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  1. Well carb kit came today striped carb blew it through with the air line fitted card kit and it firerd up after 5 pulls cut a few logs it run sound and fired on first pull when turned off so seems to have done the trick . Thanks all for the advice all much appreciated
  2. Carb kit orders bill I'll let you know how I get on
  3. Cheers all carb kit and fuel line it is then hope it sorts it up post how I get on
  4. I will get one orderd bill and see if that sorts it. It's just strange how once it started and been used it used to start day after day it's only when it's been unused for a while it plays up
  5. Plug hole or remove air filter and inject fuel in that way only way I can get it to start when it's been unused for while Garry
  6. Hi all my Stihl 026 has been unused for a few months and will not run it's been hard to start when not used since if owned it as I bought it second hand but abit of fuel in the plug hole and it fires and after doing this a few times it would run fine and start like any other saw even the next day . I tried this today and it will run until it burns the fuel put in the plug hole off then bogs down and cuts out any ideas please Cheers
  7. Dazonit

    old saw / still

    Cheers mate But I see it states chainbreak none were this has a chain break ?
  8. Dazonit

    old saw / still

    What cc is this saw ? I would guess 60cc i bet it was a top bit of kit when it first came out its deffinetly put together well i'm going to give it a clean and tune up at the week end as its ticking over too fast and runing on
  9. Dazonit

    old saw / still

    The chain break even works I can't believe its still in production as its no oil painting to look at don't think I'll be keeping this one:biggrin:
  10. I have just acquired this old saw it starts and runs and seems to be quit powerful for an old saw any info on it when it was made are they a collectors item I think the bar is 17" and it seems quit wide Trying to get pics up ?
  11. What about fuel fit is it just a case of mixing it with petro andl still 2 stroke or would I have to retune ? And dose it effect the saw performance cheers
  12. I think it will have to be aspen in the saws I don't use much or any saw I'm storing for a while to be on the safe side found my local stockist only 10 miles away . Is it okay to swap and change between normal 2stroke and aspen
  13. As above how should a saw be stored while not in use for a while if fuel is left in the saw it could go bad and cause problems and if the fuel is drained pipes and thediagram could dry out and crack If a saw was run on a tank of aspen till it warmed up then toped up with aspen and stored would this solve the problem . I start any sawsi have not been using once a month which can be a bit of a pain but has worked so far or have I just been lucky ?


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