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  1. Hi Rob, Ive used cougar blue with the wrench and it works really well,Shame i left it it in nz
  2. Great work and video!Wouldn't like to shift all that wood without a mini loader..
  3. atree

    Tropical Giants

    Huge tree!! My arms were burning just watching that ascent..
  4. Nice work Tim,Looked a tall tree. I always leave couple of branches at the top when rigging those heavy spruce/fir tops.Mass dampening and all,IMO.
  5. atree

    High Topping

    Thats a tall tree!! how long did it take you?
  6. atree

    High Topping

    Cool Reg,Was that on the lake side?Look forward to the video.
  7. I was about to say,did he forget his work boots? Nice work Jesse,I haven't done a tippy tip reduction in like forever it seems
  8. Couldn't quite hear you from the crashing waves.. Look forward to hear what comes next from you both,Glad you got it resolved tho.
  9. I'd be more worried about silky fox watching reg's videos in the bath in the mornings... 1 hand or 2 silky?
  10. atree

    Dying Fir

    Nice and easy.Hope your keeping well Reg,Sick of this rain yet?
  11. I worked with those guys,It was done as a demonstration over a long weekend,Also an advert for DMM..IMO and what other have said there is a lot of stuff that gets heavily advertised and people get sucked into buying stuff..Im sure everyone got by before..
  12. Informative Video.Great idea with the brake.Those fair leeds looks like they could easily get smashed and bent.
  13. What timon said..Because a running bowline takes so long to tie...


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