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  1. thanks Justme and spuddog0507 I think that confirms it, thats the right direction to go. so just which model?,and rom where. I like the look of the one in your photo spuddog0507 wheres that from? I noticed it got timber tines with grippy bits. i sore on the digbits that is an option, but its got less tines.2and3 rather than 3/4.
  2. Hello i am looking for a bit of advice were it comes to grapples, thumb grabs, hydraulique or not eBay /bucket-warehouse vs digbits.com ect.... i have an old Kubota KX 41 1.5t Im not a tree surgeon just a small holder with small farm project and plenty of trees about, also do some work for others but its not an everyday thing, I move quite a bit of stone about, like the big granite dry wall type, I also dig with it!. I resonantly had a run in with a spinal disk vs hay bail hay bail won, so looking for something to make life easier, not cost the earth but also be sturdy, last and take a bit of a knock as it'll happen. i'v ruled out the 360 turning grapples cost plus the 1.5 tons prob a bit small for that. iv been looking at stuff on eBay from 250 upwards, the prices and i imagine quality verie. also dig-bits looked at grapple about 750 and bucket warehouse i saw they have a thumb with hydrauliques 500 and a manuel grapple for 500. anybody got experience of these. also im based in eu so dose any one know of a good sites here. france thank you for taking the time ross
  3. hi thanks for your help sussing out a saw, I'll be taking the 461 tomorrow. Now, I have been thinking a lot more about the Alaskan saw mill set up and would like to know what you would recommend with this saw. I know there are different (Kit) brands, so what are your thoughts. I am looking at cutting up some Douglas to make a barn. For wood! there are several hung up after a storm. I was concerned how long you could cut with this type of mill, do you need a special ladder. Sorry if that is a daft question I really don't know a lot about these mills. Thanks for your help Ross
  4. RossK

    ms441 or 461?

    Hi it sound like the 461 is all round a better choice. The Elec carb problem, I have been looking on fr jones are these ok or not.? is this the "Compensator" that is on the Specs..? And what is the issue with the Elec carb? I'v not heard of it before thanks for your responses I'm quite taken by the idea I could try out milling with a new bigger better saw, takes the sting out of losing one.
  5. RossK

    ms441 or 461?

    Ok that was quick.. think I know where I'm going with this
  6. Hello I am new to this forum and have been on the chainsaw bit for a couple of days because my ms261 is cooked.I am trying to work out what would best suit me next as a main saw, in that thread I already explained I am not a tree surgeon, more a smallholder with 10 hectors of forest. I have used chainsaws quite a lot. I am at the point of thinking the ms441 or ms461 is where i'll put my money. But a thought crossed my mind. it was a question between the too saw blade lengths, ie people are saying run a 20inch blade on 441 but a 461 can take the 25inch. I sundenly thought of the gate posts I just put up 20cm by 20cmm 2.5mt long ( I used a chestnut that had fallen in the field in a storm) and thought that Alaskan saw mill set up would have been really usefull. well I can think of 10 jobs exactly the same strait off tomorrow. So as I know nothing about Alaskan sawmills, please excuse me if I ask daft questions. Can you run a mill on a 441 or a 461 and which is more suited. Would it burn a saw like this out? it would be my main saw, and I really need it working and with a good longevity. RossK
  7. just an afterthought, is the ms461 any good in an Alaskan sawmill set up or would it burn it out. never used one but I could think of loads of times it would have come in handy. may be i should swap to the milling bit to ask that question.. either way thanks every one for getting back it has been a good first experience of this forum, and I am sure I'll use it loads in the future.
  8. Hi again, sorry to dither but its a big perchance for me, I went back to look at the details before committing, and the ms441 and the ms461 are pretty much the same price. so whats the difference, and is there any minus or plus points to either. (Like the 261s hidden problems)! ?
  9. hello stihlmadasever yea actually I was thinking that today sky's blue wind from the west, all's good. I reminisce a bit Scotland at times though, spent a good 12 yr there. When it comes to the blade it was my thinking that an 18 would be easy to get in and out of branches twisty oak for example, and 25 for bigger felling. keeping the chain new n sharp for that. but do you mean it would push the 441 on a 25? or that practically its best to go midway. Ross
  10. Hi thanks for your responses, I took a bit of time to look through past threads on the needle bearing issue and now have to say i feel lucky my ms261 lasted 5 years what a nightmare. I had thought of getting the 362, but after your responses I think I will push up and go for the 441 or 461, I will stick with stihl for now as all the local shop are all stihl. nothing wrong with a husky. as for oil I use HP super from the bottle with a stihl measure cup strait into 5lt of unleaded from the pump, it is called 95 in France. I did'nt think there was a great room for error? I also use it in the 410 brush-cutter so it dos'nt sit around for very long. I will go past a shop later today and get feel of the weights and balance I think i am edging to the Ms441, rather than 460 in part cost, dose anybody have anything to say on it, I was thinking a 18 and a 25 bar? not sure yet. as for the old 261, it will sit on the shelf for a bit until i can work out what to do with it, maybe a different post. I would like to see it work as a back up. Ross in brittany
  11. Hello I am new to arbtalk but happy to have found it. so hello all. I am not a specialist tree person, More a smallholder and small woodland management. About 10 hectors wood. (in france) As such I use chainsaws quite a lot, tractors, diggers ect.. In terms of chainsaws i currently run ms193t and a ms261. The ms261 has broken. i have had it 5 years, so was a bit miffed... I had it serviced in dec. Just resonantly it stopped idling, just cut out when not on the throttle. no power loss. I took it to the guy at the local stihl shop and he opened it up and said the cylinder piston was cooked. there was black marks and a bit of scraping, more on one side. He said may be the mix was not good (I did'nt think so) or chain not sharp enough, i get it sharpen by him..! or i needed somthing with more power.? He put it back together, did'nt start it, and said I would be cheaper to buy a new one. and maybe i needed something bigger.? or i should buy the same and use the bits of the old one. the prices are not as competitive a frjones, so i'm mulling it over. So I have a couple of questions, firstley. what could I have done for this to happen? so I don't do it again! Second. is it worth trying to fix with a new piston at some point if so, should I not start it? like I said it was not idling but no noticeable power loss. Obviously I don't want to work with a dangerous saw. So I am thinking about replacing it. I was wondering if I should go for something with more power. last time I got the ms261 because it was a good mix of being lightish but could handle bigger cuts, felling. but now i have the top hand 193t, I do all the small stuff and most climbing work with that. I was wondering what sort of suggestions people would come back with. I am looking at the ms 362, 441 may be I can use my old bars.? I have never used husky but I am open. On top of this I am a bit pressed because a massive storm came through and toppled about 10 oaks chestnut hung up and allover the place. Diameter range from 70,120cm. for the bigger stuff. And i have to get on it.. any suggestions would be really appreciated. Ross


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