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  1. Depends whether I'm climbing DdRT or SRT. Got four Petzl carritools on my Sequoia at all times, two small two large. Otherwise... DdRT: Pretty minimal actually, Lanyard, Silky, Cambium saver. SRT: (Takes deep breath...) Lanyard, Silky, Petzl hand-ascender, foot loop for hand-ascender (only on long ascents), spare pinto and carabiner (in case I want to change over to a top tip) two slings/DMM revolvers for redirects and a DMM anchor ring/XSRE for a retriveable redirect. I still have a long shopping list of extras I "need"
  2. Ideally looking for work within an hour of Cambridge, but I'd be interested to hear about opportunities UK wide. Freelance or employed. CS30/31, 38/39, 40/41, Lantra Chipper cert, CSCS/ROLO and Level 3 Diploma Arboriculture. Standard category B driving license. Experience climbing in the UK and New Zealand. For more information, climbing rates, or to request a CV please contact me at tomrose.arb@gmail.com
  3. Awesome video man! I'm looking to get over to Canada middle-end of next year, got any advice/tips?
  4. A question for the travelling arborists! How many of you are ISA certified, and have you found that being certified has opened up more opportunities internationally for you? If so, which countries seemed to value it most and was it ever a prerequisite for a job? I'm from the UK and tentatively looking into it.
  5. Hello all, As the title suggests I'm looking for work in Germany starting 1st week of September. Some of you may have seen my posts on the arbtalk facebook group enquiring about work in Sweden which I am still pursuing. However I've decided to extend the search to Germany as it looks equally beautiful! I would be happy to work anywhere in the country, although anything in/around Cologne or the Bavaria region would be ideal. I have just over 2.5 years climbing experience, and have recently returned from a years work in New Zealand. I have CS30/31, 38/39, 40/41, Lantra Chipper, CSCS/ROLO and a Level 3 Diploma in Arboriculture. I have experience with a wide variety of tree work including reductions/pruning, dismantles/rigging and felling. I have my own climbing kit, PPE and transport. If you would like to talk further please don't hesitate to drop me an email at tomrose.arb@gmail.com Alternatively any recommendations for companies to work for or useful contacts would be hugely appreciated! Danke!
  6. Might be hoping here but I've got a pair of type C Arbortec breathflex in lime green in a regular leg and I could do with the short leg in the same waist size. They are absolutely BRAND NEW, I have never worked a day in them. A previous employer of mine in New Zealand very kindly bought them for me as a leaving present, so I can't return them for a different size as I'm now back in the UK.
  7. I climb DdRT a lot on 11.5mm Tachyon and have never had a problem with it. Your hands get used to it pretty quickly and it will also work well if you decide to move into SRT in the future. It will also most likely be considerably lighter than 13mm.
  8. I had this as well. IP address put it in China! Weird...
  9. Hi all! I'm an Arborist from the UK. I have been working full time in Auckland since arriving in New Zealand at the beginning of July and will be travelling to the South Island in January to look for work. I would ideally like to be based around Queenstown or Wanaka (as would everyone!) but would be equally interested to hear of any work opportunities elsewhere in the south. I'm also looking to avoid the larger outfits if possible and work for a friendly small-medium sized company, undertaking domestic/commercial work. Power-lines/utilities are not really my thing. If you think you may know of anyone looking to hire an arborist, or just have any advice it would be hugely appreciated Thanks in advance! tomrose.arb@gmail.com
  10. Posting on behalf of a friend: We are a well established tree maintenance company located between Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket in Suffolk. We are currently looking to fill a position for an arborist. The successful applicant will have CS certificates up to 39 (minimum) and prior experience is essential. We are looking for someone who is hard working, enthusiastic, loyal and keen to learn. Permanent position Salary negotiable Please email CV's to enquiries@tree-mend-us.com
  11. Posting on behalf of a friend: We are a well established tree maintenance company located between Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket in Suffolk. We are looking for a trainee arborist to join our team. The applicant must have CS certificates up to 38 minimum but further training will be given. Applicants must be hard working, enthusiastic, loyal and keen to learn. Permanent position Salary negotiable Please email CV's to enquiries@tree-mend-us.com
  12. Thanks for the replies re insurance. A lot of websites said that medical insurance was mandatory on a working holiday visa, but I assume then that that rule does not apply to those travelling from the UK? http://www.backpackerboard.co.nz/articles/new-zealand-travel-insurance.php
  13. Update: Have got everything sorted in regard to visas/flights, but am still struggling to find an insurance company that will provide any decent working holiday cover. Many don't cover manual labour at all, yet alone tree work!


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