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  1. Yup, I ran a 1992 lt20 10 years ago and then a 1997 lt40 until I updated to new last year. I'm always impressed with the durability compared to other machines. WM parts back up is pretty terrible but the machines last well and really do hold their value if looked after properly. I agree about the blades, ripper37 are outstanding. Maybe it's just a case of how you treat the mill, I have seen completely shagged mills of all models, regular servicing and checking the bed / head levels are often overlooked.


    <p> </p>

    <p>Apologies for the Arbtalk message but your phone number has gone adrift. I now have all the chestnut extracted and it is pretty unlikely I will have any available. Sorry for wasting your time. The sap rose early this year and we stopped cutting at the beginning of March or compromise timber quality, this meant we had less than planned,coupled with a large order coming in from the NT. As long as the leaves are going crispy we can start felling in early September. I can book you in as many loads to whatever spec you need from then on. Give me a call to discuss any of this 07811852704.</p>


  3. <p>Hello. Where are you based? Give me a call 07811852704. Toby</p>

  4. Have a think what you are going to do with it. For using around the yard a cheaper make will be ok, especially if you have something to load. For going out doing milling work, in my opinion the lt40 is probly the best contractors saw on the market as it is so versatile, light enough to be towed with a small pickup, the cantilevered head means you can mill a larger log than a double post mill. However WM parts backup is terrible and really lets the brand down.
  5. It's less than a month to go, click on the link to see the program we've put together. I'll see you there, it will be fun. http://www.apfexhibition.co.uk/uploads/Forest_Worker_Zone_Programme.pdf
  6. I've recently had this trailer made, the sockets which sit between the side rail and bed rails. Theres 8 pins and 12 sockets so I can adjust as needed.
  7. TobyAllen


    Yes, our yard is on the a4103 between Worcester and Hereford. Give us a call 07958345833.
  8. Ok, so the APF committee is funding an area dedicated for forest workers and those on the ‘wood face’ of the industry at this years show. Here is a brief beakdown of what will be going on. There are some good people involved with some useful information to give out. If you have anything to share please come along, it’s your area. Thursday and Saturday mornings will be focussing on the opportunities out there for working with woodland owners and conservation groups, the coppice industry, countryside stewardship and adding value to timber. With nearly 50% of our woodlands unmanaged we need to find ways to make these woods pay. Friday morning will be a career clinic, with representatives from several organisations present to give out advice on finding pathways into the industry or progressing your career. The APF will be the launch of the Forestry skills study to gather information on the skills our workforce has, it’s your chance to let them know what you think about the skills the industry needs to bring timber to market. The afternoons will feature practical demonstrations and workshops on ergonomic felling, chainsaw maintenance, highlead systems, the role of the FWM, managing risk and sharpening hand tools. There will be a competition to win a SUGIHARA chainsaw bar, and pop up chances to win DOLMAR goodies. Mike Abbot will be giving a talk on his experiences and the evolution of the green wood industry, and Stephen Cull (the Blademaster) will be talking about his long career as a mobile sawyer. There will be free tea and coffee, and a classifieds board to buy, sell or find work. Come along and get involved, stand 1130 on the Demo circuit, next to the FCA stand. It’s your area and we appreciate any suggestions for next time.
  9. Is my maths wrong or would that be around £1400 /m3 ???
  10. I nearly bought one last year, but decided against it and went for an excavator with a stroke head instead. They look good, and I think in certain situations a hypro would be ideal. Though they are limited in the working position and where the brash goes. Once you factor in the cost of the base machine, as brush cutter said, they ain't cheap.
  11. Stephenn Cull, Good guy to deal with, he also sells ripper blades which are good HOME - stephencullblademaster.com
  12. TobyAllen


    Thanks for sending the spring through so fast, I'm back in the game again. Bloody good saw that is, first problem in a years constant use.
  13. Get a branch logger. Unfortunately overstood hazel is pretty useless. [ame= ] [/ame]
  14. very very dangerous! The paper catalogue is lethal.... Ditto. Shiny lovely special things.


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