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  1. A guy I work with just got this set up, he wants to look into a small grapple saw for Macadamia orchard pruning
  2. They definitely look similar, all powered by Yanmar. I think the Bobcat E60 and Doosan DX62R-3 are the only other options in the same weight class?
  3. Hi Guys Its me again the Padawan learner seeking advice from the experienced arb digger Jedis out there in cyberspace. I am still looking at machines in the 6T category and am now considering purchase of new equipment and so comes up the question of dipper arm length, long or short? If setting up the machine for tree work including feeding the chipper, loading logs, land clearing etc. with a rotating grab would you go for the longer arm option for added reach or stay with the standard length to increase lifting capacity? So far the New Holland E60C, Case CX60C and Hyundai R60CR-9 are being compared. Thanks Ben
  4. Thanks guys for the replies regarding the plant trailer I am looking at and loading it with a 6T digger. It turns out that if you have a trailer with a load that overhangs more than 1.2m you just need to hang a red flag 500mm x 500mm, so with that news and the opinion it might just fit I think I will bight the bullet and try to buy it. On another note any advice on rotators, to worm or not to worm is the question? ExcavatorRigidMountRotatorsWormDrive_20190116.pdf
  5. Rear overhang on a pig trailer must not exceed the lesser of the length of the load-carrying area, forward of the rear overhang line or 3.7 metres. So assuming the flat bed measures 2.9m as I am told by the seller at a guess it would be close to around 2 metres overhang behind the centre point between the axles, which may work out to be something like 750mm past the rear of the trailer?🤔 Thats why I am interested to know about the position of the arm for transport?
  6. Ok Guys I have another question for you. If I am setting up a log grapple such as the Intermacato TG 25 Pro S to an excavator like the Hyundai 60CR-9A what would be the best option for a rotator setup, a Rigid Mount Rotator G-rotor or a Worm Drive? I believe the trade offs are the speed vs strength, at the moment leaning towards worm drive. Thanks again Ben
  7. Hi Guys Looking or advice again, talking about trailers to tow a 6 tonne machine. I am about to be approved for finance to purchase a machine here in Australia and will need to buy a trailer to float it behind my Unimog U1300L. I am looking at tandem axle trailer with ramps that has a flat bed length of 2.9m before the angle drops down with the beaver tail. I have no experience loading and transporting equipment so I am a bit helpless to know if this trailer will be a good match. The photos show the trailer as is now in blue and white and I got a picture from the manufacturer of the trailer as it originally looked. It is rated to 8000kg total trailer mass. The other pic shows the dimensions of the Hyundai R60CR-9A I am hoping to acquire. I see guys transporting machines with swing boom that sort of slew the cab around and have the boom offset to shorten up the total length, is that the go? Another question is regarding the mass that can be expected to transfer through the drawbar and hitch with a setup like this, would I be right in estimating around 10% of the trailers gross weight? Thanks for you assistance Ben
  8. Looking at a EUROCOMACH ES57ZT to fit a rotating log grab and potentially look at setting up with fixed tooth flail mulcher. Any experience with these machines?
  9. New front bar with Superwinch H15P goes on
  10. The ArbMog is coming along
  11. I am checking out a Hyundai Robex R60CR-9A up for auction here in Australia, how do you think it would go with a similar setup to the video? I am trying to match a digger with trailer to tow behind my Unimog 1300L, looking at a 10t tandem axle plant trailer that can carry up to 7800 kg. I would ultimately go for a Mecalac 8MCR but not many over here on the used market, have thought about buying in Europe and shipping over. I guess I am trying to get the biggest machine possible without overloading the truck. Also any advice on dipper arm length for tree work? Is it best to go longer for more reach or go standard for max lift? Cheers Ben
  12. Nice setup, Mecalac MCR 10 with Steelwrist X12 XControl https://www.mascus.co.uk/construction/used-midi-excavators--7t---12t/mecalac-mcr-10/ldsqxbpg.html
  13. I will try to post some pics of jobs here in Australia


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