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  1. you might find theres a l type valve in the return line to the tank/valve chest a hammer needs minimum back pressure to run at its best so they usually fit a diverter valve on the return so it passes through this then the filter on route to the tank
  2. I haven't been on the forum for a while now but have now made a reappearance because we've decided to wrap up the business as of next Saturday my business partner is moving to lands far away from where we are now and to be honest I am absolutely buggered and glad to be stopping the business sad to see him go but life moves on now I am going to concentrate on plant repairs/engineering which was always my main line of work having left my full time job last year my new business is fully operational with a good selection of customers from in a way I am gutted to see it all come to an end but in others the physical strain of climbing dragging brash has knocked the fun out of it so I think its a good time to bow out
  3. fluid level is important but not critical as long as theres sufficient to stop the pump from cavitating your friend is talking bollocks if theres no leaks where will the oil go I don't think its that warm that the oil will evaporate try swapping the solenoids around to see if it transfers the problem to another service
  4. I would run it through the funnel thing they work very well and then fill up your machines with a simple pump going through a water separating fuel filter to give it a really good clean
  5. if theres bubbles in the tank I would be looking at the suction side of the pump - tank connection
  6. have you left the fuel turned on and the cylinder could possibly have filled up with raw fuel
  7. now sitting at £106 on fleabay somebodys getting a bargain
  8. can somebody else stick a silly bid on it as well so we can have a bidding war
  9. I've just bid £5000 on it seemingly arbtalkers don't know a real 395 xp
  10. try the final drive centre at £1400 I think you have got off lightly I've done 3 diffs in December at 8k each
  11. we built an air powered cannon to get round this it works fab the only issues with it are if theres dead branches it does knock them off
  12. does it come with a hydraulic tank and hoses etc if it doesn't the power pack at the bottom of your list will be your best bet as it will contain its own relief valve it will be a neater setup but a bit heavier
  13. +1 for r tech welding had my ac dc tig for 3 months now over the moon with it


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