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  1. Yup got the same message. looks like we may all be rich.. who knew?
  2. As a ahem vertically challenged person, I have found the alloy geckos on the shortest setting to be adequate. Make sure your boots have a deep instep though as I have found my (incredibly manly) size 4 boots only just accomodate the spikes. Hope this helps.
  3. Hi tom i think i saw wanaka trees advertising a few months back. Good luck with the move I lived in wanaka for three years a while back. Beautiful place to be. Try looking in the local paper there, cant quite remember the name tho. All the best JC
  4. The "scratch" on the arrow is leylandi I believe the rivet area is the crack I was referring to. Hard to tell in the pic but up close its obvious due to the devices size.
  5. Yup that is the chappy. Same place as petzl recommend inspecting! I've only just got a zillon and frankly I love it same as the zigzag. As far as concern as long as its inspected and replaced if damaged then in my eyes its ok.
  6. I've had it about 3 months, it sees action pretty much every day. It doesn't/ didn't put me off getting it. I'm hoping petzl come through with a solution as this is a wonderful device that I have tailored my climbing style to.
  7. Jist want to remind everyone to check their kit. I did my morning gear once over and by lunch a hairline was poping up on my zigzag :-( quick change back to a hitch and all is good. Climb safe chaps.
  8. Looks like a cover for a prototype to me. Possibly the new focus from its shape?
  9. I have them in the smallest (hobbit) size I could get and they are nice and snug compared to my old highflex trews. After a couple of weeks in the hot weather I have found them to be a lot cooler than the stihls class 2 offering. Overall I would rate them very highly with a nice large back piece that stops chip getting dumped down my legs.
  10. Quick piccy for paul. Cheers for the sticker bud it looks lovely! Sent from my GT-I9505 using Arbtalk mobile app
  11. Cheers for a great show fellas. It was a proper laugh all round! Cheers for the sawpod sticker for my smokie Silky I'll pop a piccie up you soon! Cheers all JC
  12. So we have the Arb show coming up rapidly and I'm starting to put together a shopping list in my excitement. Looking to try as many new trousers as possible, this leads me to an issue, I have 26inch legs so most trews are way too long on me ! I've found several trousers close to my size but what are the chances of them being in my size at the show? Any new innovations coming to the show this year that you are getting excited for? I'm looking forward to seeing the new Stihl battery top handle in action!
  13. Hello all. May I tempt you to employ a college leaver? I am finishing up a BTEC extended level 3 in Arboriculture and am looking to further my journey into Arb. My interests include working hard, learning how to improve my skills and promoting tree care however I can. Still reading? Good.. I have NPTC units 30/31/38/39. First Aid at Work, Arb Aid trauma 1 day and if it helps I also have my power boat licence. Maybe the last one isn't relevant but I'll put it out there. Interested? I am based in Norfolk but if you think you may have a space on your team for an enthusiastic 20something, I am always happy to travel, no distance too far. I can supply my own PPE and climbing gear plus a ground saw if that helps. Did I mention I am self employed with my own transport? Sadly no fancy truck but if it gets me to your site that helps? Still interested? Are you able to give an enthusiastic young arb a day, week or permanent job? Consider me! Your friendly travelling trainee! Many thanks JC (Yes I realise this looks like a dating ad but hey I want to memorable! )
  14. Forgot to mention I also have a relevant First Aid at work ticket along with having completed the Arb Aid 1 day trauma and rescue training course. I am still looking for work and am based in Breckland near Diss. Many thanks JC
  15. I too have a first tunnels poly. Use it for growing veggies a such tho but haven't found it needs any heat even in the snow last year it was 10 degrees or so. In summer I have 40 plus in there so drying would be doddle.
  16. Hi folks. I am a mature student (26) studying Arb at Easton College in Norfolk. I am looking to further my work experience/ find a permanent job for when I leave in June. I am in the 2nd year of the 2 year extended diploma course and currently have my CS30/31/38. I have my own transport, PPE and climbing kit. I was previously with an Arb approved firm but have recently been working my own private jobs. I'm a hard worker with a can do attitude and have worked within this industry and have a back ground in working at heights. I am looking for anything you maybe able to offer me, on the ground or as a climber. I am able to travel and am looking for work in Norfolk/Suffolk or North Cambridgeshire. Due to college commitments I am available Thursdays and Fridays but maybe able to arrange "day release" by prior notice. I am happy to work a trial anywhere and can start immediately. Many thanks in advance, JC
  17. yeah its not for lanyard use it is more of a rec/irata piece of kit. nice to use but not as grunty as a petzl rig or id. its just a mechanical figure 8 by design really. hope it helps jc
  18. best used as a descender instead of a shunt or similar. can be coupled with a hand jammer for ascent or used in pulley systems to lock. also good in lowering systems and haul lines. I havent seen them used in arb much tho its a more irata piece of kit but they use it more as a spare for rope transfers. also suffers from a low(ish) swl. perfect for belaying climbers tho. hope this helps jc
  19. Hello all. I have recently started my level 3 arb course at Easton college and am looking for work experience in the norfolk/suffolk area. First a little about me. I'm a 25yr old mature student and I am a year 1 arb student. I have my own vehicle and car licence, I have come to arb from working in the IRATA system of rope access so have an understanding of ropes and rigging in I am also a qualified first aider with a recently renewed ticket. I'm more than happy to provided my own PPE although I do not have a harness or my CS tickets for climbing yet. As I am only a couple of months into my course my knowledge is steadily growing and I would love to join a team where I can expand my knowledge. I am happy to provide a CV if needed and am prepared to work as hard as anyone else in this industry. Also if this helps I can make a mean pot of tea and have many years experience with a rake and broom tidying up work sites. Any help would be appreciated greatly. Many thanks JC.
  20. hi new member here. anyway i prefer to use the elasicated head garter instead of sticking the mounts to my lid. i tend to swap my go-pro from ski helmet to my stein on a weekly basis and have found that the glue in pads can eat into helmet plastic quite quickly. jc


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