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  1. Crickey really surprised at answers I agree with overpriced but thought they were a well proven machine with good second hand value anybody know of second hand ones .
  2. Hi about 2002 with full hydraulics I believe thanks for reply petrol engine
  3. Hi my father is thinking of buying a used woodmizer lt30 does anybody know what sort of price one could be purchased for Thanks in advance Rob
  4. Have to say the logmax not as heavy as I thought quite impressive stats they are basically what used to be known as grangard who are the agents for them now ?
  5. Nice machine I am not a lover of logmax unless it's the really big ones but for hardwood I stand by the keto if it's bends you want to go round but do need alot of flow they say the sp heads wilsons are selling are good but in fact most of them are good but that machine is to high spec for a stroke I head I would say
  6. I think any roller head will take alot of bark of chestnut alot depends on what base you are going to put it on only benefit of stroke head is they don't need muck flow but the tapios stroke head used to drive me mad waiting for it to walk down the tree
  7. Has tracks I have ponsse h73 now very good head but keto was much better in hardwood cut many tons with it
  8. 3 knife keto 150 best head I have had for hardwood very short head goes round bends very well the 500 is really good too but hard to find and pricey
  9. Keto 150 3 knive is the best I've used for hardwood marvellous bit of kit for that 500 is better but v heavy head for some base machines
  10. I can help with that I'm new forest myself no problem pm if you are still looking
  11. Mine is the older ergo with the cat engine so we can get through 40 gallons a day in that on a hard day but that would be 250 meters or more they say the Merc engines are better however I had an elk forwarder for a short time with a Merc and that wasn't great our buffalo with cat engine was better on fuel our work is getting smaller now so would like yours lol we are derailing this thread so if want anymore info pm me
  12. That's just knife and roller pressure to high for the produce
  13. The thing to be carefull of is that even with OSA and many of the harvesters is that if you are doing small thinnings you don't need to run a six cylinder engine my ergo does thinnings well but even with revs turned down you use far more fuel than you need to and these days makes such a difference a few years ago it wouldn't have mattered I agree purpose built is better but a newer 360 may be more economical to run
  14. Keto is a good head I had one years ago a good alrounder but I think if you are doing reasonable stuff you get more speed for your oil flow out of rollers instead of tracks 3 knife keto excellent on hardwood
  15. I have purpose built but am thinking of 360 for smaller work but can't bring myself to go back to tracks or the reduction in oil flow that i have now I think if I did it would be a doosan or cat 13 ton zero tail swing with keto 150 good simple head but don't like the fact I loose so much reach so think it would be better to make larger machines narrower and keep the 10 m reach maybe fit smaller head not sure which way to go any suggestions ??? Anybody got smaller head for sale ?? 30-40 cm size


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