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  1. Pasted from the link.... A maintenance fitter died from hydraulic injection injury sustained whilst tensioning the track of a piling rig. The grease nipple became detached from the track mechanism permitting the release of grease under high pressure. This alert reminds the target audience of the potential for such injury when working on any hydraulic machinery.
  2. Tree Climbing Spike Set, Comfort, Professional kit | eBay
  3. Ray

    stein / stihl jacket

    Used the harkie and found it tough but sweaty.
  4. Ray

    stein / stihl jacket

    Needs to be hi viz really.
  5. Ray

    stein / stihl jacket

    What are the cuffs like? In pics it lools like poppers.
  6. Stein krieger work smock or stihl dynamic jacket? I am after something not too hot, breathability and durability being more important than waterproofness. Anyone used either of these jackets?
  7. Ray

    sip progress

    I must work too hard. Or not enough bacon butties
  8. Ray

    sip progress

    Sounds good so far. What is the sizing like? I take xs in hi flex and stretch air. Waist less than 30 inch.
  9. Ray

    sip progress

    has anyone tried these trousers? SIP Progress Chainsaw Trousers C | Clark Forest : Chainsaw Protection how do they compare with say stretch air. mine are looking a a bit ropy now and the zip and crotch have ripped.
  10. Dear Ray: According to the official results of the raffle you are now the proud owner of 1/ Easy-Lift Harness, model 717A. Congratulations on winning the most advanced lifting harness on the planet. I wanted to let you know that I would also like to include a Easy-Lift Harness long sleeved shirt as well. Your color selection would include Forrest green, Teal Green, Navy,Royal Blue and Red. Please provide me with your shirt size and a mailing address since I would like to send you your raffle item by way of USPS. I shall indicate on the customs form that this item is a gift. I believe you will not have to pay any duty on this item. I await your reply.

    All the best

    easy-lift guy

    AKA, Ted

  11. i like the look of the extra protection of the rubber coating on these two. the rand on my meindels is very ragged and was starting to peel after little use.
  12. thinking about husky technical 24, although they look a little tall, my old haix trekker mountains were a nice height, (although the meindl whatevers i have atthe mo are a bit taller and they are fine) also what is the sole unit like for wear? other option would be stein quest
  13. Hi mate, where did you say you were based? im in huddersfield if you ever want to drop by, i can show you the basics before your course if you want. have you got any climbing kit yet or are you waiting till after the course? Ed.

  14. Ray


    eek! what do do that for? no need and risk of ruining the boot. leather should be left to dry naturally (stuff boot with newspaper replacing if it soaks) if you apply the wax in a warm room and work it with your fingers it will penetrate the leather no probs.


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