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  1. stablised wood

    I'd be very interested to see how they come out. The cactus juice needs heat to cure it. So if you were to use that you would need an oven to fit your products in. There is quite a bit on you tube doing small bits. Worth a bit of time watching them.
  2. stablised wood

    I've looked into this. You would need a very big vacuum bag. The liquid mainly used is cactus juice. It would be very expensive to do a table top.
  3. Overhead electric cables

    Have you any pics? They should turn the power off for free and a line drop should be free. If you are just pruning I doubt you will need a line drop.
  4. a yew coffee table

    👍. I thought of doing something similar with my bits.
  5. Cordwood Wanted Norfolk

  6. Should utility company remove tree?

    The dno would just get a cleanse from the line for continuity of supply. Looks like the last have got a nice clearance for an low voltage line. Any further work would need to be done by the owner of the tree.
  7. Walnut

    Not as much as they think.
  8. Logosol Sauno VT3 2KW Wood Kiln For Sale

    Anyone else selling anything similar?
  9. Whats causing this?

    Were you cutting thin boards and was the wood vibrating
  10. Keeping logs dry AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!

    Pallet bottom and sides then a string over the top with a tarpaulin over that like a tent. Gets good air flow.
  11. deer shooting

    Nice. Munty are a pain they never stand still for long.
  12. deer shooting

    What do you use the skins for? Where are you added?
  13. Table sized slabs

    I've some yew but it was milled early this year! I may have done beech that is dry close to that size.
  14. I've had other firewood companies ring me posing as joe public asking loads of questions.
  15. I've just done these.


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