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  1. Thanks very much, I've also requested to join Tom
  2. Hello Can someone put up the name of the Facebook group so i can find it? Thanks Tom
  3. Thanks for the replies It is not a Valtra/Valmet as too expensive Thanks Brushcutter a very useful document. Tom
  4. Hello Just wondering if anyone has any spec for Forestry guarding on a tractor? It would be for use with a timber trailer and skidded. i know i need to have rear and half side window protection but unsure as to what thickness of steel and so on. Thanks
  5. Hi Thanks for all the comments I had looked at stem injection but don't know why I ruled it out. Do you do it at a particular time of year or just whenever? Thanks Tom
  6. Hello I am looking in to the possibility of using Ecoplugs on standing Rhododndron. I would drill in to the side of the stump and insert plug, Ecoplugs website says they are better used from the side, so thats good Just wondering if anyone has any experience with using Ecoplugs this way and if so, what time of year, how many, size of stump and so on. Thanks for your help Tom
  7. Hello i am doing the same course would it be a good idea to get emails together if we can't find an older group and discuss the course? I'm also going to APF if anyone wanted to meet up? Tom
  8. Hello i don't want info and pictures i want to buy one, so was wondering if anyone had one for sale Tom
  9. Hello I am looking to buy a Alpine tractor. what do people have? Thanks Tom
  10. Hello we are thinking of buying the above and wondered if anyone had any opinions on it or if anyone had one near us in Fife, Scotland? The main purpose will be to pull out wood with a forwarding trailer, but also used for its PTO and general tractor duties? Thanks very much Tom
  11. Hello Has anyone used the Stihl MotoMix fuel? Any ideas on how it compares to Aspen? Thanks
  12. Hello Just wondered if anyone had done this course or the Level 2 Arb one? How much time commitment would it be? any other thoughts Thanks in advance Tom
  13. you got a picture of it? what make and model is it?
  14. tomcorke


    Hello Are we getting a raffle this year? Cheers


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