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  1. Best nail varnish for a tree surgeon

    sikaflex or tiger seal
  2. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    I never liked the idea of the worm setup if you pick up something thats off balance it can't lift a relief valve to stop overloads
  3. Greenmech starter

    mth in falkirk I've had countless starers and alternators from them over the years
  4. Any hydraulic experts out there?

    yep that should do the trick I would be tempted to try and get a 3/4 valve of the same style as the least restriction the better when it comes to post knockers even though its reduced to 3/8 you will need to find a way to hold the aux hydraulics on for it to work whether its jam a brush under the pedal or rig a switch.For this to work at its best you would benefit from fitting a 2 way valve on the return so the oil goes straight to the tank return filter missing out the valve block
  5. Any hydraulic experts out there?

    send me a link to the valve that your thinking off
  6. Any hydraulic experts out there?

    you need a valve which is open centre the aux hydraulics will be under load all the time if you don't go for a single acting valve if you don't when you push the opposite way to drop the weight you will be putting power to a dead end and opening up the valve to drop the weight
  7. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    I wouldn't worry about takeuchis reliability I look after a couple of them that are out to a utilities company and you never do anything to them I am sure that if a few utilities bongos can break them an owner operator definitely won't have issues
  8. Pecker on 5T digger or electric breaker??

    if it was a bigger digger I would say a ripper as its a 5 ton m/c get a pecker for it
  9. bodging up a hydraulic ram

    don't waste your time trying to glue it we have found that for a temp repair you are better putting a patch over the pinhole if you gouge and fill it up it distorts the tube and can cause the piston to pick up
  10. 10 tonne bearing press ?

    there are some pretty good deals on ebay I picked up a generic Chinese 20t press for about £150 last year its payed for itself already
  11. Long reach chainsaw

    buy the echo simples
  12. How to sharpen greenteeth

    try ebay
  13. Honda GX25

    is this the v twin engine do these not have separate coils for each cylinder
  14. Honda GX25

    start by removing the engine kill wire it could be the engine oil level sensor thats playing up
  15. How to sharpen greenteeth

    the diamond wheel needs to be about 4 1/2 inches in dia and thin in section to get the proper curvature on the tooth as well these big wheels may be quick but they don't do it right also get the most powerful bench grinder you can get as you can load up the weights to get them to work faster mines is quite slow but what I do is just leave them running in the background when I am filling the chipper up or sharpening saws etc


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