend for the money i was gonna go stihl ms 500i or 462 but just can't justify the extra money
  5. Skyland equipment has stock I’m not sure what your after is it the clutch cover the clutch bell ???
  6. i understand your frustration but im pretty sure brexit and covid have a massive part to play i don't no exact details but i was told from someone who working with in the brand it takes 4 days to ship the parts to the uk from europe and that was before brexit and covid my dealer doesn't like to stock the parts on the shelf he just ordered them in when needed if never had an issue iv ordered a few oil fuel caps and they have always turned up in a couple of days after order i haven't had to order anything recently but i could see if i can find out more info in the next coming days
  7. 14 is way to much 10 12 max and to be honest i wouldn't go panther i don't really rate them they don't last if im honest if you order a 2511tes it will come with a sugih 10 pro carving bar witch is worth its wight in gold or if your gonna go 12 fork the cash and get a sugih pro light for it they last years the bars do
  8. i don't work for them i do a lot of reviews test and keep a close relationship with echo uk im currently going to become a european adviser for echo products witch is in the pipeline iv put this question forward to contacts that i no who work for yamabikho corp and the reply was very short all i got back was quality takes time and watch this space a selection of new saws are coming in echo range . personally with the response that echo have had from the 2500t and the 2511t they will be bringing a bigger more powerful battery top handle saw when tho i have no idea the thing with echo iv learnt is it will not be released till its 100 % perfect there quality control is something else i no they stopped the production on the new 7310sx because of 1 carb failure on the test bench till they resolved the issue i will keep u posted on any updates i hear but its very quiet at the moment im sure things will develop more in 2021
  9. yeah im holding out for this saw currently have a 550 mk2 and a 572 xp im after a big big saw so this will possibly be purchased if all is good when more details are announced
  10. did any one else spot in the article its states its new technology will be unveiled shortly soon fuel injection ???? maybe i hope so to compete with stihl
  11. So many questions what auto tune is it tuning will it be fuel injected what weight from the pic I can see a stainless exhaust muffler
  12. gonna start a thread on it its been announced on husqvarna page hear a link not really a lot to see in the pic but its coming and im very interested to see and hear more about it link below Next professional high-power 90cc chainsaw generation from Husqvarna WWW.HUSQVARNA.COM Next professional high-power chainsaw generation from Husqvarna to be released in 2021
  13. iv got a 550 mk2 and i have a 572 as well was looking at getting a heated handle saw 562 just curious to see what updates was made to the 562 for this year
  14. so they have refined it on the 2020 model nice
  15. didn't no there was a mk2 even coming in the 562 but im intrigued to no more info or just settle updates on the 2020 model
  16. yep iv heard rumours floating from my husky dealer there a new 90cc coming from husqvarna watch this space 590/595 ??????
  17. echo 362tes husqvarna 550mk2 Husqvarna 572xp its not the perfect garage but it will do the job
  18. markrufrider

    Echo 70cc+

    nice mate u can see the difference strait away
  19. markrufrider

    Echo 70cc+

    Sorry for the belated video she had 6 tanks through it and it still feels tight but it’s starting to loosen if it’s anything like my 620sx it will need at least 10 tanks through it 24 inch bar on some beach tree the more I use it the more I like it lots of torq from this saw IMG_1060.MP4
  20. markrufrider

    Echo 70cc+

    Hahaha that will be coming up over the next week
  21. markrufrider

    Echo 70cc+

    First day using it and I like it bags of torq will run a fair few tanks through it and give it a tune it’s remarkably lightweight to what I was expecting well balanced and boy it starts easy one thing echo have nailed is the ease of starting a saw
  22. markrufrider

    Echo 70cc+

    Can’t be as bad as my 550mk2 new crank seals 8 month old saw ?
  23. markrufrider

    Echo 70cc+

    It’s built like a tank feels well balanced
  24. markrufrider

    Echo 70cc+

    It’s arrived after such a long wait the all new echo 7310sx has landed in the uk and boy does it look and feel good slimline power unit and the build quality feels outstanding


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