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  1. The exemptions for red diesel, licensing, etc do apply for horticultural works which can include domestic tree surgery, but operator's license legislation has no such mention of horticulture. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1995/2869/schedule/3/made (Part 2) It just says forestry and agriculture. Interestingly if you milled the wood on site you could probably deliver it 15 miles away without needing an o license.
  2. Large amounts of woodchip wanted for market garden beds. Only access for 3.5t vehicle as the track is narrow and steep. Please call before tipping and get directions. Clean woodchip and logs accepted.
  3. I'm doing the same course as you at the ssf at the moment after being in the industry climbing already for a few years, more to get some qualifications under my belt for the future though. In terms of actually working in the industry, get your 30/31 nptc tickets as soon as you can, don't bother through the college as they're never organised enough to get assessors and you don't do any chainsaw in the arb course anyway. If you drive and can have a basic set of ppe and a small saw then you've just got to be willing to do any work and not be afraid of travelling and staying away, then just get as much experience as you can. They do a climbing unit in the course which covers the same content as the 38, but again unless you sort it out yourself you won't get an assessment. Ringlink and a few others will do assessment only though to get your tickets and 39 you can get separately. But as long as you've got chainsaw and felling get out there and get some experience and then it's all a lot clearer, and it makes the course content more relevant if you're working in the industry anyway. If you want to chat about the course content etc feel free to ask away or pm.
  4. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1986/1078/regulation/3/made dual-purpose vehicle a vehicle constructed or adapted for the carriage both of passengers and of goods or burden of any description, being a vehicle of which the unladen weight does not exceed 2040 kg, and which either— (i) is so constructed or adapted that the driving power of the engine is, or by the appropriate use of the controls of the vehicle can be, transmitted to all the wheels of the vehicle; or (ii) satisfies the following conditions as to construction, namely— (a) the vehicle must be permanently fitted with a rigid roof, with or without a sliding panel; (b) the area of the vehicle to the rear of the driver's seat must— (i) be permanently fitted with at least one row of transverse seats (fixed or folding) for two or more passengers and those seats must be properly sprung or cushioned and provided with upholstered back-rests, attached either to the seats or to a side or the floor of the vehicle; and (ii) be lit on each side and at the rear by a window or windows of glass or other transparent material having an area or aggregate area of not less than 1850 square centimetres on each side and not less than 770 square centimetres at the rear; and (c) the distance between the rearmost part of the steering wheel and the back-rests of the row of transverse seats satisfying the requirements specified in head (i) of sub-paragraph (b) (or, if there is more than one such row of seats, the distance between the rearmost part of the steering wheel and the back-rests of the rearmost such row) must, when the seats are ready for use, be not less than one-third of the distance between the rearmost part of the steering wheel and the rearmost part of the floor of the vehicle. unladen weight the weight of a vehicle or trailer inclusive of the body and all parts (the heavier being taken where alternative bodies or parts are used) which are necessary to or ordinarily used with the vehicle or trailer when working on a road, but exclusive of the weight of water, fuel or accumulators used for the purpose of the supply of power for the propulsion of the vehicle or, as the case may be, of any vehicle by which the trailer is drawn, and of loose tools and loose equipment. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1995/2869/schedule/3/made 2. A dual-purpose vehicle and any trailer drawn by it. So in theory if the unladen weight was less than 2040kg you could drive a dual purpose vehicle over 3500kg without an operators license. Maybe that's possible with a hookloader?
  5. Sure, just borrowing it for the job, the ground's full of rock and all sorts and first time using the saw blade so making sure I don't get caught off-guard ()!
  6. A bit of slash and burn for a small site clearance for a hut site.
  7. Finishing a beech monolith, left side still came off - last cut was at about 40" across, must be a good six foot at the base.
  8. And likewise, great to finally meet mr silky fox himself!
  9. Currently available all of the coming week and then thursdays and fridays onwards from then.
  10. Hello, I'm a fully qualified subby looking for regular or occasional climbing, groundy and forestry work around Scotland. I'm currently studying again at the forestry college in Inverness and traveling up from Glasgow each week so will be available for work in Central Scotland and the north/north-east of the country. I have three years experience with forestry, groundsman work, chainsaw milling, woodcraft and general woodland management, and have been climbing for the last year and a half. I'm confident and quick in the tree with experience of takedowns, light rigging and some reductions. I've also studied horticulture and have a good general knowledge of trees and fungi. I am happy to work on a regular or self employed basis. I'm hardworking and waterproof! I have all my own PPE, climbing kit and tophandle and also have a small range of saws and other tools. I'm 25 years old. Qualifications: NPTC 201,2,3 (CS30,31) Chainsaw tickets NPTC 206,306,308 (CS 38,39) Climbing, rescue and aerial chainsaw use Full clean B+E UK driving license and my own van with towbar. HNC Horticulture (SRUC) Currently studying Arboriculture and Urban Forestry at the Scottish School of Forestry (Inverness UHI). Outdoor First Aid Cert. covering EFAW+F and comprehensive first aid kit. Please get in touch or PM. My phone number is 07979822617. Aonghas.
  11. Again, the whole issue is it's 'commercial confidentiality' so nobody knows quite what the agreement is, the only versions released have been heavily redacted. Just have a quick look below, it's all there to read about. https://savesheffieldtrees.org.uk/key-facts/ https://savesheffieldtrees.org.uk/the-streets-ahead-pfi-contract/ https://savesheffieldtrees.org.uk/the-six-ds/
  12. That's pretty much the whole issue - they haven't just tendered for the individual works, they've been handed the entire contract for streets maintenance for a fixed price in a PFI-style contract over the 25 year period. Their own surveyors, their own decisions and teams. Someone along the line has figured out it's cheaper to take down the trees now rather than paying for all the associated costs like leaf sweeping, pruning, maintenance. So the impetus is in the opposite direction for them to do everything as cheaply as possible, rather than look after the trees for the long term.
  13. There's always a certain joy in ruthlessly murdering leylandii for sure but I certainly enjoy seeing a good atlas cedar or dawn redwood or granny pine. For me there's two aspects, one being perfectly healthy big trees that it feels a crying shame to fell where they aren't really causing any problems. The other being the slow erosion of the tree cover in the landscape, where you aren't removing anything particularly spectacular but the overall effect is still a huge loss of tree cover and biodiversity. Answer is always going to be education at the end of the day, too many people don't even notice trees until it blocks their sky TV signal..
  14. Yes first, think I know who you might be! I think the content's good just that I'm wanting to make a good start towards ISA membership/other tickets etc and that could be supported better, but now there's only 3 in our year so ..


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