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  1. wylie

    Forst TR6 dead again!

    groudies run the roller speed up high with heavy bits oosh broke tr6,,tr8 is the boy
  2. wylie

    Need some advice on spikes...

    bucks for me having used all the others...
  3. wylie

    stihl ms 201t and ms150

    the 150tc is affordable and very good if you do light deadwooding or pruning and stuff,no point n slugging about a 201 if you dont need to plus its give your 201 break from cutting small stuff,i think its better to just cut chunky stuff with 201 keeps it good..my own thoughts though
  4. wylie

    TD Tree & Land Services pics

    yeh tom ive used that saw myself and its the only one ive ever seen,was impressed also!bit of a beast..
  5. <p>hi tom see your still busy doing the big baws stuff lol,got the odd slot now and again if youve got anything you need a body for mate own kit saw transport...07415014500</p>

  6. wylie

    Top Handled Saw: Stihl vs Echo vs Husq vs Other?

    the 201t is laggy and slow cutting for me though the t201 back handled model was way better,good for choging,snatching down...
  7. wylie

    General Tree pics

    very well done mate,how do you prune,trim the outsides?silky,loppers,saw?so tidy and neet!
  8. wylie

    General Tree pics

    mad skills 10/10 mate...
  9. wylie

    Which husqvarna

    stihl 261 CM is the top of the range mid range saw,runs a 13 to 18" bar and 1.6mm chain,dont go cheap spend the money it will last you for many years also has a auto tune carb that will tune the saw to what ever work you use it for..
  10. wylie

    Top Handled Saw: Stihl vs Echo vs Husq vs Other?

    husky T540xp is a good fast cutting saw for one handed stuff!:sneaky2:aslo can run a 16" bar,id go for that with sugi hara bar full chistle chain..weapon!
  11. wylie

    Stein X2 or Distel Gecko

    ive used both and thought they were good until i tryed the buckinghams with the belt straps..
  12. wylie

    stein / stihl jacket

    i use stihl x-fit,pleny of zip pockets and underarm zips that open up too let heat out plus its hi viz orange and a nice tight fit,i use it forestry and climbing,pricey though £260!
  13. <p>look up guy called johnnyboy158 give him a shout..he does forestry work and cutting jobs in central scotland and west coast..own saws,gear and ppe of course..</p>

  14. wylie

    Lightweight Chainsaw

    201 back handle packs a punch plus its lightwieght...


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