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  1. Im down at my parents house in Swanage for a few weeks for a wee holiday and have all my kit with me on the off chance that someone might need a hand. I have CS30/31/38/39, own saws, PPE, climbing kit, first aid, transport etc. Willing to do anything from dragging brash to climbing. Drop me a message if anybody needs a spare pair of hard working hands.
  2. Hi all, got an informal interview tomorrow with a fairly big company. Its not a practical assessment or anything just a chat with the boss etc. He says i dont need to dress smart as its more of a casual interview but what exactly does this mean? I only really have 3 ways of dressing, casual, smart and work. Anyone got an idea? I want to make a good impression but dont want to look like im going to a board meeting! Going to take all my kit and PPE in the car just in case though.
  3. Got the makings of a nice outdoor bonsai garden there.
  4. Sorry i meant when i used my 13mm with the SJ. it was stiffer so easier to thread through the SJ. Fell out with it so reverted back to HC before i got the ZZ with blue tongue. Just have to keep at it and im sure it will click and ill wonder what all the fuss was about.
  5. I see what you`re saying Steve, i think it may be because im used to my slightly stiffer/slightly tired XTC 13mm. still trying to get to grips with the width and flexibility of the BT. Practice makes permanent.
  6. Got my ZZ last week along with a nice shiny 11.7 Blue tongue. Have to say i do like it a lot but havent found it self tends as well as it should. I havent really done any big trees since iv had it. Only about 20 foot. How high have you found it starts to self tend?
  7. Cheers for the replies guys. Yeah my 346 is a big sluggish when starting from cold but quickly warms up. Ill give the 441 a wee tune tomorrow and see what she is like. The spark plug is a healthy colour so i guess it a case of turning the L screw a wee bit. I thought it was most likely that but like i said didnt want to start tweaking until i had some feedback. Cheers again guys.
  8. This may be obviouse to most of you so i apologize. Go easy on me. I was tuning up all my saws today and my new 441 starts fine from cold but as soon as the throttle is pressed it cuts out. I have tried letting it warm up on idle and its fine then. Have checked and cleaned air filter, checked spark plug etc etc. It is still on the tuned settings from the shop. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Dont want to start fiddling around with it until i know a bit more. Thanks in advance
  9. pault

    Arb books

    "The art and science of practical rigging" found this a very useful book.
  10. Bump* Jules if you need me this week then just let me know as i dont really have anything on and am in need of any work going.
  11. I gathered there wasnt going to be one true answer to my question. I have climbed on Imori in the past and can see the benefits and draw backs of it being so flexible. I was just wondering in other peoples opinion what is the optimum width of rope and what kind they use/ does the different widths etc affect how and if the rope will become "hairy".
  12. I am ordering one for my birthday tomorrow and am buying myself a new rope as its time to retire my current one. I guess my question is what is the optimal rope for the ZZ? i have my eye on yale blue tongue 11.7mm or the imori 12mm. What is other peoples view on this? i have heard from quite a few people that 11.7mm is a perfect width for the ZZ.
  13. pault


    Another good Arb has fallen. Well done mate! happy for you
  14. Hi mate, thanks for the reply. To PM me just click on my name and then click send private message. Failing that ill try and give you a bell tomorrow. Where are you based?
  15. Hi all, As im sure many of you know, work at this time of year is very slow. So i thought id put out the feelers. Looking for pretty much any work at the moment. Anything from dragging brash, forestry, felling etc to climbing. We are fortunate enough to have another property down in Swanage Dorset so my search area is fairly wide. I have CS30/31/38/39, first aid, IRATA level 1, all my own PPE, saws, climbing kit, transport etc. If anyone has work coming up or knows anyone that does in the areas of Glasgow or Dorset if you could send me a PM or write back here that would be greatly appreciated. Cheers in advance.
  16. Hi all, please bare with me as im new to the forestry forum. As the title suggests the arb work at the moment is way too slow and far between jobs. I have been thinking about getting involved in some forestry work/felling/logging etc for a while now just to expand my horizons and skills. Dont get me wrong i still want to do arb work and climbing as a first choice but need more work desperately. My problem is that i have no idea where to start and how to go about getting work etc. I am based in Glasgow but am willing to travel within reason. Any info and guidance would be greatly appreciated. Cheers in advance.
  17. Its really hard to get work up here at the moment mate. Im finding the same problem. But i will keep my eyes and ears open for you dude. I might have a few private jobs coming up so i will be needing a second climber or we could just take it in turns to climb.
  18. 10-9. You seem to have gone a bit quiet now:001_tt2: Turning out to be a good game. Oh yeah and C`MON FRANCE!!!!
  19. Hope he is safe and well bro, thats really good that you found him!
  20. pault

    Wobbler at work.

    I get it sometimes lead climbing (disco leg). Sounds strange but if i look at my leg and tell it to stop shaking, it does. I learned to lead climb down on dancing ledge mate. As my parents have a holiday house in Swanage! And have been a climbing instructor now for about 8 years. Awesome climbing down there! Should meet up for a climb when im down in the summer.
  21. We were out dead wooding today and i was only up about 30 foot on the side of a fairly steep hill to take off some dead wood at the end of a limb overhanging a foot path. I knew what i had to do and how to do it but for some reason my brain wouldnt let my body do it. Had a proper little freak out! So i ended up using the pole saw from where i was in the tree. Got the job done but it took a bit longer than it should have. Not to mention killing my arms in the process. Knocked my confidence a bit to say the least. Has anyone else had little blips of not being able to do what you know you can do? Or is it just me? I dont want to let anyone down.
  22. I have family in Crieff and friends in Aberfeldy so ill let them know to spread the word. Hope he is found dude. Keep us posted.
  23. Just wondering if anyone has tried it on an O-Rig system? Would just be interesting to see what it would be like.


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