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  1. Yes, from what I understand it will be capable of running a harvester head
  2. Thats not your crane by any chance? I got sent the photo from Cam when enquiring about adding a grab to the Offer crane.
  3. Megamax technical data (coming to be updated): Weight over 4000kg. No longer moving on a trailer. Payload 3000kg Length six meters Width 1.9 meters Height 2.35 meters Ground clearance over 0.4 meters Tires 31 × 15.5-15 The Megamax will come with an engine more than twice as powerful as the current version. Engine Kubota V2403. Engine power 48.6kW (~ 65hp) The larger engine allows for even greater forwarding in the woods and hydraulics large enough for the harvester. Drive hydraulics: 2 x Poclain Drive pump Drive motors: 8 x Poclain hub traction motor The purpose of the Megamax is to make a combi machine, ie it is intended to both fell trees and drive trees from the forest to the side of the road. First I make a driving machine (i.e. without a cutting head) and later I add a cutting grapple to the machine. The price of the vehicle version of Megamax will be between 70k€ to 90k€ + VAT. The goal is to make the machine succeed to the lower limit price limit but due technical solutions price can be also in upper limit. I buy the cutting head from other manufacturers. The grapple will be a light grapple suitable for first thinning, the prices of the grapples ready for use on the machine will vary between 15-20k € + VAT.
  4. I was just checking out the Log Bullet then seen this thread, I am interested in the Megamax build he is doing
  5. Hi Guys I am over here in Australia and looking at purchasing a truck with an Effer 150 S knuckle boom crane. I want to use the truck for multiple purposes including transporting my 6t excavator and moving logs. We don't have many of the Z type folding log cranes that come up for sale used and I realise the benefit to these are having the crane and grab stowed within the dimensions of the truck for transport. I can potentially get the crane into work using slings to lift and unload logs but ultimately would look at adding a grab and rotator to speed up this process. I am not aware of what is involved in adding a grab if extra piping is required and spool valves etc and would like to know if it is a job that be easily enough done. I guess the other thing I will have to consider is having the grab disconnected and strapped to the rear bed of the truck when driving with the crane folded, I can't see this being too much of an issue but interested to know if it will be ok to have the crane laid out over the top of a load of logs when delivering logs to be unloaded? This crane has a remote control and I am curious how hard it will be to add the extra functions to the remote if I eventually added a grab and rotator. I am hoping that having this set up will help me get into Camphor Laurel harvesting as in my part of Australia this tree has become an invasive species and there is plenty of decent sized stands to be taken out and a market exists to purchase the logs. I have learnt a lot by viewing Arbtalk forum as things are done a bit differently up there, I am also wanting a log trailer with crane that I can tow behind my Unimog U1300L offroad as a log forwarder but they are just not available over here and I might have to think about getting something built if I choose to go down that path. Regards Ben
  6. Hi Eddie I think from my understanding the Hyundai has three pumps and the high flow ties in the third pump 30 odd L per minute to the hammer pipe, with it on and the priority valve switched boom lift is very slow almost not working, it seems to help a bit when hammering into thick stuff
  7. No it has a door on each side one with ram, I opened the other door manually on one side as I was struggling to bite in on tall thick veg, it is bolted in place
  8. Trying to post a link to my first video upload on YouTube
  9. Yes back on the mulcher today after running it for about an hour on Friday afternoon. First impressions was that it is not an 160 hp woodchipper but when used with a bit of correct technique can get a bit done. I will update with some more pics and just created a new YouTube channel so can start sharing video here as well. The priority valve is a switch on the console that I hit and the mulcher starts running and I have full control of the diggers functions but the movements are a bit slower, when I flick the high flow switch I can not lift the boom up, I can slew, crowd and move the dipper arm a bit but only come down with the boom. I have not tried to see if I can get the high flow working without the priority valve but it is possible to just hit the button on the joystick to fire up the hammer piping as normal and use the mulcher without the priority valve just have to hold thumb down
  10. Hi Justin You should have no problem operating open close for your grab with the aux circuit via the thumb slider on the right joystick. Unless you have a tilt hitch and are all ready using it, which in that case simply removing the tilt hitch will allow you to connect the grab to the auxiliaries. For my rotator function I have had the hammer pipe converted to a Double Acting circuit with switchable high flow, there is now a valve at the bottom of the boom that needs to be turned to select DA or Single Acting. I also added a 6 port diverter valve on the auxiliaries, 2 in 4 out, I have not used that yet but it will give me proportional control of the rotator by depressing the trigger on the right joystick to activate the diverter valve and the thumb rocker switch to rotate. I did this in anticipation of installing a chainsaw cassette that will run off the hammer piping. I can take some photos tomorrow.
  11. First time hooking up to the new forestry mulcher today
  12. Satisfied little digger after building a burn pile with a view


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