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  1. Hi everyone. Got a pair of notch gecko steels, really like them but struggling with the gaffs.They have whats called the short american gaffs on, but still feel really long and hard to balance on. Apparently they do pole gaffs for the geckos. Anyone know where to buy the pole gaffs? Only ones I ever find are the short american, long american, or euro gaffs. Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone. Decided I want a 562xp, but was told I should wait until the mk2 comes out. Anyone know If there is any news on a 562xp mk 2? Is it worth waiting for?
  3. Hi everyone. I know these topics have been done in much detail and i've read through alot of them, but just after a little advice. Long story short, just terminated my contract with employer, and going self employed. Will be doing the same work, just not under their employment. Jobs I did under employment and will contiune to do working for myself would be woodland coppicing, tree felling, woodland path maintenance (strimming back and hedge cutting), and meadow mowing. What insurance would I need? I had a look at Arborisk, but got a little confused in terms of there "main activity performed by the proprietor" part. Would my work be classed as forestry, or groundwork? Any advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Hi guys. The drum is on the oil pump drive. And I've tried 2 new bearing, one being the plastic stihl genuine one, and the other being a metal aftermarket one. Both show the same result, excessive drum movement. I just had it all apart again and i'm starting to think the crankshaft has worn down to much.
  5. Hi everyone Apologies if this has been mentioned before, read up on past posts but I have a slightly different issue. Basically, the saw dies when the brake is applied. The saw has had a new clutch, rim sprocket set including drum and needle bearing, brake band, and new oil worm gear. Now there is movement in the drum, video will show: So when brake is applied, the drum is being forced into a weird angle and stalling the engine. Anyone have an idea of what to look at next? I've had a look at the crankshaft and its seems ok, a tiny bit of wear but I think its what you'd expect from a 2011 saw. The needle bearing has hardly any movement on it. Thanks everyone!


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