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  1. pault

    Silky bit me!

    After all thats what it was designed for, thats why it sticks fingers together so well:lol:
  2. pault

    Silky bit me!

    Loads of good ones here. Make my little punctures look piddly. Unfortunately just back from the hospital where it turns out 2 of the teeth had gone straight through a vein (hence why it wouldnt stop bleeding) and hit the bone puting a nice wee chip in it. A tetnis jab in the bum and a compression bandage and back to work tomorrow.
  3. pault

    Silky bit me!

    Yeah second one is worse as a cut. Doctor has sent me off to the hospital as it hasnt stopped bleeding yet. Guess the message i was trying to put across was just be safe and dont underestimate the sharpness of a silky, even small punctures like mine can cause lasting damage as mr lofthouse has found out. Better to be safe than sorry. Wish me luck.
  4. pault

    Silky bit me!

    Ha, yeah it appears that way but i promise you it is deep enough to cause damage to nerves and hit a vein. But just for you ill try to be more Chuck Norris like in the future like you.
  5. pault

    Silky bit me!

    Nasty!! Didnt think mine was that bad but when you see blood squirt out it makes your arse go funny! Hope you havent done any nerve damage dude. The old man thinks i may have hit a nerve as my fingers have gone numb.
  6. pault

    Silky bit me!

    Had a nice wee job today pruning an apple tree and rowan, until.... my silky got tired of abuse it suffers and decided to bite me! Didnt bleed at first but then it started. just a trickle then squirting! At this point i realized id hit my vein (very close call). Luckily had my first aid kit handy so pressure went on with a bandage. Finished the job and went to parents as they are both docs. Update of a tetnis is required i think. This is after about an hour and a half under pressure. Remember silkys can be your best friend if you are nice to them. Be safe!
  7. I was using it today, with 8oz throw bag. All you need to do is shorten the elastic tubing a bit so you get the full extent of the power. Also if the tree aint too hairy with epicormic growth you can get away with a lighter bag to get the extra height. If all that fails then as you say the pup should be happy.
  8. Ha, yeah im pretty handy with a needle and thread. I was a little disapointed with the distance of a tennis ball but you can always shorten the elastic to get full extent of the power. At the end of the day its cheap and as already said a bit of ingenuity and imagination can go a long way.
  9. I found that the ideal weight for it is between 6 and 8 oz. So i cut open my 8oz one and turned it into a 6oz. Then stitched it into almost a ball shape to fit the pouch better. Oh and make sure you have a clean line out the front of the slingshot, i learned that the hard way when it caught in the end and swung down and punished me for being such an idiot if you get my meaning.
  10. pault

    cs 30/31

    Well said! Im not going to lie dude, its really hard to get your foot in the door but once you have cs30/31 email, phone, visit all companies in your area. Make yourself available at the drop of a hat. The more contacts you can gain the better it will be. Then once you have a bit of experience then maybe try and get your climbing tickets. Best of luck bro.
  11. Yeah i got mine for 15 quid i think. cant remember where though. Shop around a bit and im sure you will find a cheap one. they come in 2 ball and 4 ball launchers. You can get a tennis ball to go over 170 foot ish so its good for the pup at lunch time. glad i could be of service.
  12. I bought the "Hyperdog" tennis ball slinshot. I use it with a modified throwbag which i stitched into a ball rather than a bullet shape which makes it easier to hold in the pouch. Works really well. Iv hit a 60ft branch first time with minimal effort. But as the others say it doesnt hurt to get out and practice. http://www.hyper-pet.com/hyperdog.html
  13. Hi all, looking to do my cs40 in the very near future and am struggling to find somewhere or someone in Glasgow that has a course coming up. Can anybody help. The sooner the better.
  14. Hi all, looking to do my cs40 in the very near future and am struggling to find somewhere or someone in Glasgow that has a course coming up. Can anybody help. The sooner the better.
  15. Still a bit pricey but what about the "Stein Arbor-trolley". Have used one a few times and it saves your back the world of trouble. Just a thought.
  16. pault

    Real toys

    Thats awesome! inspired me to go and dig out my old scalextric. Mine was a Ford Cosworth rally car and mini i think.
  17. pault

    Real toys

    Thats awesome! inspired me to go and dig out my old scalextric. Mine was a Ford Cosworth rally car and mini i think.
  18. pault

    Crazy finds

    Whilst taking down a large oak a few years back i managed to hit something quite large and metal inside. Quite annoyed at blunting the chain but at the end of the day we split the offending section only to find what looked like a quick release from some sort of harness complete with buckles, webbing and all. So ended up taking it to the museum where i was told it was the quick release from a german airborne parachute harness from WW2.
  19. In Scotland we dont really have a choice!
  20. Granted there are some employees who dont respect property but you cant tar us all with the same brush. Like i said if you are honest and own up to mistakes people tend to be more understanding. After all we all make mistakes. Show me someone who doesnt and ill show you a liar
  21. As a self employed climber/groundie its my reputation and work getting judged if things go wrong. For example, taking down a small syc the other day i missed a small peg on the main stem. Dropped it and the peg chipped a paving stone in the customers garden. Didnt notice at first until the boss pointed it out. I felt really bad and was fully prepared to pay for damages as it was my fault and no reflection on the boss and his company. In my honest opinion if something gets broken or damaged, own up to it. If it was a genuine accident people appreciate honesty and you are more likely to get work from them again.
  22. pault


    Scrappy looks like a right character. well played sir!
  23. Nice one chap! i remember i was very nervous before my first job.
  24. pault


    lets face it, as Arborists we are a strange breed. Just curious as to see what other pets you all have. Ill start, Jake my collie, freddie the parrot and the snakes dont have names so any suggestions are welcome.
  25. pault

    arb shows

    The APF show is coming up 13/14/15th Sept in Warwickshire. Should be good.


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